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GAAP Knowledge and Skills

Are you up-to-date on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

Refreshing and renewing your GAAP knowledge will help familiarize you with the most recently defined industry-approved accounting and reporting requirements. PDF’s, quizzes, and printouts, our GAAP CPE courses emphasize topics like FASB Review for Industry Progress and Business Development; SSARS & SAS Update and Review; AICPA Code For Professional Conduct--Interpretation and Application; Professional Application and Practice of GAAP.

Additionally, technical accounting courses including the review, practice, and comprehension of Derivatives, Foreign Currency, Income Tax, New Standard ASU, Disclosures, Pension, Postretirement and many other aspects of accounting that are greatly dependant on the application of GAAP.

Discover why thousands of professionals choose CPEThink.com for GAAP CPE coursework.

GAAP continuing professional education

The course work is more than ticking off a box for required credits. We have used a creative strategy of teaching that supplies you with a supportive and informative set of tools so that GAAP practices, as the backbone of accounting integrity, remain an integral part of your daily practice and career.

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Strengthen Your Industry Awareness

The official GAAP document is over 1,000 pages long. Each page is as important as the other. We know busy CPAs can’t find the time to draw the necessary value from it. We have courses that break GAAP practices into bite-sized, comprehensible course work.

Condensed, organized, and optimized online GAAP CPE courses will provide you with; Crystal clear examples and scenarios for real-world application; Expert guidance on terminology, concepts, and interpretations; In-depth prompts that offer informative perspectives for a variety of scenarios; Access to beneficial research and analysis of GAAP practices; Examine the evolution of GAAP standards; How and why your clients will benefit from GAAP expertise; and Clarify common misunderstandings through numerous illustrations.

Mastering the standards, conventions, and guidelines set for accounting practices goes beyond instrumental. It is a critical aspect of being a reliable professional, accountable employee, and/or a successful professional accountant. Bone up on your GAAP skills today at Cpethink.com.



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