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Importance of IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) Ethics CPE Courses in Your Career as an Enrolled Agent

It’s true that once you’ve earned the official status of an EA or enrolled agent, you’ve completed the hardest part of your career successfully.

But it also indicates the starting point of your learning journey to maintain your EA designation throughout your career. And this is exactly where the importance of IRS enrolled agent (EA) ethics CPE courses comes in.

Take IRS Enrolled Agent courses to meet your EA CPE requirements from the comfort of home!

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CE And Online IRS EA Ethics Courses

CE stands for “continuing education” that enrolled agents must pursue to preserve their EA status. As determined by the IRS, it’s mandatory for an enrolled agent to obtain 72 hours of CE credits on a triennial basis.

At least 16 hours have to be earned each year, 2 hours of which essentially need to be on ethics. And all these CE hours have to be earned by taking IRS EA ethics courses from an IRS approved continuing education provider.

IRS EA Ethics Courses Online: Key Objective

As specialists in the field of taxation, enrolled agents need to acquire a vast knowledge of income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, retirement, payroll, non-profit taxation, among others. To help enrolled agents brush up on all these areas and to stay updated with any changes in the field, IRS EA ethics online courses cover a wide range of topics.

From the fundamental concepts of ethics and ethical duties of tax preparers to Circular 230 of the Department of the Treasury, unethical tax actions, as well as, their consequences, and many more topics.

Taking IRS EA Ethics Courses

Before you even shortlist a few continuing education providers to take online IRS enrolled agent (EA) CPE ethics courses, make sure that the courses will fulfill the CE requirements of the IRS. To do this, you need to search the public listing of CE providers that are approved by the IRS.

Though this isn’t a complete list and may not list all of your available options, it’d be a good starting point. The next thing you need to do is decide on the class format depending on your situation and preferences.



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