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CPA CPE Unlimited: Your Best Option to Pursue Continuing Professional Education

Are you finding it difficult to afford expensive CPE courses? Or, maybe you’re looking for an option to avoid the hassle of joining multiple CPE sponsors to meet your CPE requirements. In both situations, opting for CPA CPE unlimited packages seems to be the best thing you can do.

If you’re wondering what’s unlimited CPE for CPAs, you’ve come to the right page. Here, we’ll discuss every important thing related to unlimited CPA CPE so that you can make an informed decision and pursue CPE in an affordable and hassle-free manner.

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What Are CPA CPE Unlimited Packages?

In simple words, unlimited CPA CPE packages refer to CPE packages that help you earn a virtually unlimited number of CPE credits. Depending on your chosen sponsor of unlimited CPE for CPA and your package, you may be able to access the entire course library or a specific number of programs.

These days, several CPE sponsors offer different types of CPA CPE unlimited packages with different factors. It can be your accessibility duration or the maximum number of courses you can access during the validity of your package.

Some providers also have a segment called “premium courses” in their course libraries. These courses typically cover important and trending topics in the industry. And in many instances, you may need to buy the most expensive unlimited CPE for CPAs package to access them.

Therefore, you should keep all these things in mind when choosing the best unlimited CPE for CPAs. We’ll discuss this in detail in one of the following sections.

Why Should You Opt For Unlimited CPE for CPAs?

Now that you have a clear understanding of CPA CPE online unlimited packages, let’s see the reasons behind their massive popularity.

·        They help you pursue CPE at a reasonable cost

Considering the fact that on average you’re required to earn 40 CPE credits each year, your yearly CPE cost should stand somewhere around $500 when you buy courses separately. And depending on the license renewal period of your state board of accountancy, it should be around $1,000 (for a biennial renewal period), or $1,500 (for a triennial renewal period).

Here, it’s also important to mention that these costs are calculated assuming that you join a cost-effective CPE sponsor. If you join a provider that’s known to offer expensive courses, you may expect to pay several thousand dollars in a 3-year license renewal period.

Now, choosing unlimited CPA CPE online courses from the right provider can easily help you meet all your CPE requirements within a few hundred dollars. And this is the biggest reason countless CPAs choose CPA CPE unlimited programs.

·        They help you plan CPE more efficiently

When you purchase CPE courses separately, it’s almost impossible to get a clear picture of your total CPE cost. But when you choose unlimited CPE for CPAs, you need to make a one-time payment to earn all your required credits or the majority of them.

By doing this at the beginning of your license renewal period, you make yourself free from worrying about managing your CPE costs. All you need to do is to focus on your study and professional career and earn your credits on time.

·        They save you from joining multiple CPE providers

As mentioned above, by choosing unlimited CPA CPE, you get access to either the entire course library of your sponsor or a specific number of courses. Even if you opt for a package that lets you access a particular number of courses, these are generally enough to help meet your CPE requirements.

This essentially eliminates the need of joining multiple providers to earn your required CPE credits. Of course, you can take courses from other providers to learn some specific topics as per your interests or professional requirements but, the choice comes down to you. There’ll be no such thing like without joining other sponsors, you won’t be able to meet your CPE requirements.

However, choosing the right sponsor of unlimited CPE for CPA is a must to get this benefit. This is because some CPE providers, who have just a couple of hundred courses in their libraries, offer CPA CPE unlimited programs. Joining one of them may not help you much in fulfilling all your CPE requirements.

How to Choose the Right Unlimited CPA CPE Program?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of CPA CPE online unlimited programs, try to use the following checklist when exploring your options.

·        Try to join an experienced sponsor

Cost should never be the only parameter when deciding on the best unlimited CPE for CPAs. Instead, your best CPA CPE unlimited package should be the one that offers a perfect combination of cost-effectiveness, the number of courses you can access, and the fields of study they cover.

For a new sponsor or one with just a couple of years of experience, it’s quite unlikely to deliver this combination. Since you need to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase unlimited CPE for CPAs, one wrong decision can easily jeopardize your entire CPE plan. That’s why it’s strongly advisable to join a sponsor with significant industry experience.

·        Ensure the package covers courses on a diverse range of fields of study

This is directly related to the third point in the above section. Irrespective of the state you’re registered in, you must earn a certain number of credits in both technical and non-technical fields of study. Failure to do this may lead to non-compliance with your CPE requirements.

Moreover, CPE brings you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in many different subjects. This means you can continue learning new subjects regularly to pursue your interests and climb the corporate ladder quickly.

Therefore, take your time to go through the details of unlimited CPA CPE packages of your shortlisted sponsors. If a package lets you access a specific number of courses, see if they cover the topics you want to learn.

If you can access the whole course library, browse it thoroughly to ensure that you’ll be able to meet your CPE requirements and learn new topics by purchasing the package.

Here, it’s also important to mention that some unlimited CPE for CPA packages don’t provide access to ethics courses. Since earning a certain number of ethics credits is mandatory in all states and jurisdictions, you won’t be able to meet your CPE requirements without taking ethics CPE courses.

And ethics CPE courses are usually more expensive than many general CPE courses. So, purchasing a CPA CPE unlimited package without access to ethics courses may not be of great help in lowering your total CPE cost.

