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Arizona is known for its pro-business environment that generates a wide range of possibilities for finance professionals. The presence of large companies fosters an inherent need for competent CPAs who can help these organizations with their financial activities.

If you’re a CPA in Arizona and want to enhance your professional competence, your only option is to focus on your learning. And pursuing Arizona CPA CPE requirements with a reputable CPE sponsor by your side is the best thing you can do to continually update your skill sets.

However, Arizona state CPE requirements are significantly different than those in many other jurisdictions. Therefore, before you embark on your Arizona CPE journey, it’s strongly advisable that you develop a clear comprehension of your Arizona CPA CPE requirements.

Whether you want to complete Arizona Society of CPAs CPE programs or take courses from other CPE sponsors, understanding the guidelines will help you pursue Arizona Board of Accountancy CPE efficiently.

To help save you time and effort, we’ve created this page that contains all the vital information related to the Arizona State Board of Accountancy CPE. These pieces of information will greatly help you experience a smooth Arizona CPA CPE journey.


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Arizona CPE: Basic Guidelines

Arizona has a biennial license renewal and CPE reporting period. If you aren’t eligible for CPE reciprocity, you need to comply with these Arizona CPE rules.

  • You’re required to renew your CPA license in Arizona by the last business day of your birth month. Depending on your birth year, it can be an even or odd year.
  • Your CPE reporting period runs from the first day of the month succeeding your birth month to the last business day of your birth month. It can be an even or odd year depending on your license expiration date.
  • You’re required to obtain a total of 80 CPE credits every two-year period.
  • If you obtain more credits than what’s required during your current renewal period, you may not be able to carry forward the excess ones to your next renewal period.

Arizona CPE Requirements: Guidelines Related To Ethics

Arizona CPA ethics CPE requirements substantially differ from those in many other states. Every two-year period, you’re required to obtain four CPE credits in ethics. These must include at least one credit in each of these.

  • The statutes and administrative rules of the Arizona State Board of Accountancy.
  • Accounting practice-related ethics including the Professional Code of Conduct of the AICPA.

If you take an ethics program that’s developed or taught by a co-worker or your employer, you won’t receive any credits.

Arizona CPA CPE Requirements: Guidelines Related To Subject Areas

Here’re the things related to subject areas you must keep in mind when fulfilling your Arizona CPE requirements.

  • You must obtain at least 16 CPE credits by taking classroom programs or attending interactive/live webinars.
  • You’ve to earn at least 40 credits in auditing, taxation, accounting, business law, or consulting services which must include at least 16 credits in taxation, auditing, or accounting subject areas.

Choosing Between Arizona Society of CPAs CPE Programs and Programs Offered By Other CPE Sponsors

You’ve just seen that it’s mandatory for you to earn a minimum of 16 credits through classroom programs or live/interactive webinars to meet your Arizona CPA CPE requirements. Mainly, you get two options to fulfill this requirement. First, you can join a well-reviewed CPE sponsor and second, you can complete Arizona Society of CPAs CPE programs.

However, before choosing one of these options, you need to be aware of some benefits offered by each of them.

  • Programs offered by the Arizona Society of CPAs

As a member of the Arizona Society of CPAs, you can save 25% on the majority of CPE webcasts and seminars that are conducted throughout the year. You can also get an additional 15% discount by registering for programs by May 31.

Additionally, the ASCPA offers free webinars that you can attend to obtain some Arizona CPE credits for free. The ASCPA has some preferred CPE providers joining who will help you enjoy exclusive member savings.

The membership period of the Arizona Society of CPAs runs from 1st May to 30th April. Your membership dues will vary depending on the period you join the society. For licensed CPAs, these are the current membership dues.

  • $310 (May 1 to July 31)
  • $260 (August 1 to October 31)
  • $210 (November 1 to January 31)
  • $160 (February 1 to April 30)

One of the major advantages of joining a leading CPE sponsor to meet Arizona CPE requirements is that there’ll be no mandatory membership fees that you’ll have to pay. Reputable CPE sponsors like CPEThink.com are also known for offering quality Arizona CPA CPE programs at affordable rates. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about paying a hefty amount of money to meet your Arizona CPA CPE requirements.

Notably, some renowned CPE sponsors have subscription packages choosing one of which will help you save more. For instance, at CPEThink.com, we have unlimited subscription packages that’ll let you access all our self-study courses and free webinars. By paying a one-time fee, you’ll be able to take whatever course you want at a substantially discounted rate. You’ll be able to obtain a virtually unlimited number of courses using our unlimited subscription packages.

Arizona Board of Accountancy CPE: Qualifying Programs

Since the state board of accountancy doesn’t pre-approve any CPE sponsor, it’s the responsibility of the CPAs to ensure that completing a CPA license program in Arizona will help them receive CPE credits. Here’re the factors that usually make a program eligible for CPE credits.

  • It’s developed by individuals who have experience and knowledge in the subject matter.
  • It has full text or written outlines.
  • It’s administered by an organization or instructor who has knowledge of the content of the program.
  • It uses teaching methods that have consistency with the study program.

