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Within every subfield of accountancy, there are certain traits that mark successful professionals, and auditing is no different. In the field of auditing, exceptional knowledge and a solid professional network are often considered the most valuable things by great professionals.

Fortunately, when you demonstrate exceptional skills and establish yourself as an efficient auditor, building a robust network is just a matter of time. As an auditor, you can easily make the transition from average to good by continually refreshing your knowledge and acquiring new skills.

As with several other professions, pursuing CPE (continuing professional education) is the only option to achieve this goal. While this is mandatory to take auditing CPA courses online to meet your state board’s CPE requirements, they give you an incredible opportunity to stay on top of the latest rules and regulations in the field.

This guide to auditing courses online for CPAs will help you learn all the essential details related to them so that you can embark on your journey to becoming a proficient auditor with confidence.


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Why Should You Take Auditing CPA Courses?

A significant number of CPAs take offline or online auditing CPA courses to improve their knowledge and skills in the field and become an auditor. Here’re the key reasons why auditing has become an attractive career path for these professionals.

·        Demand for auditors is always high

As long as the business landscape is there, the need for auditing is there. This simply means when you strengthen your position as an auditor by pursuing auditing CPE, you’ll never have to try hard to get a well-paying job. While the demand for CPAs is already pretty high, auditors enjoy it even more due to the nature of their job.

·        Auditors can work in almost any industry

Almost all types of businesses are required to be audited. So, as an auditor, you get a wide range of options to choose the industry according to your preferences. You may need to obtain additional training for this, but auditing CPE courses will surely help you out.

·        Climbing the corporate ladder

Thanks to in-person and online auditing CPE courses covering every topic in the spectrum, auditors get endless opportunities to enhance their knowledge and grow. Often, auditors become a part of the supervising teams within a few years of joining the company. Of course, this isn’t an easy task to reach a top position so quickly, but this isn’t impossible either.

·        A large paycheck

In the auditing field, the amount you can earn is pretty much dependent on your professional qualifications and your expertise. If you can take your expertise to the next level with the help of strategically chosen auditing CPA courses, you can comfortably earn a lucrative salary. Moreover, several auditors prefer to establish their own auditing firms. If you also take that route, earning potential will be even higher.

Choosing Between General and Governmental Auditing Courses for CPAs

The learning activities related to auditing are divided in two categories: general and governmental. While both of these encircle the same objective, they apply to different entities. Let’s take a closer look at them to understand their individual applications.

·        General auditing courses

You should take general auditing CPA courses when you’re looking to improve your knowledge in preparing, maintaining, and reporting an entity’s financial records. You’ll also learn how to analyze, verify, and report those records. Some of the subjects you can choose in this field include:

o   Subjects related to FASB concepts, statements, and interpretations

o   Subjects related to IFRS and IASB

o   SEC practice

o   Forensic accounting

o   Subjects related to ERP products that focus on accounting practice

·        Governmental auditing courses

Governmental auditing CPE courses will help you master the skills required to maintain and prepare a governmental entity’s financial records. You’ll also learn how to analyze, verify, and report those records together with governmental accounting procedures and principles. Major subjects covered in these courses generally include:

o   Subjects related to GASB standards, concepts, statements, interpretations, and reporting

o   Forensic accounting with regard to governmental contracts and entities

Perhaps you already know that there’re many other subjects that may fall under the auditing field of study. Therefore, if you choose to take auditing courses for CPAs from a sponsor that doesn’t clearly display the number of CPE credits you’ll get from these courses, you must talk to the sponsor before enrolling in the courses.

Similarly, if you’re unsure of whether some of your auditing CPE courses will be accepted in your state, you should contact your state board of accountancy before taking them.

Should You Take Online Auditing CPE Courses or In-Person Programs?

If you search for auditing CPA courses, you can see these courses are either offered online or as in-person programs. But what are the key differences between online auditing CPA courses and offline programs? Let’s take a look.

·        In-person programs

You should choose in-person auditing CPE courses when your key objective is to earn CPE credits and expand your professional network at the same time. Just remember that if you need to regularly travel to and from another location to attend the programs, it may become a hectic schedule for you.

·        Online courses

Online auditing CPA courses, especially the self-study ones, generally tend to be more cost-effective than their offline counterparts and are ideal for busy CPAs. If you’re determined to study, expand your knowledge, and earn the credits under any circumstances, these are the courses you should go for.

Why Should You Choose CPEThink.com for Pursuing Auditing CPE?

There’re a large number of CPE sponsors that offer auditing CPA courses, but CPEThink.com is the only provider that offers these courses with the industry’s best features.

Are you interested to know the reasons behind our massive customer base of thousands of satisfied CPAs and why most of them keep coming back to us? Here’re some of the reasons.

