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AICPA Based CPA Ethics

In order to adapt to the constantly evolving professional and regulatory area, the AICPA promulgated certain useful statements on standards for behavior of CPAs. These are in addition to the presently implemented regulatory framework for CPAs.

The AICPA establishes proven authoritative guidance and standards for all member CPAs of the authority. These members provide accounting services to their clients at the highest level of trust and authority.

So, be an ethical CPA and enroll with our AICPA online CPA ethics courses today!

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To gain a proper understanding of these statements and any potential updates, CPAs have to take certain courses. At CPEThink.com, we offer a wide selection of online AICPA CPA ethics courses.

Importance of AICPA Based CPA Ethics Courses

By taking our CPA ethics AICPA online course, you can stay ahead of the industry and serve your clients better. CPAs are properly licensed and regulated professionals by their state boards of accountancy.

In addition to this, all members of AICPA must follow a rigorous and well-established Code of Professional Conduct. This conduct or behavior requires that these professionals act with objectivity, integrity, competence, due care, and fully disclose interest conflicts.

They are also responsible for maintaining client confidentiality and disclosing any referral or commission fees involved to their clients.

CPAs also have to serve the public interest while providing financial and accounting services to their clients. Most of the state boards of accountancy have adopted the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct within their area or state accountancy laws.

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To clients, CPAs are trustworthy professionals who are ethical in their working and services. Personal accounting and financial planning involve identifying personal financial resources and financial goals.



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