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Companies, regardless of their sizes, need expert and experienced accountants to prepare and maintain their financial documents. CPAs act as trusted advisors to organizations ranging from non-profits and start-up ventures to large corporations.

Of course, as a CPA, you can earn a handsome salary along with many other attractive perks throughout your entire career. But the question is, how can you stand out from more than 660,000 fellow CPAs?

You surely know the answer already. It’s pursuing your CPE diligently and enhancing your professional expertise. If you’re worried about the high cost of CPE courses, pursuing CPA CPE online will probably be your best bet.



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According to the projection from BLS, the employment of accountants and auditors will grow by 7% between 2020 and 2030. Therefore, by focusing on your CPE right now, you can easily become one of those CPAs who’ll be in even greater demand in the upcoming years.

As a leading CPE sponsor that has been supporting CPAs since 2004, we’ve seen first-hand how CPA CPE online courses have helped CPAs who were tired of classroom sessions. And today, the online CPE for CPAs landscape is in much better shape than the earlier times, thanks to the ongoing technological advances.

If you haven’t started pursuing CPA CPE online, continue reading this post, and it may help make up your mind.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursuing CPA CPE Online

Let’s see why countless CPAs prefer to take online CPA CPE courses over in-person programs.

  • Maximum flexibility

Answer this question first: can you attend in-person CPE programs as per a strict schedule even in your area? No! Well, this is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing online CPE for CPAs. With online CPA CPE courses, you can study whenever you want and from anywhere.

For CPAs, who work full time or need to make frequent business trips or whose work schedules change frequently, it isn’t just a feasible option to commit to tight schedules of in-person programs. CPA CPE online programs give you the freedom to manage all your personal and professional responsibilities while still earning your required CPE credits.

  • Affordability

Another key advantage of taking online CPA CPE courses is that these are typically less expensive than in-person programs. This is especially true if you take self-study courses instead of attending live webinars.

Moreover, if you opt for CPA CPE online subscriptions, the cost of individual courses will become significantly lower than their individual costs. We’ll discuss this in detail in one of the next blocks.

Now, let’s look at two major disadvantages of opting for online CPE for CPAs.

  • Procrastination

When it comes to pursuing CPA CPE online, there’s no one reminding you that the deadline of meeting your CPE requirements is approaching or telling you that you need to complete the courses on time. When you’ve got a busy schedule, it’s quite easy to put off completing course materials in an online environment.

However, if you’ve got good time-management skills and are focused on earning your CPE credits on time, it shouldn’t be difficult to avoid procrastination.

  • A sense of isolation

This is particularly true with taking self-study courses where you need to study alone with only your computer. However, if you attend live webinars, it won’t be a problem as you’ll be able to learn in a classroom setting.

With self-study courses, if you’re aware of this problem from the beginning and have figured out ways to steer clear of it, it shouldn’t at all be a problem.

Tips To Choose the Right CPA CPE Online Courses to Prepare For the Future

We’re sure that you’ve already figured out exactly which online CPA CPE courses you’ll take to meet your CPE requirements. But have you identified the courses that’ll help you get prepared for the future of accounting?

The emergence of advanced technologies has already started impacting almost all industries, and accounting is no different. Several companies are already utilizing basic automated accounting processes, and we can only expect to see this trend going upward.

Whether you’re a new CPA or a seasoned one, pursuing CPA CPE online programs on these technologies should help you stand out from the competition now and in the future.

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing is experiencing steady momentum as several advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT (Internet of Things) are getting integrated into the cloud. Besides, cloud computing itself offers a multitude of benefits.

For accountants, one of the major benefits of learning cloud computing is that they don’t need to carry all their paperwork with them. Everything that’s stored in the cloud can be viewed remotely using an Internet connection. It helps them improve efficiency and make faster and better decisions.

Another key advantage is that cloud computing promotes remote teamwork collaboration, meaning your colleagues can view the uploaded documents. So, you don’t need to add several attachments to emails or frequently leave your workspace only to get a receipt/signature.

  • Automated accounting

While computerized accounting isn’t a new concept, over recent years, automation has greatly increased the functionalities of accounting software programs. From generating financial statements to tracking and recording transactions – these programs can do a lot of things by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

For instance, by mastering advanced accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks, you can heavily increase your efficiency in handling accounting processes.

By taking CPA CPE online courses on these subjects and leveraging the technologies, you can ensure that the minor and repetitive tasks necessary for accounting are taken care of, and hence, you can focus on more important responsibilities.

Before you start taking these courses, it’s important to ensure that you either have fulfilled the CPE requirements of your state accountancy board or are on the right track to meet them. This is because you can take these courses after a few months or in the next year, but if you fail to keep your license active, it’ll leave some serious negative impacts on your entire career.

