What does it mean to be an AICPA member?


What is the AICPA? The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is a nationally recognized professional organization exclusively for CPAs in the U.S. Established in 1887, AICPA’s primary duty and mission is to uphold rigorous and distinguished continuing education requirements, CPA licensing standards, with a commitment to professional ethics and excelling in CPA service to others.



AICPA membership is not mandatory for CPA’s. With over 430,000 members today, AICPA offers four membership types with varying qualification requirements.

Regular Member: Regular members are licensed CPA’s who have passed the Uniform CPA Exam, have complete 120 hours of AICPA CPE course requirements every three years, are currently practicing in a firm enrolled in an approved practice-monitoring program, and have agreed to uphold AICPA Bylaws and Code of Professional Conduct.

Associate Member: Associate members have not yet met their state’s additional requirements for certification. However, they have completed or continue to complete all requirements of a regular member.

International Associate: To qualify for the International Associate membership category, AICPA CPE requirements will be regulated by your jurisdiction. In addition, mandatory completion of or continuation of all requirements of a regular member, to the extent that it does not conflict with foreign laws or the professional standards in their home countries, is required.

Student Affiliate: The Student Affiliate membership is available from freshman year of college through graduate students in the U.S. This option is also open to recent college graduates who are in the workforce and have not yet passed the Uniform CPA Exam. Recent graduates may remain in this category for up to five years following graduation and/or completing graduate school. Student Affiliate members must sit for the CPA Exam at least once each year to remain in this membership category.

AICPA provides technical support is is the backbone of setting standards for professional CPA’s. Certified and regulated by AICPA and NASBA it is our duty to be a reliable and progressive educational resource to CPA’s nationwide.

Online AICPA CPE Courses

AICPA CPE requirements include 120 credit hours every three years. Our online AICPA CPE courses include content and curriculum that meets or exceeds the guidelines published by NASBA, the governing body for issuing and maintaining AICPA CPE credits.

Our online instructors and coursework bring you years of industry expertise with educational leaders in finance, accounting, tax, and education. CPEThink curriculum is formatted to help you stay ahead of new rules, regulations, and best practices.

For the CPA on the go, CPEThink enables you to access your hundreds of online AICPA CPE courses anywhere at any time. You can even take your exam in the comfort of your own home and print your coursework certification. Helping you maintain licensing and AICPA membership requirements are our top priority. That’s why we stay as accessible as possible for you.

AICPA Self-Study Courses

CPE AICPA membership requirements are often spread out through the year. Our self-study has allowed thousands of CPA’s to move at the pace they are comfortable with without skipping a beat. Create and customize your learning experience through a variety of courses we offer through webinars, pre-recorded or live video, and curriculum downloads.

AICPA CPE self-study helps you maintain and stay up-to-date with your credit and licensing requirements. It also serves as a way to make sure you’re always on top of your education so that you are capable and ready to offer your services with a competitive edge.


  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Assurance
  • Ethics
  • Employee benefits plans
  • Not-for-profit
  • Fraud and forensics
  • Much more

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