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Whether you’ve become a licensed CPA recently or years ago, you’re required to complete a certain number of CPE hours to maintain its active status. However, for busy CPAs, completing all their required hours before the deadline sometimes becomes an uphill task. Understanding the meaning of CPE hours is crucial for every CPA, as it plays a pivotal role in their professional development and compliance with regulatory requirements.

With that in mind, we’ve created this page to help you get a clear comprehension of all the vital aspects related to CPE hour requirements and experience a hassle-free CPE journey.

Many state boards offer CPE trackers to their members so that they can monitor their hours efficiently. To track your CPE hours, login credentials of your account need to be used. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can see how many hours you’ve already completed and how many are still left.

If you're wondering "1 CPE credit is how many hours?" or "How many CPE credits do I need?" — rest assured, we'll cover that too.

While using a CPE tracker certainly helps make the process of tracking your hours somewhat convenient, you still need to have a solid CPE credit hours requirement plan to complete all your required hours on time. And to come up with such a plan, it’s simply a must to have a detailed understanding of CPE hours.

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An Important Thing to Remember When Searching For Providers to Obtain CPE Hours

It’s important to understand that the AICPA and state boards of accountancy aren’t the only entities that require their members to complete CPE hours. Organizations like the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) also require them.

So, when you’re searching for CPE sponsors for CPAs, make sure you enter something like “providers to obtain CPE hours AICPA” or “Providers to earn CPE hours plus the name of your jurisdiction or state” in your search queries. If your query has phrases like “CPE hours ICAI” or “ICAI CPE hours” or “CPE hours of ICAI,” you’ll see search results related to the CPE requirements of the ICAI.

Things You Need to Use Your Tracker’s CPE Hours Login Feature Efficiently

Several CPE trackers are available on the market from several CPE sponsors. Whether you want to know the CPE hour requirement of your state accountancy board or the CPE hours requirements of the AICPA, you must follow some steps to use your tracker’s CPE hours login feature comfortably.

  • Whether it’s the AICPA, your state accountancy board, or a private CPE sponsor, you must have an account to use its CPE tracker. To create an account, use the official page of the tracker where you’ll get an option that says “Sign in” or something like that.
  • Once you click on that “Sign in” button, you’ll need to complete a form with some information related to your professional career.
  • After you submit the form, you’ll get a user ID and an initial password from the organization. Once you have these credentials, you’re all set to use the CPE hours login feature to check your CPE hours.

Just to keep you informed, when you want to use a tracker to understand your CPE hours requirement ICAI or check how many CPE hours ICSI you’ve already completed, you’ll most likely need to follow these steps before you can start using the tool.

Understanding CPE Hours ICAI Requirements and CPE Requirements for CPAs

Before we delve into the requirements, it’s important to have the basics right. Many CPE sponsors mention CPE credits instead of CPE hours when they list or advertise their programs. This may trigger a slight confusion for those, who don’t have a clear idea of what are CPE hours.

To clear that confusion, here’s the CPE hours meaning.

  • Self-study CPE programs let you obtain a certain number of CPE credits when you clear the final exams successfully. In those programs, one CPE credit is awarded to the learner when they complete a 50-minute session of study.
  • If you choose to attend live webinars, conferences, or seminars to fulfill your CPE requirements, you’ll most likely earn your CPE in the form of CPE hours. In that case, your certificates of completion or proof of attendance will mention the number of CPE credit hours that you’ve completed by attending the program.
  • When you attend a live program, make sure that you participate in it properly and answer all the polling questions appropriately because these are things that determine whether or not you’re eligible to receive your CPE hours.

Now that you know what is the meaning of CPE hours, let’s take a look at the ICAI CPE hours as well as the CPE hours requirements for CPAs.

Requirements Related To CPE Hours of ICAI

Here’re the things you need to remember when completing CPE hours credits for ICAI members.

  • If you’re a resident of India, below 60 years of age, and are holding a COP (Certificate of Practice), you’ve to complete a minimum of 40 CPE hours ICAI in every calendar year. Among these 40 CPE hours, at least 20 need to be completed using structured learning. As of the remaining 20 hours, they can be either structured or unstructured CPE hours ICAI.
  • If you’re a member holding a COP and aged 60 years or above, you’re required to complete a minimum of 30 CPE hours credit ICAI each calendar year. However, you’re free to choose between structured and unstructured learning methods to complete these hours.
  • In case you’re an Indian resident, below 60 years of age, and aren’t holding a COP, you need to complete a minimum of 20 CA CPE hours every calendar year. In this case also, you can choose between unstructured and structured learning methods according to your preferences.

CPE Hours Requirement for CPAs

Here’re the details of CPE hours requirements for CPAs.

  • In general, you’re required to complete 40 CPE hours every hour. Since state boards of accountancy determine the number of CPE credit hours that their CPAs must complete to renew their licenses, the exact requirements vary from one state to another. Thus, it’s absolutely a must to thoroughly check the CPE requirements of your state board before you start planning your CPE study.
  • If you’re a member of the AICPA, you’re required to complete 120 CPE hours every three-year period. Unlike most state boards of accountancy, the AICPA doesn’t require their members to focus on specific subject areas when fulfilling their CPE hours requirements.
  • Additionally, the AICPA doesn’t have an ethics CPE hours requirement, which is an integral part of the CPE requirements in all states and jurisdictions.

