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Microsoft Excel has long been an extremely important software application for accountants of any designation and level. Today it’s considered one of the most important and commonly used programs in finance and accounting departments across the globe.

While it’s hard to gain excellence with Excel, trying to do so can greatly help you strengthen your position as a CPA. And when it comes to gaining mastery in the program, the best thing you can do is pursue Excel CPE.

It isn’t uncommon to see accountants overstating their proficiency in Excel, which ultimately hurts their careers. But you don’t need to do any such thing as long as you diligently complete Excel CPE classes and programs and truly master the program.

If you’re still facing a dilemma about why you should invest your time and money in Excel CPE, continue reading, and you’ll understand the reasons yourself. Here, we’ll discuss all the vital aspects related to CPE Excel, from Excel CPE courses for CPAs to Excel CPE credits and more.


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The Real Importance of Pursuing Excel CPE

Every accountant has fundamental knowledge of Excel, but in today’s cut-throat competition, it’s just not enough. By choosing your Excel CPE courses for accountants carefully, not only can you polish your existing knowledge but also master its advanced functions.

Since Excel is a large subject and takes time to master, improving your knowledge and skills through CPA Excel training for accountants can bring several benefits your way. Let’s see the top ones among them.

·        It’s one of the most widely used programs for accountants

Since its inception in 1985, Excel has been maintaining in many industries. You can do a lot of things using it, from analyzing data and forecasting financial performance to managing budget and more.

Due to the nature of the profession, accountants spend the majority of their working hours working with numbers. And Excel lets you carry out lots of activities with numbers, which essentially make your life a bit easier.

In fact, CPAs, who frequently utilize financial suites such as Oracle and SAP, use Excel spreadsheets end of the day to review and finalize their calculations. Basically, no matter the position you hold as an accountant, CPA CPE Excel courses are a must to maintain your competence.

·        You can do intense analyses with Excel

With Excel, you can perform heavy analyses with massive amounts of data, which is a regular activity for accountants. You can input and interpret large volumes of data and intuit the direction of statistics and numbers as you work with them.

There are lots of functions that you can master by completing Excel CPE programs. For instance, if you’re an intermediate-level accountant, you may want to master pivot tables, INDEX-MATCH-MATCH, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP. If you’re working at a senior level, learning how to do visual basic programming and write macros may prove to be helpful for you.

Excel makes your work as an accountant significantly hassle-free and faster regardless of the difficulty level of your analyses.

·        It helps to speed up your professional growth

As the majority of accounting firms use Excel as their core program, the demand for CPAs with good Excel skills is very high. By pursuing Excel CPE for CPAs and choosing your CPE Excel credit courses wisely, you can gain the knowledge and skills required to help your organization and clients grow.

By mastering Excel functions, you can establish yourself as a valuable resource for your company and clients. And once you do that, it shouldn’t take much time for you to climb the corporate ladder.

·        Excel is here to stay

As mentioned earlier, no matter how advanced financial suites CPAs utilize, most of them ultimately use Excel to draw conclusions. In the finance and accounting world, Excel will continue to function as a primary tool for many different purposes.

Strong Excel skills acquired through the right Excel CPE classes for accountants will continue bringing leadership and growth opportunities. Although accounting is an ever-evolving field by nature, some of the tools and programs accountants use to carry out their duties will never get replaced, and Excel is one of them.

Top Skills to Acquire When Pursuing CPE Excel

Microsoft Excel comes with many applications that simplify the process of sorting data, doing both basic and highly complex calculations, and visualizing trends and insights. Here, we’ve jotted down some of the top skills that you should try to master through CPE Excel courses.

·        Pivot tables

If you want to analyze data stored in a list, pivot tables can be very helpful. You can use them to manipulate data, develop scenarios for your data, and more.

·        Sparklines

These are small charts meant to provide you with a visual representation of your data. They can be used to display trends when working with a series of values, such as economic cycles.

·        Data validation

By mastering this feature by taking an appropriate CPA Excel course, you can easily regulate the type of data that’s entered into a worksheet. You can also regulate formulas and the inputs from them.

·        VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP

These two are the most commonly used functions in Excel and hence, a must to master when pursuing Excel CPE. These functions let you search a table of data to find appropriate information from it quickly. VLOOKUP lets you search a table where all the data is available in columns, and HLOOKUP allows you to search a table where the data is formatted by rows.

·        Macros

Macros refer to instructions that you give Excel to manipulate data. While macros are generally part of advanced Excel CPE programs, mastering them can save your time to a great extent. Once you record your own macros and name and save them, you can run them anytime to carry out repetitive data manipulations.

Some other important Excel functions include INDEX/MATCH, asset depreciation, data manipulation, data connection, and conditional formatting. You can master all these by choosing your CPE Excel courses thoughtfully.

A Brief Comparison of Popular Sponsors of CPE Excel Courses

If you search for Excel CPE courses online, you’ll get a significant number of results from many different sponsors. To help save your time, we’ve compared the top providers of CPE Excel courses so that you can make an informed decision quickly.