You’re allowed to take self-study programs to meet a certain portion of your Arizona Board of Accountancy CPE requirements. However, the programs must comply with the provisions we mentioned above. The providers of the programs also need to maintain written records of the participation of each student. Additionally, they need to maintain the program outline’s records for three years after its end.

Arizona State Board of Accountancy CPE: Credit Calculation Methods

You need to follow these methods to calculate your credits when pursuing Arizona CPE.

  • By completing a 50-minute continuous session of instruction, you’ll receive one CPE credit.
  • You’ll receive a one-half credit by attending a 25-minute continuous session of instruction.
  • Attending a 10-minute continuous session of instruction will help you earn a one-fifth credit.

You won’t get any credit for repeat participation in any course or seminar during your registration period.

You can get credits in one-half or one-fifth increments as long as the program is part of an ongoing series associated with a particular subject. Also, the segments need to be connected by an overarching course the duration of which has to be at least 50 minutes. Additionally, you must complete all the segments within one CPE reporting period.

Let’s see the credit calculation methods pertaining to different methods of meeting Arizona CPE requirements.

  • Completing self-study programs

By completing an hour of a self-study program, you’ll get one CPE credit.

  • Serving as a discussion leader or CPE lecturer

You may be able to obtain a maximum of 40 CPE credits during every renewal period by serving as a discussion leader or CPE lecturer. It’s vital to note that if you claim credits for writing and publishing books or articles together with providing this service, you may not be able to obtain more than 40 credits. Here’re the things you need to remember when using this method to fulfill your Arizona CPA CPE requirements.

  • You can get credits for preparing for and serving as a discussion leader or lecturer in CPE programs and these include college courses. Your number of credits will be determined by the board based on your actual presentation hours. For every hour of presentation, you can earn a maximum of one CPE credit for your actual preparation time.
  • You’re allowed to claim credits for only one presentation of a course or seminar.
  • Repeat teaching of the course won’t help you obtain any credits.
  • Completing programs at accredited universities or colleges

Completing one quarter hour and one semester hour will let you earn 10 credits and 15 credits, respectively. Completing one hour of a non-credit program will help you get one credit.

  • Completing introductory computer courses

If you complete introductory computer courses to meet Arizona Board of Accountancy CPE requirements, you may obtain up to 20 credits during every renewal period.

  • Writing and publishing articles or books

Using this method, you may earn up to 20 credits during every renewal period. However, if you also claim credits for serving as a discussion leader or CPE lecturer, 40 will be your maximum combined CPE credits in one renewal period. Here’re the guidelines you need to keep in mind when using this method to pursue Arizona CPE.

  • Your books or articles need to be published by an acknowledged third-party sponsor or publisher of accounting material. They also need to play a part in the accounting profession.
  • You may earn credits by developing or writing an online course curriculum for doctoral, graduate, or undergraduate education that helps the accounting profession.
  • You’ll earn two credits for creating 3,000 words of content for the course curriculum. Note that the minimum length of the materials has to be 3,000 words and the credits may be shared by multiple authors.


  • Completing nano-learning courses

You can obtain up to four credits in one renewal period by finishing nano-learning courses.

Arizona CPA CPE: Understanding CPE Reciprocity

If you don’t reside in Arizona but want to renew your Arizona CPA license, the board may consider you compliant with the Arizona CPE requirements if you’ve fulfilled the CPE requirements for renewing your license in your primary place of business’s jurisdiction.

In that case, however, you’ll need to provide the board with evidence of your CPE compliance with your primary place of business’s jurisdiction. You’ll need to submit a signed statement to the board along with your renewal application.

In case you don’t live in Arizona and your jurisdiction doesn’t have any CPE requirements in place, it becomes mandatory for you to meet all Arizona CPA CPE requirements to renew your license here.

Arizona CPE: Comprehending Exemptions

You may receive partial or full exemption from Arizona CPE requirements by the board on the basis of these grounds.

  • Military service
  • An illness
  • A disability
  • A natural disaster
  • A mental or physical condition
  • Any similar situation that may prevent you from fulfilling Arizona Board of Accountancy CPE requirements (to be determined by the board)

Arizona CPE Requirements: CPE Reporting Guidelines

If you get selected for an audit by the board, you must provide it with some details related to your Arizona CPE within 30 days. These include:

  • The name of the organization that sponsored your CPE program
  • Description of content or the title of the program
  • The number of CPE credits you obtained by completing the program
  • The program’s subject matter
  • The learning method used in the program
  • The duration of the program (start and end dates)

You must maintain all your CPE records for at least three years from the completion of a registration period.

If the board finds that you’re non-compliant with your Arizona CPE requirements, you may need to face administrative penalties or suspension until you cure your CPE deficit.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you’ve got a clear comprehension of all the important details and guidelines related to Arizona CPE, it’s time to start meeting your Arizona CPE requirements. We have a large collection of quality courses that’ll help you fulfill your Arizona CPA CPE requirements efficiently and affordably. You only need to choose your preferred courses and you can start focusing on your learning immediately.

If you need any more help with Arizona CPA CPE, contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.



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