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For all the CPAs out there, it is time to equip yourselves with some technical skills and complete your required CPE hours. Gone are the days when the CPE credits could only be earned by taking accounting, auditing, or ethics courses. This is another set of technical learning courses like the Excel CPE courses which can earn you the required CPE hours.

Mastering the art of Excel can prove to be highly beneficial in impressing your clients with the creative use of spreadsheets and charts. It's time to take your Excel skills to the next level with CPEThink.com's online Excel courses.

The NASBA-compliant courses are accepted in all 50 states of the USA, its territories, and Canada. From getting instant access to course material along with grading and certificate printing, CPEThink.com also offers unlimited subscriptions. The completion certificate can be reprinted as many times as required.

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Why choose our Excel CPA Courses?

The professionals are also offered unlimited final exam attempts without any extra fee. The entire course material is offered at one location in the form of online and PDF formats. All the courses are backed by the 100 days 100% money-back guarantee making them completely risk-free.

The online courses offer you the luxury of completing the required courses in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Unlike offline classes, professionals can make their schedules without having to worry about their current work scenario. The courses can be downloaded for areas with poor internet connections.

The Excel CPE courses offered by CPEThink.com equip you with the knowledge of creating custom functions, dynamic and interactive charts. The cool tips and tricks can assist you in completing common accounting tasks within minutes to present clients with financial summaries. Using filters and tables, you can present clients with updates in a professional manner.

The millions of CPE hours completed by thousands of professionals prove the credibility and reputation of CPEThink.com. Feel free to cross check our rating and comments left by previous clients to ensure that you are making the right decision. Sign up today to avail all the major benefits while earning the required CPE credits.




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