Credit Calculation Methods: ICAI CPE Hours, CPE Hours for CPAs, CPE Credit Hours ICSI

As many CPE sponsors mention CPE hours instead of CPE credits, it’s important to build a thorough understanding of the credit calculation methods. To make things easily comprehensible, we’ve divided this section into three subsections.

Calculation of CPE Hours for CA

If you’re a member of the ICAI, you’ll be subject to these guidelines:

  • You’ll receive one credit of unstructured learning by attending a session with a minimum duration of 50 minutes.
  • The session can be either live or archived.

Calculation of CPE Credit Hours for CPAs

These are the calculation methods you need to remember when meeting the CPE hours requirements of your state accountancy board.

  • You’ll obtain one CPE credit by completing a 50-minute session on an approved subject.
  • Probably you’re already aware that you can use a variety of learning methods to complete your required CPE hours. From self-study programs and live webinars to instruction of learning materials, completion of college/university courses, and more, you can choose a method as per your preferences. You may also be able to obtain partial credits. It’s very important to note that things like how many credits can be obtained using these methods or if you can obtain any credits at all solely depend on the CPE hours requirement guidelines of your state accountancy board.

Calculation of CPE Hours ICSI

Use these methods to calculate your credits for structured learning with regard to CPE hours ICSI.

  • If you complete up to one hour of learning activity, you won’t receive any credit.
  • The completion of a learning activity with a duration between one and two hours will let you obtain one CPE credit.
  • If you complete a learning activity in a single day and its duration is anything between two and four hours, you’ll receive two credits.
  • The completion of a one-day learning activity that’s above four hours will allow you to earn four credits.
  • If your program takes one and a half days to complete, you’ll be eligible for six credits.
  • If the program runs for two days, you’ll receive eight credits.
  • In case the program is a national convention or runs for a period of above two and a half days, you’ll obtain 10 credits.

Non-Compliance with Your CPE Hours Requirements

Whether you’re a CPA, an ICAI, or an ICSI member, this section will answer the key question, “What if CPE hours are not completed on time?” Here also, we’ve created three separate subsections to help you understand the consequences of non-compliance with your required CPE hours.

Non-Compliance with CPE Hours Requirements for CPAs

Guidelines regarding non-compliance with CPE requirements vary from one state to another. Depending on your state, you may get extensions to overcome the deficiency in your CPE credit hours. However, if you fail to complete the hours within the extension, in most cases, you may need to face any of these consequences.

  • You may need to complete additional CPE hours.
  • The board may suspend your license for a temporary period.
  • You may need to face fines and penalty assessments.

Non-Compliance with ICAI CPE Hours

If you fail to fulfill your CPE hours requirement, ICAI may take these actions:

  • It may display your name on its website to inform the general public of your non-compliance with CPE hours ICAI.
  • You may not receive any audits or professional assignments from the regulating authorities.

Non-Compliance with CPE Hours ICSI

If you cannot complete your mandatory CPE credit hours for ICSI, you may have to face disciplinary actions according to the applicable provisions of the Code of Conduct, Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, and the Company Secretaries Act, 1980.

Monitoring Your CPE Hour Requirement for ICAI, ICSI, and State Board of Accountancy

Perhaps you’ve already understood that regular CPE hours checking is of paramount importance when it comes to completing your required CPE hours by the deadline. You may want to follow these methods to know your remaining CPE hours.

  • If you’re a member of the ICAI, you can use your ICAI CPE hours login credentials to go to your account with the organization. There, you should get a clear idea of how many CPE hours of ICAI you’ve already completed and how many CPE credit hours are still left.
  • In case you’re an ICSI member, you need to log in to its portal to monitor your CPE hours for ICSI.
  • If you’re a CPA, you can use the CPE tracker offered by your state society of CPAs (if available) to keep tabs on your CPE hours-related activities. Some reputable CPE sponsors provide CPE trackers, which you can use as well. In case you’re a member of the AICPA, you may use MyCPE Manager, which is the organization’s own CPE tracker.

Maintaining Records of Your CPE Hours

Whether you want to follow an online or offline CPE hours checking method, be sure to maintain these documents:

  • All your original certificates of completion.
  • All your official transcripts or official grade reports if you’ve completed courses at an accredited college or university.
  • All your sponsor-signed statements.
  • If you’ve obtained credits by authoring and publishing books or articles, keep copies of the original publication.
  • In case you’ve served as an instructor of a class, keep all the course-related documents handy.

Fulfilling CPE Hours Requirements with CPEThink.com

If you’ve gained a clear understanding of CPE hours and are ready to embark on your journey to complete them, start browsing our vast collection of quality courses. In case you need more information about CPE credit hours or how to meet your CPE hours requirements efficiently, our expert team is here to answer your questions.



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