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How To Search for CPE Courses and Subscriptions

  • Intuitive Interface - The initial page displays three prominent green buttons for general search options and direct links for specialized subjects such as ethics, finance, and tax law.
  • Flexible Keyword Functionality - The site enables keyword-based course searches with the ability to incorporate a percent sign for expanded search results.
  • Direct Access Features - An easily identifiable separator bar grants immediate access to categorizations of CPE courses, subscriptions, and complimentary CPE resources.
  • Broad Range of Topics - With content organized into ten distinct areas including ethics, finance, audit practices, and specialized fields like Yellowbook, the platform caters to a wide array of professional interests.
  • Rich Resource Compilation - Offers extensive auxiliary materials, including FAQs, guidelines from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, and multiple support avenues.
  • Elaborate Search Capabilities - The search functionality includes a comprehensive filter bar, allowing users to refine searches by course updates, type, domain of study, and CPE credit requirements, supporting single or multiple criteria selections.
  • Through these features - Cpethink.com assures CPAs a comprehensive and adaptable approach to fulfilling their continuing professional education prerequisites, enhancing their learning journey with convenience and variety.


How To Search for Ethics CPE Courses

  • Diverse Course Selection - Cpethink.com offers a range of ethics courses, including state-specific, AICPA-based, Enrolled Agent (EA) ethics, and general ethical principles.
  • State-Specific Courses - Easily find courses meeting state board approvals or recommendations. Examples include New York State board-certified courses and California's unique regulatory review ethics.
  • Search Functionality - Utilize the keyword search feature to find specific courses. Type in terms like "ethics" or a state name (e.g., "Washington") to view relevant courses.
  • Direct Navigation - Access a predefined list of ethics courses through the 'Courses' dropdown menu on the homepage.
  • Customized Requirements - Understand varying passing score requirements, like California's 90% and Florida's 80%, compared to the general 70%.
  • Alphabetical State Listings - Explore ethics courses listed alphabetically by state, encompassing various ethics-related topics.
  • Future Expansions - Cpethink.com plans to add more ethics courses to their listings.
  • Live Chat and Email Assistance - For queries or support, use the chat bubble or email for prompt assistance from Cpethink.com


How To Buy Online CPE

  • Overview of Purchasing Online CPE Courses at Cpethink.com
    • Introduction by Tad Stephens, explaining the process to buy courses and subscriptions.
  • Navigating the Website
    • Start from the homepage.
    • Use the menu to select from a range of courses or subscriptions.
    • Ability to search by various criteria.
  • Course Selection and Purchase Process
    • Adding courses to the shopping cart.
    • Login or registration requirement for tracking courses for state board reporting.
    • System checks for previously purchased courses to prevent duplicate purchases.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout
    • Review of selected courses in the shopping cart.
    • Recommendations for additional courses based on selections.
    • Payment options include credit cards and PayPal.
  • Using Coupon Codes
    • Option to apply various coupon codes for discounts.
    • Customer support is available via chat or email for inquiries.
  • Final Steps and Additional Services
    • Completing the purchase process.
    • Post-purchase thank you page with further instructions.
    • Availability of group specials and further assistance.
  • Future Content Plans
    • Upcoming videos on course participation, exams, certificate printing, and site navigation.
    • Encouragement to reach out with any questions via chat or email.


How To Login To Cpethink.com

  • Consistent Navigation Menu: The login/register button is always located in the upper right corner, regardless of the page you're on.
  • Login Instructions:
    • Using Your Credentials: Enter your email (account ID) and password encrypted for user protection.
  • Troubleshooting Login Issues:
    • Forgot Your Password?: Click the provided link for a temporary password via email.
  • Remember Me Option:
    • Stay Logged In for ease of access
    • Advised only for private computers.
  • New Users:
    • Easy Registration: Click the 'Register Now' button to start the process.
    • Navigational Help: If you need assistance registering, support is readily available.
  • Additional Support Assurance:
    • Open Communication Channels: The video encourages users to reach out via chat, email, or phone for any further assistance.


How To Use Your My Courses Page

  • Overview of My Courses Page: Detailed guide by Tad Stephens.
  • Accessing the Dashboard: Log in using a demo or personal account to reach the My Courses page.
  • Navigation Features:
    • Search Bar: Available on most pages for easy course access.
    • History Access: Review previously visited pages for convenience.
  • Course Management:
    • Course Display: Shows courses with pending exams, and customizable display settings (20, 50, 75, etc.).
    • Course Filtering: Search by course title or description, and filter by completion status (e.g., exams not completed, exams completed).
  • Certification and Compliance:
    • NASBA Guidelines: Courses must be taken within one year of purchase; an extension option is available.
    • Certificate Access: For completed courses, certificates of completion are readily accessible.
  • User Support: Quick assistance through chat or email, with responses typically within 30 minutes.