·        Nationally-renowned instructors

Our team comprises more than thirty eminent CPE instructors, and most of them come with decades of industry experience. So, when you take online auditing CPA courses from us, you can rest assured of learning the best and the latest content prepared by the industry’s best instructors.

·        Varied courses

Presently we offer twenty-three auditing CPA courses covering all the trending and latest topics. This means regardless of your specific objectives of pursuing auditing CPE, you’ll most likely find courses to meet them.

·        Regularly updated courses

Unlike many other CPE sponsors, we don’t follow a particular calendar to update our courses. Instead, our team constantly monitors the changes in the industry’s rules and regulations and updates the courses whenever required. This helps us provide you with the most up-to-date content always.

·        Most cost-effective courses

The costs of our auditing courses for CPAs start from $12.95 and go up to $149.95 based on the number of credits and subject matter. You can hardly find another sponsor that offers top-quality courses at this price range. We’ve made this possible because we believe that cost should never be an obstacle in expanding your knowledge and achieving your professional goals.

·        Best subscription packages

The demand for CPE subscription packages is steadily rising, and there’re reasons behind this. These packages help you lower the cost of your CPE to a great extent. By paying a one-time cost, you get to access a large number of courses for a specified period of time.

However, while several sponsors these days offer subscription packages, not all of them are created equal. Some providers will let you access their course libraries except ethics courses, while others will charge a steep price for giving access to all of their courses.

At CPEThink.com, we offer subscription packages at unbeatable prices. The costs of these packages range from $69.95 to $299.95, depending on the maximum number of credits offered. If you choose one of our unlimited packages, you can earn a virtually unlimited number of credits within one or two years. So, you can take many different courses, including online auditing CPE courses, to meet all your CPE requirements. And all our subscription packages let you access all our self-study courses, including ethics, meaning you don’t need to pay anything extra for them.

·        Best money-back policy

We understand that learning styles and preferences vary from one learner to another. In case you want to return the course materials, for whatever reason, you just need to raise a refund request within 100 days from the date of purchasing a course to get a 100% refund.

·        24/7 Customer support

Experiencing an issue with our platform? Facing a problem with the course materials? Want to know about our latest courses in detail? Just contact our customer support team to get all your answers.

Unlike most other sponsors, we don’t have a bot to give you automated replies. Instead, you’ll be talking to a knowledgeable human who’ll be answering your questions. If you use any other communication channels, such as email, you’ll receive a reply within a reasonable period of time.

If you’re still feeling hesitant about whether you should choose us as your sponsor of auditing CPA courses, feel free to visit our customer reviews page. This page displays ratings and comments from more than a thousand verified buyers that should help make up your mind.

Top Tips to Clear the Exams of Online Auditing CPA Courses

The catch of self-study online auditing CPE courses is that you won’t get credit until you clear the final exam with the required passing grade. Apparently, this may seem like a simple task, but when you try to meet your other CPE requirements simultaneously, clearing the exams at a minimum number of attempts sometimes becomes difficult.

Here’re some useful tips from our team of experts to help you prepare for the exams in the best possible manner.

·        Maintain focus

CPAs, especially those who work full-time, often find it difficult to manage enough time to complete their CPE course materials. So, whenever you go through the study materials of auditing CPA courses, be sure to eliminate all distractions and maintain full focus. You may also interact with your colleagues and mentors to stay motivated.

If you don’t clear the exam the first time, try to analyze the reasons behind the failure and strengthen your weaker areas. Ideally, you should wind up the course materials a few days before the exam date. You’ll be able to manage the stress levels and retake the exam with a positive attitude.

·        Seek expert guidance

Though auditing is a vast and complicated field, you should be able to find an expert who can help you with complex topics. If you don’t know such a person already, you can join online CPA forums to find one. You may also reach out to one of our CPA instructors for assistance.

·        Understand the concepts

No matter what types of auditing CPE courses you take, it’s best to avoid rote memorization. Instead, try to understand the concepts and their applications in real-life instances thoroughly. As you need to cover many different topics to meet your CPE requirements, depending on memorization alone won’t help you much.

·        Start as soon as possible

Clearly avoid last-minute preparation. As there’s no fixed date to take the final exams of auditing courses for CPAs, you should start preparing as soon as possible and take the exam when you feel confident.

There’re two key benefits of doing this. First, it’ll help smoothen your CPE journey. And second, you’ll get enough time to build a solid foundation of the concepts without much exertion.

Closing Notes on Auditing CPE Courses

This is a fact that the more you understand auditing concepts, the better you can serve the clients. So, don’t stay pigeonholed in your comfort zone. Instead, join our auditing CPA courses, master the latest, exciting topics, and give your professional growth a solid boost.

If you’ve any questions about our auditing courses for CPAs, contact our team today, and we’ll be happy to be of help.



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