For the sake of the comparison, we’ve only considered self-study courses here.

·        Surgent

Surgent offers 26 CPA CPE Excel courses. Their costs range from $59.00 to $119.00, and you can earn one to six Excel CPE credits. To get a refund from Surgent, you’ll need to raise the refund request within ten business days from the date of purchasing a CPA Excel course.

·        CPA Self-Study

CPA Self-Study has 17 Excel CPE courses, ranging from $9.99 to $109.99. The number of available Excel CPE credits varies between one and eleven. All self-study CPE Excel programs come with a 100% money-back guarantee, but you’ll have to raise the request within thirty days of purchase.

·        CPEThink.com

At CPEThink.com, we offer a total of 88 CPE Excel courses, with prices varying between $12.95 and $176.95. Depending on the course, you can earn one to thirty-nine Excel CPE credits. We offer the industry’s best 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You only need to raise the refund request within 100 days of purchasing our CPA Excel course to get your money back.

While Surgent is one of the sought-after sponsors in the entire accounting field, it’s also known for the steep prices of its CPE Excel courses. Additionally, you’ll get just ten days to review an Excel CPA course, which may not be enough for many CPAs.

With CPA Self-Study, you can pursue Excel CPE in a cost-efficient manner and get a standard period of time to review an Excel CPA course. However, the availability of just 17 CPA Excel courses may obstruct your knowledge and skills development.

Unlike Surgent and CPA Self-Study, CPEThink.com ticks all the boxes. From the availability of many Excel CPE courses and their low prices to the best money-back guarantee in the industry, CPEThink.com turns out to be the best sponsor to pursue Excel CPE for CPAs.

Choosing the Right CPA Excel Course

Regardless of the sponsor you choose to pursue Excel CPE, you must ensure a few things to experience a hassle-free CPE journey. Let’s take a look.

·        Proper accreditation from governing bodies

The CPE Excel courses you choose have to be approved by governing bodies such as NASBA. Without these approvals, you may not be able to earn any Excel CPE credits for completing them. For instance, CPEThink.com is approved by NASBA’s QAS, which is a must for self-study CPE program sponsors.

·        Experienced authors/instructors

The authors/instructors of your CPA CPE Excel courses need to have enough industry experience so that they can describe complex Excel functions in an easily comprehensible manner. Without expert authors, it becomes very difficult to master advanced Excel functions. At CPEThink.com, we have a team of authors having decades of experience in developing CPE Excel courses.

·        Positive customer reviews

While customer reviews for a specific Excel CPA course may not be available, you can get an idea about its quality from the overall reviews received by a sponsor. Your chosen sponsor of a CPA Excel course should have a reasonable blend of positive and negative reviews. It’s best to avoid sponsors with mostly average or many negative reviews.

At CPEThink.com, we have received nearly 1400 customer reviews with a 4.9 out of 5 rating. With us as your Excel CPE sponsor, you can stay assured of getting the best quality continuing education always.

Managing Your Excel CPE Credits

Perhaps you already know that you’re solely responsible for managing and reporting your Excel CPE credits. If you’re licensed in a state that has an annual reporting period, then it may be relatively easier to keep track of your credits. But if your state has a biennial or triennial reporting period, you must manage your credits very carefully.

There are two ways to do this in an efficient manner.

·        Managing your credits manually

If you don’t want to use a software program to manage your Excel CPE credits, you can always take the manual route. Be sure to maintain a dedicated file for keeping all your Excel CPE-related documents, such as certificates of completion. It’s also important to keep all those documents for at least five years, as suggested by NASBA.

You should also maintain a list of necessary details. These should include the name of your CPE Excel sponsor, names of Excel CPE courses, details of Excel CPE classes (if you take in-person classes), duration of online courses, and the number of Excel CPE credits earned.

·        Managing your credits digitally

There are two methods to manage your Excel CPE credits digitally. First, you can use a CPE tracker, and second, you can maintain an Excel spreadsheet and continue updating with all your Excel CPE-related details. Details will be the same as the manual method.

If you choose this route, it’s best to scan all the relevant documents and store them in the cloud. For instance, you can email them from your one email account to another. Even if the spreadsheet stored on your desktop/laptop gets corrupted, your documents will be secure and easily accessible from anywhere.

Keeping the importance of Excel CPE in mind, you should use both these methods together to manage your Excel CPE credits. You should maintain a manual file while keeping their soft versions stored in the cloud. Use the physical copies whenever required and access the digital ones in the event of any unwanted instances.

Parting Thoughts

For CPAs, pursuing Excel CPE is the best method to expand knowledge and skills in the program and earn Excel CPE credits at the same time. Just remember to keep patience and complete your CPE Excel courses diligently.

If you want to start right away, browse our catalog of Excel CPE courses. If you want to know more about our offerings related to CPE Excel, talk to us today.



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