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Why Unlimited CPE Subscription 2 Year Is Your Best Option to Meet CPE Requirements

As a leading CPE sponsor, we frequently receive queries from CPAs, who’ve earned their designation recently, regarding various aspects of CPE. The number one thing we are often asked about is how they can reduce the cost of fulfilling CPE requirements.

When it comes to meeting CPE requirements, you need to take care of many different aspects. From choosing the right courses and completing them on time to managing the credits and reporting them – various things come into play.

Managing the significant cost of earning CPE credits typically seems to be the most challenging factor. And that’s where the unlimited CPE subscription 2 years comes to your rescue.


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Importance Of Unlimited 2-Year CPE Subscription With Regard To Your Employment

Mainly, the employment of CPAs comes under any of these three categories – self-employment, employment in private accounting firms, and employment in public accounting firms. How much you’d need to pay to earn CPE credits can be heavily influenced by your employment. Continue reading to understand how.

  • Self-employment

A significant number of CPAs choose to offer their services as independent contractors. You already know that getting this mode of employment humming along essentially requires robust expertise in your field, up-to-date knowledge, and an active license. And to obtain all these, fulfilling your CPE requirements is a must.

When it comes to bearing the cost of pursuing CPE, you’re fully responsible for it. Even if the cost goes up to thousands of dollars (conferences and webinars may cost you that much!), you’ll have to bear it. On the contrary, unlimited CPE courses for 2 years let you earn most, if not all, of the required CPE credits at a surprisingly reduced cost.

  • Employment in private accounting firms

If you work in a private accounting firm, you may or may not get help from the company regarding meeting your CPE requirements. For instance, a large company may provide you with all the CPE courses you need to take to fulfill the requirements. A smaller organization may not be in a position to offer this facility.

Some firms may reimburse the cost partially lowering your burden. In that case as well, choosing an unlimited CPE subscription 2 years would be your best option. You may be able to earn all the credits without shelling out anything from your pocket.

  • Employment in public accounting firms

If you work for one of the Big Four accounting firms or for any other large public accounting firm, you shouldn’t worry about meeting your CPE requirements or about the cost associated with it. This is because these firms typically send their employees to training and conferences, and provide them with online courses to help them fulfill CPE requirements conveniently.

True Value of Unlimited CPE Courses for 2 Years

As we’ve seen above, if you aren’t associated with one of the Big Four firms or any other large accounting firm, you’d need to pay a hefty amount of money for earning CPE credits. Let’s understand how the cost adds up.

The cost of pursuing CPE can be broken down into three pieces. Here’s a quick rundown of each of them.

  • AICPA membership fee

While it isn’t mandatory for CPAs to hold AICPA membership, it’s highly advantageous to have one. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of member benefits but it’ll help strengthen your position as a CPA as well.

Apart from earning 120 CPE hours triennially, you’d need to pay a fee to AICPA to continue your membership. Though the regular membership fee varies depending on your industry/role, you’d need to pay $485 for membership renewal (2021-22) if you’re a sole practitioner engaged in public accounting. For more specific information on annual membership fees, you can refer to this page.

  • License renewal fee to be paid to the state board of accountancy

In the course of renewing your CPA license, you’d need to pay a license renewal fee to the state accountancy board you’re registered with. Note that the license renewal fee varies from one state board to another. Therefore, when calculating the cost of pursuing CPE, be sure to check your state board’s website to get a clear idea of it.

  • Cost of CPE courses

This is the cost you’ve to pay to earn your required CPE credits. Regardless of the learning method you choose to earn the credits, there’s a cost associated with it.

If you prefer to attend conferences, seminars, or webinars, the cost will go up significantly. And if you plan to attend conferences/seminars to be held in another location, you can easily expect to pay a hefty amount of money. This is because you’d need to factor in the expenses associated with traveling, food, and lodging apart from the participation fee.

If you choose self-study CPE courses, the cost will be significantly lower. However, if you consider the total cost of earning all the CPE credits by taking these courses to meet your CPE requirements, it may still become costly.

Among all the self-study options, the unlimited CPE subscription 2 years lets you enjoy maximum savings. All you need to do is make a one-time payment to sign up for the subscription. And you’ll get access to the entire collection of self-study courses for 2 years.

You can choose courses and take them according to your preferences and requirements. Simply forget about the hefty costs and the hassles of traveling to another place to attend seminars/conferences or attending webinars on fixed schedules. Just complete the course materials at your own pace, clear the exam at the end of each course, and earn credits.

A Comparative Analysis of 2 Years of Unlimited CPE from Leading Sponsors

When it comes to signing up for an unlimited CPE subscription 2 years, you’ve got several options to choose from. Here, we’ve compared subscription packages offered by seven popular CPE providers. Note that the access period varies from one sponsor to another but you’ll get a clear idea about the cost aspect.

