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While you’ve earned your CPA license in Ohio after years of studying, gaining exceptional domain knowledge, and cracking the Uniform CPA Exam, it’s just about the beginning. You must renew your license as per the guidelines of the Accountancy Board of Ohio to continue offering professional services.

And to renew your license, you must obtain CPE credits according to Ohio CPE guidelines. Obtaining CPE credits to meet your Ohio CPA continuing education requirements won’t be a challenge if you have a clear comprehension of all the guidelines.

Since CPE requirements vary from one state to another, your plan to meet your Ohio CPA CPE requirements needs to be aligned with the guidelines defined by the state board.

With that in mind, we’ve developed this guide that focuses on every vital aspect of Ohio CPE requirements. From general Ohio CPE guidelines and Ohio CPE requirements CPA related to ethics and subject areas to the importance of Ohio CPE tracking, how to choose the right sponsor for pursuing CPE Ohio, and more, we’ll discuss everything here.


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General Ohio CPE Guidelines

These are the general Ohio CPE requirements CPA you need to keep in mind.

  • Ohio has a triennial license renewal period. It starts on 1st January and ends on 31st December three years later.
  • The CPE reporting period in the state is also triennial.
  • You must obtain at least 120 CPE credits every three-year period to fulfill your Ohio CPA CPE requirements.
  • You must earn at least 20 credits each year.
  • If you fail to obtain at least 20 credits in a year, you’ll need to pay a fine of $10 for every credit that’s required to meet this requirement.
  • You’ve to obtain three credits in Ohio CPE ethics every three-year period. Remember that the course must be approved by the state board’s executive director to fulfill this requirement.
  • You can obtain all of your 120 credits by taking self-study CPE courses.

Exemption from Ohio CPE Requirements CPA and Waivers

If you’re a licensed CPA in Ohio but come under one of these categories, you may be eligible for exemption from Ohio CPA CPE requirements and waivers.

  • If you’re presently unemployed.
  • If you’re a retiree.
  • If you’ve formally listed yourself as an inactive member of AICPA.
  • If you’ve willingly left the workforce for a temporary period of time.
  • If you’re actively engaged in military service.
  • If you’ve got health issues that prevent you from pursuing Ohio CPE. Don’t confuse this with Ohio health CPE which refers to Clinical Pastoral Education which is an entirely different field.
  • If you experience extreme natural disasters (as per the policies of the state board) and similar circumstances because of which you cannot meet your Ohio CPE requirements.

If you don’t live in Ohio but hold a valid Ohio CPA license, you may meet your Ohio Accountancy Board CPE requirements by fulfilling the CPE requirements of the state where your principal office is located. If there’s no CPE requirement in that state, you must meet the Ohio Accountancy Board CPE requirements.

Ohio CPA CPE Requirements Related To Subject Areas

Make sure that you meet the following subject area requirements when taking Ohio CPE courses.

  • If you’re involved in financial reporting engagements or carry out financial reporting work outside the field of public accounting using your CPA designation, you’re required to obtain 24 CPE credits in accounting or auditing.
  • If you advise your clients on tax-related matters or carry out tax work beyond the scope of public accounting, you need to obtain 24 credits in tax.

Credit Limitations to Remember When Meeting Ohio CPE Requirements

You already know that there are several methods to fulfill the Accountancy Board of Ohio CPE requirements. However, when it comes to pursuing Ohio CPE, you must remember the following credit limitations.

  • Publications and other special learning activities

If you want to meet your Ohio CPE requirements CPA through the publication of articles or books or other special learning activities, your CPE credits, which you want to claim, will be evaluated by the executive director of the state board and subject to board approval. You may also need to submit the right documents to support your claim.

  • Live group study

The maximum daily limit for earning CPE credits through live group study is eight. Remember that to obtain these credits, the minimum length of the actual session has to be four hundred minutes, which excludes breaks.

  • Professional examinations

You may receive Ohio CPE credits by clearing professional examinations as long as they’ve been approved by the executive director of the state board and the board itself. Usually, you’ll get ten credits for every hour if the total length of the examination session is three continuous hours at a minimum. The maximum number of credits you can earn per session is forty.

Importance of Ohio CPE Tracking

Whether you want to use your Ohio Society of CPAs CPE credits or wish to take self-study Ohio CPA CPE courses from CPE sponsors to meet your Ohio CPA CPE requirements, you must not forget the importance of Ohio CPE tracking.

One of the most common methods to track your credits is to use the Ohio CPE audit service. All you need to do is to visit the website of NASBA CPE Audit Service and sign in under “Licensees.” This tool lets you upload or enter your Ohio CPE documentation or information and monitor your compliance with Ohio CPE requirements.

Every year, about twenty percent of the CPAs, who are renewing their licenses, are randomly selected by the board to verify their compliance with Ohio CPE requirements CPA. If you get selected for CPE verification, you’re required to use NASBA’s CPE Audit Service to submit a CPE report form together with proof of your completed CPE or certificates of completion of CPE programs. And this is the biggest importance of Ohio CPA CPE tracking.