Things to Consider When Choosing CPA CPE Online Subscriptions

As we’ve already mentioned, CPA CPE online subscriptions are perhaps the best methods to keep the cost of CPE under control. Now, if you’re searching for these subscriptions, you’ve most likely seen that two different types are available: unlimited CPA CPE online subscriptions and subscriptions that come with some limitations.

Let’s see what you can get from each of these.

  • Unlimited subscriptions

Usually, these subscriptions let you access your CPE sponsor’s entire course library for a specific period of time. You can earn unlimited CPE credits within the specified period. While these are the most expensive form of CPA CPE online subscriptions, you also get to enjoy maximum savings by opting for them.

It’s important to understand that the costs of unlimited subscriptions vary greatly from one sponsor to another. Some sponsors offering these subscriptions may let you access their entire course libraries except for some particular courses.

If taking those online CPA CPE courses is essential to meet your CPE requirements, there’s no point in buying those subscriptions. This is because you’ll ultimately have to purchase these courses separately, either from the same provider or from another one, which will essentially add up the total cost.

  • Subscriptions with limitations

These subscriptions are ideal options when you’re only looking to earn some credits. While some sponsors will let you access their entire course libraries, others may have limitations regarding the number of courses that can be accessed using these subscriptions. Therefore, be sure to assess your specific objectives before joining one of these CPA CPE online subscriptions.

Regardless of the type of subscription you choose, it’s important to join a sponsor that offers a large number of courses on a broad range of important topics. It’ll help to ensure that you don’t need to join different sponsors for taking CPA CPE online courses on different topics. Once you’ve joined the right provider, you can solely focus on your study.

Things to Remember When Choosing Different Formats of Online CPE for CPAs

When it comes to CPA CPE online programs, you can choose from three main formats: self-study courses, live webinars, and virtual conferences. Each of these options comes with its unique advantages. If you’re facing a dilemma about which option will be the right one for you, the following information should help you out.

  • Self-study courses

This is perhaps the most popular format of online CPE for CPAs, and a massive number of CPE sponsors offer these courses. Self-study courses are also usually the least expensive option among the three formats. You just need to browse the list of courses available with your chosen sponsor, purchase online CPA CPE courses you want to take, and start learning.

Once you clear the final exam at the end of each course successfully, you’ll instantly receive a certificate of completion. Some top-tier sponsors also provide unlimited attempts to pass the exam at no cost, so you won’t need to worry about incurring any additional expense if you need multiple attempts.

  • Live webinars

Attending live webinars is another highly popular method to pursue CPA CPE online. These are usually costlier than self-study courses but less expensive than virtual conferences. Just be sure to fulfill the participation requirements to earn credits. These requirements will vary from one sponsor to another.

Since live webinars aren’t self-paced, you’ve to attend them during their specified time periods. After you’ve attended one successfully, it may take from a few days to a few weeks to receive the credits.

  • Virtual conferences

This is typically the most expensive option and sometimes lasts several days and includes multiple lectures. While the AICPA is a leading provider of virtual conferences, some state organizations also host them.

One notable benefit of virtual conferences is that you can earn a significant number of CPE credits by attending just one event. And most of the time, these are held during weekends so that CPAs can conveniently attend them. If you have the money or your organization is ready to pay for the event, attending a virtual conference can certainly be an attractive option for you.

Time Management Tips to Complete Online CPA CPE Courses Efficiently

For the majority of working CPAs, managing enough time to pursue CPA CPE online often becomes a challenging task. While you cannot neglect your responsibilities, there’re some ways to make more time out of your busy schedule.

  • Use a time tracking tool

Each day, CPAs need to do a lot of activities that include both essential and nonessential ones. So, the first thing you should do is to find out the amount of time you typically spend on each task. Once this is identified using a time tracking tool, you can spot the activities from which you can manage some time out.

  • Identify the essential tasks

Regardless of the role you’re carrying out, there’re some essential tasks that have the biggest impact on your job responsibilities or business. Set a deadline for each of these tasks and allocate a reasonable amount of time you need to complete them within their deadlines. It’ll help you complete these tasks faster as you’ll be prioritizing them over nonessential tasks.

  • Delegate nonessential tasks

The last step is to delegate less-important or nonessential tasks to your junior accountants or interns. Once your intended online CPA CPE courses are completed, you can review their work to ensure it meets the standards.

Basically, the objective of the process is to manage time whenever you can while delivering your professional responsibilities. You should consider pursuing your CPE as important as your job or business.

Final Thoughts

As you already know, pursuing CPE is an expensive affair, but with the CPA CPE online option available today, there’s no need to worry about it. Just be sure to join the right sponsor and consider the above pointers when planning your CPE to maintain the right balance between your professional responsibilities and study.



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