  • Becker

Becker offers three different types of subscription packages to suit the varying needs of their students. They presently offer two 1-year subscription packages with price tags of $699.00 and $399.00 respectively. Though you can access their entire course library by signing up for the highest plan, your access will be somewhat limited if you choose the other one.

  • Illumeo

For individual CPAs, Illumeo offers a 1-year unlimited subscription package that costs $299.00. You can access their entire course library and earn unlimited CPE credits. However, the subscription package doesn’t include their “Premium Courses” meaning you’ve to purchase them separately.

  • Lorman

Lorman offers a 1-year subscription package (they call it “the All-Access Pass”) at a price tag of $699.00. You’ll get access to everything Lorman has on offer and earn unlimited credits. They also have an unlimited 2-year CPE subscription option if you need more time to fulfill your CPE requirements.

  • Lambers

Presently Lambers offers two unlimited subscription packages at discounted rates – 2 years of unlimited CPE at $399.00 and 1-year all access CPE at $225.00. They’ll also give you access to their entire course library for the duration of your chosen package.

  • Surgent CPE

Surgent offers three different types of subscription packages, all of which are available for two different formats – live webinars and self-study. However, they offer a 12-month package namely “Unlimited Plus” at $799.00. By opting for this package, you’ll be able to access both webinars and self-study courses.

  • CPA SelfStudy

Though CPA SelfStudy doesn’t have an extensive course catalog, they offer a 1-year unlimited CPE online subscription package at $149.00. You’ll be able to access its entire collection of over 130 self-study courses to choose from.

  • Cpethink.com

At Cpethink.com, we believe that earning CPE credits should never be a financial burden on CPAs. That’s why we offer an unlimited CPE subscription 2 year package at just $299.95.

In this package, you’ll get access to all of our self-study courses, all self-study ethics, and $0.00 webinars. You’ll also get unlimited attempts to clear final exams along with unlimited certificate prints. All courses are available round the clock online and in downloadable PDF versions. It means you can continue studying at your own pace even without having an Internet connection.

We’ve tried our best to present the above information as up-to-date as possible. However, you should check with your chosen CPE sponsor before making any final decision.

Deciding Between Unlimited CPE Subscription 2 Year and Free CPE Courses

Perhaps you already know there’re some CPE sponsors that offer several free CPE courses. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for CPAs to feel hesitant about whether to choose free CPE courses or an unlimited 2-year CPE subscription.

To decide on this, you need to understand the differences between paid and free CPE courses. Below we’ve jotted down the major factors associated with both types of courses.

Let’s start with free CPE courses.

  • Usually, free CPE courses don’t cover the latest or most important topics. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to be able to take your expertise to another level by taking them.
  • You can earn some CPE credits by taking free courses. However, it seems to be impossible that you can earn all your required credits through them.
  • Free webinars and live online courses may be presented by average instructors and can come with questionable technical quality. It means you may end up wasting your time and effort without earning any credits.
  • Some CPE sponsors offer free webinars that are often held during business hours. If you’re working full-time, it may not be possible for you to attend them.

Moving on to paid CPE courses.

  • By choosing paid CPE courses wisely, you can rest assured of being able to learn trending topics and those that are relevant to your specific requirements.
  • The course materials are typically developed by highly experienced CPAs. Therefore, you can expect to gain in-depth knowledge on the topics.
  • In the case of webinars and live online courses, paid ones are typically presented by experienced and reputable instructors. They’ve got the ability to present complex topics in an easily comprehensible manner. Moreover, paid webinars generally don’t have any technological glitches, which means attendees can make the most of their time, effort, and money.

As you can see, it’s important to find an option that offers a perfect balance of high-quality and low-cost. And that’s the key reason why the unlimited 2-year CPE subscription package is so much popular. All the courses are prepared by industry-leading experts so that you can only learn what you actually need to.

Despite all the advantages offered by 2 years of unlimited CPE, there’re two essential factors that you must take care of. First, you must maintain self-discipline to complete the courses on time regardless of your busy schedule. And second, fulfilling CPE requirements isn’t an easy task and hence, you must consider it as important as your work.

Closing Thoughts

Unlimited CPE subscription 2 years offers tremendous value that’s well worth its cost, no matter if you’re getting it reimbursed from your employer or paying yourself. Once you’ve signed up for the subscription, just be sure to sure choose the courses wisely. Apart from considering your preferences and present requirements, try to figure out the topics that might be on-demand in the upcoming future. Following speeches of industry leaders in your field would be a good idea to accomplish this goal.

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