What to Do When Selected For CPE Ohio Verification

You can choose either of the following methods if you get selected for a random audit. Remember that in both methods, it’s a must to fill up your CPE report form.

Method #1

  • You need to upload the documentation of your 120 Ohio CPE credits to the Ohio CPE audit service. You should also send a notification to the board staff after submitting your CPE report form.

Method #2

  • Certificates of attendance or completion. These need to specify your name, the name of the CPE sponsor, the actual title of the course, its classification, the completion date of the course, and the number of credits obtained. You don’t need to submit completion certificates separately if they’re included on your official transcript. The board may accept sign-in sheets if they mention these pieces of information.
  • A letter issued by your CPE sponsor, which specifies your name, the number of credits you’ve received, and the completion date of the program.
  • An official transcript of all the courses that you’ve completed from AICPA, college/university, OSCPA (only society-sponsored programs), CPE sponsor, public accounting firm, government agency, and/or private company.

Documentation That Cannot Be Submitted As Proof of Ohio CPE Completion

The following list mentions some of the documents that aren’t acceptable as proof of completion of your Ohio CPA CPE.

  • Self-reporting documents/spreadsheets or unofficial transcripts
  • Payment confirmation and/or course registration
  • Pamphlets, brochures, or other forms of promotional material
  • Slides/handouts, course agendas, notes, or outlines
  • Sign-in sheets that don’t contain the information mentioned in the above block (Method #2)
  • Table tents, nametags, etc.

It’s extremely important to note that if fail to provide the board with the appropriate documentation, you’ll need to obtain additional verified Ohio CPE credits and pay a late filing fee. The late filing fee will be calculated based on the date on which you’ll complete obtaining all of your 120 credits.

If you fail to prove that you’ve met your Ohio CPE requirements CPA, or lack a considerable number of credits to meet your requirements, or cannot pay the late fees, the board may take disciplinary action against you.

Ohio CPE Requirements CPA to Meet When Returning To Practice

Here’re the Ohio CPA CPE requirements you’ll have to fulfill if you desire to return to professional practice.

  • You must obtain a minimum of 120 CPE credits in the three-year period before you submit your request to restore your license.
  • Among these credits, three credits need to be in Ohio-specific PSR (Professional Standards and Responsibilities).
  • At least 24 credits in accounting and/or auditing also need to be part of your 120 credits.
  • Among your 120 credits, at least 24 credits need to be in tax-related subjects.

Once you’ve obtained 120 Ohio CPE credits, you’ll need to upload scanned copies of all your certificates of completion to your dashboard in the Ohio eLicense Portal. A board staff member will contact you after reviewing your certificates.

Methods to Calculate Credits When Fulfilling Ohio CPA CPE Requirements

The credit calculation methods defined by the Ohio state board are quite different from many other states. So, make sure that you remember the following methods when meeting Ohio CPE requirements.

  • Partial credit

If you take self-study Ohio CPE courses, you may receive credits in ten minutes increments before earning your first full credit. If you participate in a live group study, you can only receive credits in ten minutes increments after obtaining your first full credit. In this method, you get one credit after attending a fifty-minute session.

  • Presentation

For every reporting period, you can obtain a maximum of 90 CPE credits by presenting relevant materials. The number of credits will be equal to three times your presentation. Note that, you won’t receive any credit for preparation, and you cannot deliver repeat presentations within a single reporting period.

  • College or university

For completing one quarter hour, you’ll receive 10 CPE credits. And for one semester hour, you’ll get 15 CPE credits.

Selecting the Best Sponsor to Meet Ohio CPE Requirements

With thousands of CPE sponsors out there, it has become quite difficult to spot the right one to pursue Ohio CPE in a hassle-free manner. The thing you must do first is to check whether or not your sponsor is present on NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

Once you’ve verified that, try to ensure the following couple of factors.

  • The sponsor offers courses at affordable prices

The total cost of meeting Ohio CPE requirements CPA can be considerably high if you join the wrong sponsor. Fortunately, there are sponsors that offer quality courses at affordable prices.

For instance, at CPEThink.com, we offer top-quality self-study Ohio CPA CPE courses at highly reasonable prices. And each our courses has been developed by renowned instructors. Therefore, by joining us, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to fulfill your Ohio CPA CPE requirements efficiently while taking your professional competence to the next level.

We also have various CPE subscription packages that you can buy according to your requirements and preferences. By choosing one of our unlimited subscription packages, you can take all of your required Ohio CPE courses at prices considerably lower than their actual ones. To help you meet your Ohio CPE requirements with complete peace of mind, we have a 100-day, 100% refund policy which is simply the best in the industry.

  • The sponsor offers top-tier customer support

When you take the online route to pursue Ohio Accountancy Board CPE, unforeseen technical issues may arise. However, with the help of your sponsor’s customer support team, you should be able to resolve them easily. That’s why it’s a must to ensure that you can reach the team anytime you need and through different modes of communication.

In the case of CPEThink.com, our customers can reach us using the phone (toll-free), email, and live chat.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this page has given you all the important information you need to pursue Ohio CPE efficiently and comfortably. If want to obtain more information about how we can help you complete Ohio CPE requirements CPA, give us a call today!



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