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Your Ultimate Guide to Arizona CPA Ethics

Arizona has a business-friendly environment that generates countless possibilities for competent accountants. Since CPAs are considered the most respected group of accountants, obtaining a CPA license in the state will surely give a solid boost to your professional career.

However, meeting the Arizona CPA license requirements is slightly different from that in many other jurisdictions. This is because besides fulfilling all other requirements, you’re also required to meet Arizona CPA ethics requirements to obtain your license.

We’ve created this page to help you obtain a clear comprehension of these Arizona CPA ethics requirements. This knowledge will help pass the Arizona CPA ethics exam efficiently.


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Details of Arizona CPA Ethics Requirements

Here’re the important things you need to keep in mind about the Arizona CPA ethics test.

  • You must clear the professional ethics exam which is offered by the AICPA.
  • You’re required to pass this exam within the two-year period before applying for your license.
  • You must obtain a minimum score of 90% in the exam and need to show its proof when submitting your application for certification.
  • The Arizona Society of CPAs is the managing body for this exam.
  • When taking the exam, you need to mention that you’re taking it to become certified under the Arizona State Board. If you earn the passing score, the AICPA will send a notification to the Arizona State Board.

Arizona CPA Ethics Test: Course Details

Here’re the facts you need to know about the course passing which you’ll be able to meet your Arizona CPA ethics requirements.

  • It’s a self-study course that you can take through mail correspondence or online.
  • Ideally, you should take the exam online and submit your answers electronically. This will also help you receive your score instantly after submission.
  • Keep your certificate of completion handy once you take and pass the score online. You may need to send it to the Arizona State Board if required.
  • If you buy the book version of the course, your answer sheet will need to be mailed to the AICPA. Through this method, it may take a maximum of six weeks to receive your score.
  • When submitting your answers through mail, remember to create a copy of your answer sheet. You’ll be able to resubmit your answers to the AICPA in case your mail gets lost.
  • It discusses AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct, how accountants should follow it, and why need to follow it.
  • It spans 11 hours and has 40 multiple-choice questions.
  • You can purchase it from the AICPA website or a private CPE sponsor.
  • It’s vital to keep in mind that you need to obtain a minimum passing score of 90%. Therefore, be sure not to make silly mistakes. Only four of your answers can go wrong and hence, it’s a must to prepare and answer every question carefully.

Details of Arizona Ethics CPE Requirements

Once you obtain your CPA license in Arizona, you must start meeting your Arizona CPE requirements. Here, you’re required to obtain a minimum of 80 CPE credits every two-year period and these include taking Arizona CPE ethics courses.

If CPE reciprocity doesn’t apply to you, you’ve to fulfill all your Arizona CPE requirements. When fulfilling your Arizona CPE ethics requirements, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • You must obtain at least four credits in total in ethics every two-year renewal period.
  • You must earn at least one credit in the administrative rules and statutes of the state board.
  • You need to obtain at least one credit in ethics associated with the practice of accounting. This needs to include the AICPA’s Code of Conduct.

Completion of Arizona CPE Ethics Courses and CPE Reciprocity

These are the things you need to remember if your principal place of business is in another jurisdiction.

  • You need to demonstrate proof of having met the CPE requirements of your own jurisdiction. You’ll need to sign a statement to do this.
  • If your own jurisdiction doesn’t have any CPE requirements, you must meet all your Arizona CPE requirements. And these include fulfilling your Arizona CPA ethics CPE requirements.

Tips To Meet Your Arizona CPE Ethics Requirements Efficiently

As you know that Arizona ethics CPE guidelines are slightly stricter than those in many other states, so it’s best to take a strategic approach to fulfill those requirements easily. Here’re a couple of tips from our experts to help you out.

  • Start planning your CPE study early so that can have enough time to internalize the concepts. This will also help you avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Choose your Arizona CPE ethics sponsor wisely. Since you need to obtain at least four ethics credits biennially, your total CPE cost may go up quickly if you join an expensive sponsor. Therefore, take your time to research your shortlisted sponsors and join one by prioritizing quality and affordability.

Arizona CPA Ethics Exam: Main Principles of the Code of Professional Conduct

As mentioned above, the Arizona CPA ethics test encompasses the principles outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct of the AICPA. So, if you want to crack the exam efficiently, you must develop a clear comprehension of these principles.

Here’re brief overviews of the principles.

  • Responsibilities

According to this principle, you need to apply sensitive moral and professional judgments to each of your professional activities. You must work hard to enhance the level of the quality of accounting industry so that public confidence in it can be maintained. You need to remember that individuals outside of and within the industry may get affected by your actions.

  • Integrity

This principle prioritizes that you always need to be honest with the obligations of maintaining client confidentiality. Whenever you make a decision, you need to ensure that your integrity is maintained. When preparing for meeting your Arizona CPA ethics requirements, you’ll get to learn all the specific standards and rules that’ll help you achieve this when you’ll join the professional field.

