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Your Ultimate Guide to Video CPE

For any CPA, it’s quite normal to multitask and hence, they often don’t want to invest a significant amount of time to get their CPE credits. In this situation, taking video CPE programs turns out to be the most effective tool to fulfill CPE requirements.

With the help of video CPE, you can internalize the topics in a shorter and engaging manner. As a result, CPE videos are gaining steady popularity among professional learners like CPAs.

On this page, we’ll discuss every vital thing related to CPE video courses. From the top benefits of taking video CPE courses to how to select the right sponsor of video CPE for CPAs and more, you’ll have every piece of important information once you complete reading this page.

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What Is Video CPE?

Video CPE programs generate immersive learning experiences and this is perhaps the biggest reason countless CPAs prefer them. When you pursue online video CPE, you get to enhance your professional competence and get your credits without reading any books or documents.

Some premier providers offer CPE videos in the form of bite-sized nuggets, meaning you don’t essentially need to go through lengthy training modules. You can complete those small sections at your convenience.

Unlike text-based CPE, video CPE online programs focus on different aspects of a topic, letting you have an engaging learning experience and a compelling watch. Compared to other learning formats, CPE speaking video programs let their viewers have better information retention.

What Are the Top Benefits of CPE Videos?

When it comes to remote training for CPAs, CPE video courses have become widely popular because of these reasons.

  • The programs are available on demand

One of the biggest benefits of choosing video CPE courses is that they are available on demand. Whether you want to consume the content in your free time or on the go, you can do that easily to meet your CPE requirements efficiently. The only things you need are a device and a stable Internet connection to complete video CPE programs.

  • Consuming the content becomes an enjoyable experience

While different CPAs learn differently, CPE videos work for almost all of them. It has also been proved that viewers retain more information seen in videos than reading text-based pieces of content. You can get a decent break from going through heavy text by pursuing video CPE for CPAs. By choosing these programs, you get to learn in both an audible and visual manner. Since CPE is all about learning a diverse range of complex topics, choosing an engaging method to internalize the topics will help you steer clear of boredom.

Additionally, CPE video courses generally include simulations, gamification, and other forms of interactive content, which make it easy for the viewers to practice and model.

  • The programs have real-time examples

When it comes to deep understanding, the practical application of rules and regulations plays a vital role. Since CPE videos typically contain real-life examples, you can learn the concepts and see their practical application at the same time. Not only does this create a better overall learning experience but also minimizes the time to learn a topic.

  • They promote cross-device learning

The majority of video CPE courses work well with all types of modern devices and browsers. Therefore, you can view the content on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile. These days, Wi-Fi connections have become strong enough to support videos on bigger screens and mobiles. This empowers you to pursue video CPE anytime and anywhere and on the device of your choice.

  • You get to have personalized learning

With video CPE online programs, you get the opportunity to explore your options and make your choices. Being interactive in nature, they help you fill your knowledge gaps efficiently. Whether you want to stick to the key content or learn associated topics, you can do that easily. As accounting is an inherently complex field, this kind of personalized learning will help you master the specific topics you want to.

  • You get to learn in a cost-effective manner

The costs of CPE video courses tend to be the same as those of text-based self-study courses. Therefore, they provide you with a more enjoyable learning experience without any additional costs. On the contrary, if you choose to attend virtual seminars or conferences to get a similar experience, your CPE cost will go up significantly.

How to Choose the Right Platform for CPE Video Courses?

Now that we’ve seen the key benefits of taking video CPE online programs, it’s time to understand the most important features of a good platform. Knowing these features will help you choose the right platform quickly and easily.

  • Ensure that it’s easy to use

Video CPE programs are meant to provide you with an immersive learning experience and hence, your chosen platform must not come with a steep learning curve. Instead, it needs to be easy to use. Things like clear navigation and intuitive features are a must for your platform. Without the presence of these, you may not be able to get the most out of your CPE videos. In fact, choosing the wrong platform may lead you to experience a complete waste of your time, money, and effort.

To understand the quality of the platform, you can check out reviews from its past learners. You may also want to see the sponsor’s reviews on third-party review websites.

  • The programs should be reasonably priced

If your budget is constrained or you don’t want to spend a hefty sum of money to get your credits, the costs of video CPE courses have to be a key deciding factor. However, the cost should be commensurate with the capabilities and features of your chosen platform.

But you shouldn’t choose the cheapest platform available out there to pursue video CPE. Rather, you should try to ensure that you get to take quality CPE videos at reasonable prices. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly read the program descriptions before you purchase them. While going through the descriptions, see that the courses will help you meet your specific learning objectives.

