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Do you find it difficult to internalize concepts from long pieces of course materials for CPE courses? Are you searching for a mode of learning that provides you with an audio-visual experience? If yes, pursuing video CPE will be the best option for you.

Virtual CPE comes with several modes, but among all of them, video CPE for CPAs has emerged as a go-to option for countless accountants.

Here, we’ll discuss all the vital aspects of video CPE so that you can make an informed decision.

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What Is Video CPE?

Simply put, video CPE is a mode of learning that uses videos to deliver the content of the courses. This format combines text, graphics, and audio to stimulate multisensory learning, which helps CPAs gain a deeper comprehension of the concepts. It also facilitates easy retention of information.

Reasons behind the Huge Popularity of Video CPE for CPAs

Video CPE is one of the finest examples of technological advancements in digital learning for CPAs. From large corporations to small accounting firms, all are leveraging the power of video-based CPE courses to help their team members expedite their professional growth.

If you’re still facing a dilemma about whether or not you should pursue video CPE for CPAs, the following factors should help make up your mind.

·        It facilitates independent learning

If you can get online, you can pursue video CPE, no matter where you are. The great thing about CPE video courses is that you don’t need an instructor or study materials to absorb the concepts. Just a short video will most likely suffice.

CPAs often need to plan their study schedule according to the availability of time with them, and with video CPE, they can complete the courses wherever and whenever they want.

·        It makes learning extremely flexible

With options to start, pause, and rewind, video CPE for CPAs makes learning surprisingly flexible. You can watch video CPE courses as many times as you want to retain the concepts for longer.

Additionally, with videos, you can skip the sections that you’ve already mastered and focus on internalizing new concepts, which is simply unimaginable with in-person programs, webinars, or seminars/conferences.

You can also skip unnecessary sections in self-study course materials, but it’s quite difficult to understand what you can skip if you haven’t read it already. Additionally, it takes significantly more time to reread a particular section to review than it does to re-watch a video.

·        It helps you get to the point quickly

Although video-based courses can be long, video CPE courses are usually short to help CPAs find particular pieces of information quickly. With these programs, you don’t need to participate in an hour-long program just to learn one concept. You only need to hover over the progress bar to find the relevant section.

·        It brings you a cost-effective alternative to in-person programs and webinars

Although some CPE sponsors charge heavily for their video CPE courses, there are also providers like CPEThink.com that offer top-quality video CPE programs at highly affordable rates.

Video CPE is a much more cost-effective alternative to in-person programs, webinars, and seminars/conferences. You can save a good amount of money by avoiding traveling to attend in-person programs or paying hefty registration and participation fees for webinars and seminars/conferences.

·        You can access the courses on different devices

Another notable thing about CPE videos is that you can watch them on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Moreover, it’s possible to pursue video CPE without an Internet connection by registering with a sponsor that offers downloadable CPE videos.

Choosing Between Video CPE Courses and Text-Based Courses

When it comes to pursuing CPE, CPAs often find it hard to choose between video CPE programs and text-based courses. Both formats come with advantages and disadvantages, understanding which should help you make the right decision.

Video CPE for CPAs

Many CPAs opt for video CPE because they find it somewhat similar to the conventional lecture format utilized in universities. Here’re the pros and cons of video CPE courses.


·        CPE videos are visually more stimulating compared to text-based materials

·        They may feel less monotonous

·        They can explain complex accounting concepts easily

·        CPAs need to spend less energy to pursue video CPE


·        CPAs don’t have much control over the flow of content

·        Vital concepts cannot be highlighted

·        There remains a scope of technical issues that may hinder the learning experience

·        There isn’t much cognitive function involved in watching a video

Text-Based CPE for CPAs

Here’re the advantages and disadvantages of text-based CPE courses.


·        Text-based CPE courses require more cognitive functions like reasoning, thinking, and making connections

·        Text-based learning is associated with improved memorization

·        Text-based courses provide CPAs with significant control over the pace of content

·        CPAs can easily reread or highlight vital sections


·        Slower readers may find it difficult to complete the courses on time

·        Explaining complex concepts can be too verbose

·        Doesn’t guarantee active learning

·        Requires more active engagement

If you need to pick just one between video CPE and text-based CPE, your personal preferences should dictate your decision. Although there isn’t any format that can offer the ideal way for every CPA to pursue CPE, video CPE for CPAs has garnered a huge reputation.

When choosing video CPE courses, just be sure to join a reputable sponsor with years of experience and proven credibility. With such a sponsor by your side, you’ll be able to access high-quality content and watch CPE videos with zero to minimal technical issues, which will help you enjoy a great learning experience and expand your knowledge within a relatively shorter period of time.

Comparison of CPE Videos from Top CPE Sponsors

To help you pick a sponsor of video CPE, we’ve compared five leading providers that offer video CPE courses. Let’s take a look.