  • Public Interest

As per this principle, your every decision should be made considering the public interest. In the world of accounting, the public comprises investors, employers, governments, credit grantors, clients, and the financial and business community as a whole. The group also includes individuals who depend on accountants’ integrity and objectivity to maintain commerce’s proper functioning. When taking the Arizona CPA ethics course, you’ll also learn about different kinds of pressures that you may receive from the public.

  • Due Care

According to this principle, your every act should happen in a professionally responsible way. You’re required to observe the technical and ethical standards of the accounting industry. You also need to strive continually so that the quality of your services and your professional competence can get improved. Fortunately, pursuing Arizona CPA ethics CPE will help you achieve this efficiently.

  • Objectivity and Independence

Following this principle will help you stay away from any conflicts of interest when offering professional services. Being independent is synonymous with not maintaining any relationships that may obstruct your objectivity when providing professional services. Being objective is equal to maintaining impartiality in your professional services. You should also use professional judgment when engaging with your clients.

  • Scope and Nature of Services

As per this principle, you should always prioritize this Code of Professional Conduct when making decisions about the scope and nature of your professional services. If any of the principles gets violated when you offer professional services, it’ll be considered a violation of the code.

For any active CPA, making the right decisions is of the maximum importance as this helps to safeguard the interest of all the individuals who are associated with the accounting industry in different manners. By mastering the strict principles outlined in your Arizona CPA ethics course, not only will you be able to maintain strong ethical standards, but uphold the high standards of the industry as well.

Choosing the Right Method for Pursuing Arizona CPA Ethics CPE

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of both the Arizona CPA ethics test and the Arizona ethics CPE, it’s time to choose the right method so that you can complete them efficiently and affordably.

If you’re preparing for the Arizona CPA ethics exam, choosing the self-study course is your only option. However, if you’re fulfilling your Arizona ethics CPE requirements, you primarily get three options. These include in-person programs, live webinars, and self-study courses.

Let’s take a look at what each of these options offers.

  • In-person programs

This option is becoming less popular with the rise of quality self-study programs and live webinars. In fact, there are very few providers that run in-person Arizona CPE ethics courses in selected cities these days. Additionally, this option tends to be the most expensive one among all the methods. This is because the sponsor needs to maintain in-person infrastructure to offer these courses. Another downside of these programs is that each session covers a specific topic. Therefore, you can only select the ones you desire to learn.

  • Live webinars

If you think that you won’t be able to follow a strict study schedule to fulfill your Arizona CPA ethics CPE requirements, you should consider attending live webinars. Since you’ll be required to attend these events within pre-scheduled time spans, you’ll obtain your required credits easily. Just ensure that you have a stable Internet connection in your space so that you can attend the webinars properly and receive your credits.

  • Self-study courses

If you’re a genuinely self-disciplined person and are confirmed that you’ll complete your Arizona CPE ethics study materials on time, you should look no further than self-study courses. Taking this route also happens to be the least expensive option. In case you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll succeed using this method, you can always take a couple of free self-study courses to check if it works for you.

Arizona CPA Ethics Courses to Meet CPE Requirements: Getting the Most Out Of Your Money

In this section, we’ll discuss a couple of strategies using which you can pursue Arizona CPA ethics efficiently and obtain your credits before the end of your renewal period. And that too without spending a large amount of money

  • Buy a subscription package

Some credible sponsors, including CPEThink.com, offer subscription packages including unlimited ones. If you buy an unlimited package, you can meet all your Arizona CPE requirements, including Arizona ethics CPE ones, just by making a one-time payment. And the best thing is that these courses come at much lower prices than their listed costs. In addition to this, you won’t have to spend hours finding multiple sponsors to fulfill your requirements.

Even if you only need to obtain some credits, you can buy credit-based packages depending on your requirements. Choosing one of these packages will still help you save a significant amount of money. Our credit-based subscription packages will let you access all our self-study courses and free webinars and earn a certain number of credits.

  • Buy short CPE courses

This strategy is best suited for CPAs who only need to earn a few credits within a short period of time. Ideally, you should buy courses that come with a small number of credits and are aligned with your interests. The topics of these courses should relate to the areas that you know well already. If you choose topics that you aren’t well aware of, they shouldn’t essentially require any prior topic knowledge. This will help you maintain your interest and the pace of your CPE study.

In Conclusion

If you’re confident enough to embark on your Arizona CPA ethics journey, you should start browsing our course catalog. Whether you’re preparing for the Arizona CPA ethics test or are pursuing Arizona ethics CPE, we have all kinds of quality courses that’ll cater to your needs. We’ve been serving the industry for nearly two decades and have earned a distinct position for offering high-quality courses at affordable prices. We also regularly add new CPE courses based on their availability so that our CPAs can enhance their professional competence in an efficient and interesting manner.



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