  • Ensure that it works for your existing device

Enrolling in quality CPE video courses doesn’t essentially mean that you’ll have to buy an expensive device to complete them. The programs need to provide you with a quality learning experience on your existing device.

However, if you join a leading sponsor like CPEThink.com, you can rest assured of getting quality video experiences. All our video CPE courses are thoroughly checked by experts to ensure they run on a wide range of digital devices without any lags or glitches.

  • Make sure the platform is secure

Your chosen platform has to be secure enough to maintain the security of your personal information. This will also help you pursue online video CPE with complete peace of mind. Again, you can ensure this aspect by checking the reviews of the sponsor’s past learners.

You must not join an insecure platform just for the sake of managing your budget. Ideally, you should join an affordable provider that has earned a strong reputation for maintaining its platform’s security.

  • Check the quality of its customer support

Technological issues can happen even with the most reliable platforms. Especially when it comes to pursuing video CPE, there may be times when you cannot figure something on the platform out yourself. To deal with those situations efficiently, you’ll need strong customer support.

The customer support team needs to be prompt to help you troubleshoot issues. After all, you shouldn’t be looking at a blank screen when taking an online video CPE program. Therefore, it’s best to talk to your shortlisted sponsors to get a clear comprehension of how they deal with the issues experienced by their learners.

It’ll also be helpful to have a dedicated section of instructions and how-to guides. With the help of these, you should be able to troubleshoot most of your issues on your own without getting in touch with customer support.

Lastly, ensure that you can reach the customer support team through different modes of communication. At CPEThink.com we have different options including chat, toll-free phone number, and email so that our learners can easily contact us whenever they need our support.

Selecting a video CPE online platform is all about being able to fulfill your CPE requirements and meet your learning objective efficiently and affordably. It should provide you with a learning experience better than a traditional classroom environment. However, if you can ensure the presence of these features, it shouldn’t take much time for you to find a quality and reliable platform.

How to Select the Best Video CPE Courses?

Choosing the right video CPE programs is essential to expedite your professional growth. But with many different subjects covered by these programs, it sometimes gets overwhelming to enroll in the right ones. To help you out, our experts have jotted down a few vital tips in this section.

  • Keep abreast of the latest industry trends

Since accounting is an ever-evolving field, it’s a must to stay up-to-date with the most recent rules and regulations and emerging technologies. Video CPE courses bring you an outstanding opportunity to attain this thing.

Things like participating in networking events, reading professional journals, etc. can help you understand what’s going in the industry and to which direction it’s going. Once you get a clear idea of these things, you’ll be in a better position to select video CPE programs wisely.

  • Stay connected with experienced accounting professionals

Not only can experienced accounting professionals mentor you throughout your career but they can also be of great help in selecting the most appropriate CPE video courses. Being seasoned professionals, they can help you navigate the complexities of the accounting world efficiently and speed up your professional growth.

By staying connected with professionals like them, you’ll be able to expand your professional network quickly as well. Networking may also help you spot job opportunities that aren’t properly advertised, helping you get an edge in your career.

  • Prioritize technical and non-technical courses equally

Some state boards have made it mandatory for their active CPAs to get a specific number of credits in technical fields of study. However, even if your state board doesn’t have any such thing, you should still pursue video CPE for CPAs with equal importance.

You should focus on enhancing your problem-solving skills, leadership capacities, and communication skills. These are the skills that’ll help you even more if you want to get a position in the management team or want to have your own accounting firm down the road.

You should also try to learn emerging technologies, especially those that can help enhance your professional competence and make handling your day-to-day responsibilities relatively easier. These may include data analytics, practice management tools, cloud computing, and AI tools.

In this regard, just keep in mind that your state board may not allow you to get credits in non-technical fields of study more than a specific number. Therefore, be sure to check your board’s requirements carefully before enrolling in non-technical CPE video courses.

Pursuing Video CPE for CPAs with CPEThink.com

In today’s dynamic world of accounting, CPAs have to be versatile professionals with a broad range of different skill sets. At CPEThink.com, we strive to provide you with high-quality video CPE programs at reasonable prices. We offer a large number of CPE videos covering many different topics to ensure that our learners find us as a one-stop solution when it comes to taking different CPE video courses.

We’ve been in the industry since 2004 and built an enviable reputation for offering quality video CPE courses created by reputable instructors. Apart from being offered at very reasonable price tags, all our online video CPE programs come with an unmatched 100-day, 100% refund guarantee so that each of our learners can pursue their CPE with complete peace of mind.



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