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An Introduction to Virginia Ethics CPE

Whether you run an accounting firm or individually offer professional accounting services as a CPA in Virginia, you’ve to earn 120 CPE hours during every 3-year period to keep your license active. It’s also mandatory for you to complete at least 20 CPE hours each year and earn 2 CPE hours annually in Virginia-specific ethics courses.

While fulfilling this ethics requirement may not seem like a difficult task, learning and adhering to the ethical standards can help prove your trustworthiness to your clients. And this is exactly where Virginia ethics CPE courses play a crucial role.

In this page, we’re going to take a quick look at the real importance of taking Virginia CPA ethics courses.

Please Note: These courses are approved by the Virginia Board of Accountancy for the 2023 term and have the required text “2023 VBOA-approved ethics course” on the Certificate of Completion.

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Impact of Pursuing Online Virginia Ethics CPE Courses on Your Profession

Many people, especially those who’re from non-accounting fields, think that Virginia ethics CPE courses are only important for meeting the annual VBOA CPE requirements. However, the reality is these courses let you learn a comprehensive set of ethical guidelines that govern the accounting field.

As a CPA, you’re bound to fulfill ethical responsibilities to several parties – from clients and stakeholders to other employees and the company as a whole. If you fail to follow these guidelines, whether willingly or unwillingly, it may lead to significant consequences for everyone involved. From a CPA losing his/her job to an accounting firm losing its reputation and business – lots of things can happen that may cause irreversible damage.

By taking Virginia ethics CPE online or through other learning formats and applying the knowledge learned from them, you can ensure that you always prioritize your clients’ interests over your own while maintaining integrity, honesty, and morality.

Virginia Ethics CPE Courses: Learning Objectives

Based on the outline established by the VBOA, Virginia ethics CPE courses would help you understand the Code of Professional Conduct of the AICPA, the updates and modifications to policies and regulations that must be adhered to by Virginia CPAs, recognize various ethical decision-making models, etc.



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