·        Lambers

Lambers offers nearly one hundred video CPE courses. Their costs range from $34.95 (1 credit) to $209.95 (10 credits). Lambers doesn’t offer any refund for any product that has been activated or opened. However, it may offer a refund in select cases, but a 25% administrative fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

·        American CPE

American CPE has just seven CPE videos on offer, with prices varying from $9.95 (1 credit) to $59.95 (4 credits). To get a refund, you’ll need to raise the refund request within 30 days from the date of your purchase. Applicable shipping charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

·        CPE247.com

Only nine video CPE courses are available in the catalog of CPE247.com. Their prices range between $19.99 (1 credit) and $79.99 (6 credits). CPE247.com has a 60-day money-back policy for all of its courses.

·        CPEThink.com

At CPEThink.com, we have a large collection of 200 video CPE courses covering the entire accounting field. To pursue video CPE with us, you’ll need to pay anything between $14.95 (1 credit) and $149.95 (10 credits). We have the industry’s best 100-day, 100% refund policy to help you get complete peace of mind.

·        Western CPE

Western CPE has 51 video CPE courses, with prices ranging from $49 (1 credit) to $708 (16 credits). It doesn’t mention any clear refund policy on its website. It states that if you don’t consume a self-study video CPE course within one year of making the purchase, you can choose store credit or transfer the amount to another product of similar or less value.

If you aren’t satisfied with any of its products, you need to contact Western CPE within 30 days of completing the course, and it’ll try to resolve the issue.

Choosing the Right Video CPE Programs

Searching online using phrases like “video CPE” or “video CPE for CPAs” will get you the names of many sponsors. But, not all sponsors of video CPE courses are created equal. To ensure you enroll with the right one, consider the following factors.

·        Accreditation of the course

The first factor to consider is proper accreditation of your chosen course. These essentially include approvals from governing bodies like NASBA and your state accountancy board. Without proper accreditation of the course, you may not be able to earn any CPE credits.

·        Appropriate field of study

Choosing a video CPE program in the right field of study is another important factor to consider. Ideally, you should choose video CPE courses that are aligned with your present and future career goals.

It’s also important to assess your own aptitude and interests in the subjects. It’s advisable not to take a course just because it encompasses a hot topic. If you aren’t interested in the subject, it may get hard for you to keep up with the course.

·        Availability of different courses

It’s vital to join a video CPE sponsor that offers a long list of video CPE courses. You can always choose a sponsor that offers a minimum number of courses, but in that case, you may have to join another one down the road to meet your CPE requirements.

By choosing a sponsor with a large video CPE for CPAs catalog, you may be able to fulfill all your CPE requirements from one provider. Moreover, you can avoid the time-consuming process of evaluating new sponsors to take video CPE courses required to meet your requirements.

·        Value for money

Although pursuing video CPE for CPAs is less expensive than pursuing CPE through in-person programs, webinars, and seminars/conferences, they’re usually pricier than text-based courses. So, choosing an expensive sponsor can easily make your CPE cost go up quickly.

To ensure you get value for money, you should compare the prices of at least two to three sponsors. Remember to consider the credibility of the sponsors when evaluating this factor.

·        Availability of technical support

This is another factor you must consider when choosing video CPE courses. Unlike text-based courses, which you can download easily on your laptop or desktop, CPE videos may be quite difficult to download properly. This means that whenever you want to watch them, you’ll most likely need to use a platform.

To help you get a good learning experience, the platform needs to function properly. Things like poor sound quality or unclear videos will only hinder your learning. However, if you choose a top-tier CPE sponsor, you can rest assured of being able to learn from top-quality CPE videos.

Making the Most of Video CPE for CPAs

While pursuing video CPE offers a plethora of advantages, sometimes, it can be ineffective because of some bad practices. If you want to leverage the true power of video CPE courses, try to ensure these two things.

·        Choose high-quality programs

Even if you need to pay slightly more, it’s strongly advisable to choose high-quality video CPE programs. Not only will this help you learn the latest information, but it’ll also help you enjoy a great learning experience.

You should also avoid relying solely on free video CPE courses. While these courses bring you a wonderful opportunity to earn credits without paying anything, they typically don’t cover trending topics or the latest pieces of information.

You may be able to earn a large portion of your required credits by choosing free courses, but it won’t help you much in advancing your career or accelerating your professional growth.

·        Take courses on different topics

Many CPAs take video CPE courses on the same topic just to earn credits and meet their CPE requirements. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help them expand their knowledge or learn new skills.

Ideally, you should take a diverse range of courses as per your interests and preferences. This’ll help you avoid stagnation and maximize your employability at the same time.

In Conclusion

Video CPE helps you get a lot of mileage while letting you save money on pricey CPE programs. When you choose a leading sponsor of video CPE for CPAs like CPEThink.com, you can access high-quality videos created by eminent CPE authors.

If you have any questions regarding our video CPE courses, talk to our customer associates today!



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