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IRS EA CPE Courses

Becoming an enrolled agent in the IRS is not an easy job and maintaining the status too requires hard work.

Every enrolled agent is supposed to obtain 72 hours of continuing education or IRS EA every three years to maintain their EA role. Being one of the highest credentials by the IRS, there are unlimited practice rights offered.

CPEThink is a platform specially curated to meet all of your EA requirements to provide IRS EA CPR courses online. Since the enrolled agents are supposed to use an IRS-approved CE provider, you do not need to look anywhere else.

IRS enrolled agent courses available 24/7 to maintain your EA!

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Why choose CPEThink for IRS EA CPE Courses?

With CPEThink, you do not have to worry about uploading your credit hours to the IRS since we do it for you. The entire study material is made available online in the form of PDFs for you to download. We pay close attention to making the material as interactive as possible for better learning.

Instead of going for offline classes which are comparatively clear and inconvenient, you can save a lot of time and money by enrolling in online classes. You get the liberty of learning from home without having to stick to a particular schedule. Another adds on is the unlimited exams offered to you at zero extra charges along with the affordable courses.

CPEThink offers you courses in three fields i.e. behavioral ethics, regulator ethics, and taxes. All of the courses available are compliant with the IRS requirements and the participants are supposed to complete the final examination with a minimum passing grade of 70%.

It is super convenient to get your hands on the required course. All you need to do is select a suitable course and add it to the cart to purchase it.

Once the transaction goes through, this study material is immediately made available to you. You can access purchased forces on the "My Courses" page to begin with your preparations.

It is time for you to start learning from home and gain those required credits for IRS EA CPE courses.



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