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An Overview of NASBA Technical CPE

After you’ve received your CPA license, you must take NASBA CPE or Continuing Professional Education courses to keep the license active. As the accounting field undergoes regular changes and is becoming more complex, you’ve to stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations to offer quality service to your clients.

To earn CPE credits, you need to take both technical and non-technical courses. This page is aimed at introducing you to NASBA technical CPE courses.

NASBA Technical CPE is a classification of a type of course that is recognized by most if not all state boards of accountancy. Technical in the accounting world means Accounting, Auditing, Tax and so forth and not necessarily Hi-Tech as in computers, software or engineering.

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NASBA Technical CPE for CPAs: How It Impacts Your Profession

Before we delve deeper into NASBA technical CPE courses, it’s important to understand what NASBA is. In the U.S., CPA designations are issued at the state level and not nationally. So, as a CPA, you must comply with the specific requirements of your state accountancy board. There’re two governing bodies that regulate the CPA profession – AICPA and NASBA. AICPA takes care of individual CPAs’ interests while NASBA takes care of state accountancy boards’ interests.

NASBA supervises the CPE process and facilitates it by establishing standards for CPE courses. These standards apply to the content of CPE courses and their delivery methods. You can check the specific CPE requirements of your state accountancy board on the NASBA website and see its registry of CPE sponsors to check whether or not your CPE provider is listed there.

Online NASBA Technical CPE Courses: Fields of Study

NASBA technical CPE courses cover fields of study that directly relate to the field of business of CPAs and the accounting profession. These include, but without any limitation, Accounting, Auditing, Accounting (Governmental), Auditing (Governmental), Finance, Business Law, Taxes, Economics, Statistics, Regulatory Ethics, Management Services, Information Technology, and Specialized Knowledge.

Note that many state accountancy boards have established their own subject area requirements and CPE credit limitations. There may be guidelines on the minimum number of CPE hours you must complete in technical by taking NASBA technical CPE for CPAs or on the highest number of CPE hours you’re allowed to earn by taking non-technical CPE courses.



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