How To Take CPE Courses

  • Navigating CPE Courses: Tutorial by Tad Stephens.
  • Initial Access: Login from the homepage to reach the My Courses page.
  • Course Overview:
    • Default View: Shows courses with exams not completed.
    • Course Access Options: Start the course in the current or new window/tab, and download or email the course as a PDF.
  • Simultaneous Course and Exam Access: Allowed in all 50 states, enabling open-book format.
  • Course Interface Features:
    • Navigation Tools: Search by keyword, access recent or specific pages, and navigate between course sections.
    • Course Management: Reset quiz questions, bookmark pages, and track progress.
    • Course Content: Sections are divided into parts and chapters, with multiple quizzes per credit hour.
  • Learning Tools:
    • Quizzes: Positioned periodically, can reset to retake.
    • Direct Access to Quizzes and Final Exam: From within the course or My Courses page.
  • Course Progression: Page-by-page navigation through course content, starting with learning objectives and followed by video lessons.
  • Returning to My Courses: Easy navigation back to course overview.
  • Support Options: Quick assistance via chat or email, typically responding within 30 minutes.


How To Take CPE Exams

  • Taking CPE Exams: Instructional guide by Tad Stephens.
  • Accessing Exams: Log in to reach the My Courses page, where exams not completed are listed by default.
  • Exam Interface Options:
    • Start Exam: In the current or new browser tab for an open book exam.
    • Preview Exam: View-only mode for printing or reviewing; no option to answer questions.
    • PDF Options: Open, email, or download the exam as a PDF.
  • Exam Page Features:
    • Course Information: Displays course title and passing grade (typically 70% as per NASBA guidelines, varies for some state-specific ethics courses).
    • Autosave Functionality: Answers are automatically saved, ensuring no data loss during the exam.
    • Answer Flexibility: Answers can be changed anytime during the exam, with each alteration being saved.
  • Exam Completion and Review:
    • Exam Progress Tracking: Shows how many exams have been initiated but not necessarily completed.
    • Completed Exams: Once finished, exams move to a separate section on the My Courses page.
  • Support and Assistance: Immediate help is available via chat or email, typically responding within 30 minutes.


How To List and Print your Certificate of Completion

  • Listing and Printing Certificates of Completion: Guide by Tad Stephens.
  • Accessing Certificates: Log in and select 'exams completed' on the My Courses page to view passed exams.
  • Certificate Retrieval Options:
    • PDF Certificate: Directly open, email, or save as a PDF.
    • Printing Options: Available directly from the PDF view.
  • Certificate Details:
    • NASBA Compliance: Certificates formatted per AICPA NASBA guidelines.
    • State-Specific Formats: Option to choose the state-specific field of study for the certificate, if different from NASBA's.
  • Special Cases:
    • Split Credits: For courses with multiple fields of study, certificates list separate hours for each category (e.g., 3 hours regulatory, 1 hour behavioral).
  • Navigation and Support:
    • Filtering Completed Exams: Easy filtering to display only exams passed for certificate printing.
    • Assistance: Chat, email support, and further CPE guidance are available, with responses typically within 30 minutes.


How To Use NASBA CPE Audit Service and CPE Tracker

  • NASBA CPE Audit Service Overview: A quick guide to NASBA's CPE (Continuing Professional Education) audit service, also known as the CPE tracker.
  • Accessing the Service: Visit NASBA's website at nasba.org and search for the CPE Audit Service or directly access it at cpeaudit.nasba.org.
  • Service Functionality: NASBA's service allows users to upload their CPE credits or enables providers to transfer credits directly to the audit service, which then reports to state boards of accountancy.
  • State Participation Variability: Not all states participate in the service; the video notes discrepancies in the functioning of the service as of its recording.
  • Provider Participation Issues: NASBA temporarily stopped adding new providers to the service, with the resumption date unknown.
  • Individual Upload Capability: For states connected to the service (like Florida and Tennessee), users can upload a .CSV file of their CPE hours in a specified format.
  • Cpethink.com’s Interim Solution: While awaiting reintegration with NASBA's audit service, Cpethink.com offers a feature for users to download CPE courses as a .CSV file for upload to NASBA's service.
  • User Registration and Login: Users need to register and log in to use the service, with guidance available for first-time users.
  • CPE Tracker on Cpethink.com: Users can view, add, or delete their CPE course records, including courses from other providers.
  • Downloading and Editing Course Records: Users can download their course records as a .CSV file and edit it (e.g., removing unwanted rows) before uploading to NASBA.
  • Future Enhancements and NASBA Integration: Plans to enhance user experience and hopes for NASBA to allow provider integration for direct reporting.
  • Support and Assistance: Users can seek help or ask questions via the chat feature on Cpethink.com.




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