·        Try to avoid premium sponsors unless it’s a necessity

If you want to purchase unlimited CPA CPE online courses from an expensive sponsor or your organization bears your CPE cost, you can always choose a premium one. Otherwise, you should avoid such sponsors when searching for CPA CPE unlimited programs.

As long as your primary objective is to meet your CPE requirements from a reputed provider and expand your knowledge and skills, you don’t essentially need to pay a steep price for pursuing unlimited CPE for CPAs.

·        Ensure the package lets you access programs in different learning formats

For some CPAs, self-study courses are the most effective learning format, while others may learn better by attending webinars. These days, you can choose from different types of CPA CPE online unlimited packages.

Some packages let you access self-study courses online, while others may only cover webinars. Some sponsors let you access programs in both these formats, but they may charge an excessively high price.

Ideally, you should choose a sponsor that’ll allow you to access its entire course library and programs in different learning formats at reasonable costs.

Why Should You Opt For the Unlimited CPE for CPA from CPEThink.com?

CPEThink.com is widely considered the number one sponsor of CPA CPE unlimited programs. However, you don’t essentially have to believe our words when deciding on the best unlimited CPE for CPAs.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve reviewed the top six sponsors (in random order) of unlimited CPA CPE online courses. We’ve included essential details such as prices, validity periods, and money-back guarantees in the reviews.

·        Surgent

Surgent has three unlimited CPA CPE packages: one webinar package, one self-study package, and one unlimited plus package. The unlimited webinars package lets you attend unlimited webinars for 12 months and you can earn a maximum of 5,000 CPE credits. This is available at $649.

The unlimited self-study package is available at $499 with a validity period of 12 months. You can earn 1,200+ CPE credits using this package. None of the webinars of self-study packages lets you access Surgent’s premium courses.

The unlimited plus package comes at a cost of $799. You can access webinars, self-study courses, and premium courses for 12 months under this package.

You can claim refunds for these packages by raising your request within 10 business days of making the purchase.

·        CPECredit.com

CPECredit.com lets you choose from four CPA CPE unlimited packages. All these come with a validity period of one year. CPE library silver is the least expensive package and is available at $199. Using this package, you can access only 400+ self-study courses to earn unlimited credits.

Next comes the CPE library gold package which costs $299. Although you can access both self-study courses and live webinars using this package, you can access 800+ online programs from its library.

The CPE library gold plus package is the second most expensive CPA CPE online unlimited package offered by CPECredit.com. Available at $399, this package lets you access 1,000+ online programs including self-study courses, live webinars, and on-demand live webcasts.

If you want to access all of the 1,300+ online programs offered by this sponsor, you’ve to buy its CPE library platinum package by paying $499. Note that this is also the only unlimited CPA CPE package using which you can access its self-study ethics CPE courses.

You can get a 100% for these packages, provided the request is raised within 90 days and no credit has been earned.

·        CPA SelfStudy

The one-year CPA CPE unlimited package from CPA SelfStudy is available at $149. However, its course library only has nearly 150 self-study courses. It has a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

·        Checkpoint Learning

Checkpoint Learning has three CPA CPE online unlimited packages. Any of these can be purchased for one year, two years, or three years. The bigger the term, the more discount you get. The prices we’ll mention here are the yearly ones you’ll get by purchasing any of them for three years.

The first one is the professional package, which is available at $249 and lets you access only 500+ online self-study courses. The next one is the premier package which costs $309 and you’ll be able to access webinars (1-4 hours) along with self-study courses.

The premier plus is the most expensive package of Checkpoint Learning and can be purchased at $439. This lets you access all webinars (1-8 hours) along with other discounts and benefits.

The sponsor’s website doesn’t provide any clear information about its refund policies.

·        Becker

If you want to join Becker, you get to choose from its three unlimited CPE for CPAs packages. The least expensive package is called essentials and is available at $299.00 with a validity period of 90 days. Under this package, you get access to 475+ on-demand courses and 480+ webcasts. This doesn’t provide access to state-specific ethics courses.

The select is the second most expensive unlimited CPA CPE package offered by Becker. Its price tag stands at $449.00 and you can access 20+ premium courses, 45+ state-specific ethics courses, 480+ webcasts, 25+ industry-specific courses, and 570+ on-demand courses during the one-year validity period.

Becker’s prime package comes at $699.00 and lets you access everything available in its course library.

At the time of writing this piece, the select and prime packages were available at $404.10 and $419.40, respectively.

You may get a refund from Becker by raising the request within ten business days of making the purchase.

·        CPEThink.com

With us, you can choose from two CPA CPE unlimited packages. We also have four other subscription packages that let you earn a maximum of 45, 40, 30, and 20 CPE credits within one year.

Our 2-year unlimited CPA CPE package is available at $299.95, while the one-year package costs $199.95. Both these allow you to access our entire course library, including self-study ethics courses and free webinars. You also get unlimited certificate prints and unlimited attempts to clear the final exams.

Our subscription packages come at $145.95 (45 credits), $129.95 (40 credits), $99.95 (30 credits), and $69.95 (20 credits), respectively.

All these packages come with a 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee, which is the industry’s best.

In Conclusion

We hope that we’ve successfully answered all your important queries related to CPA CPE unlimited packages. In case you want to learn more about our offerings, feel free to contact us. If you want to start pursuing unlimited CPE for CPAs right away, browse our packages.



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