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Your Ultimate Guide to CPA CPE Online

Regardless of the stage a CPA is in their professional career, pursuing CPE is a must to keep pace with the ever-evolving field of accounting and maintain the active status of the license.

If you search online for CPE courses, you’ll essentially get results showing programs available in two learning modes: CPA CPE online programs and offline CPE programs.

Choosing either of these modes will help meet your CPE requirements and expand your knowledge and skills. However, countless CPAs prefer online CPE for CPA over offline programs. And there are several reasons behind this.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll discuss every important thing related to CPE for CPAs online format. From the reasons behind the massive popularity of online CPE for CPAs to how to get the most out of your online CPE CPA programs and more, you’ll get a clear understanding of everything after reading this piece.

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Why Should You Choose CPA CPE Online?

Here’re the top three reasons CPE CPA online programs have garnered unparalleled popularity.

·        They help you avoid spending time traveling to and from another location

CPE providers, who offer offline programs, typically choose prominent locations to attract more learners. If you don’t live in such a location, traveling to and from another one regularly needs you to spend a lot of time and energy. Additionally, the cost of traveling gets added to your CPE cost.

On the contrary, by enrolling in CPA CPE online programs, you can simply forget about this thing and focus only on your professional career and study. You only need a laptop/desktop and a steady Internet connection to access CPA CPE online courses and complete them from the comfort of your home or office.

·        You can reread the materials as many times as you want

Every offline CPE program comes with a fixed duration. Each class also has some predetermined topics that the instructor tries to cover during the session. As a result, if you need more time to internalize a concept, you may not get enough time for it. This is because you need to keep pace with all the other attendees.

When you take online CPE courses for CPA, you can go through the materials as many times as you want to learn the concepts. Even if you attend live webinars to earn CPA credits online, you can watch their recorded versions later. There’ll be no need to leave a topic midway or wait for other attendees before moving on to the next one.

·        They help meet your CPE requirements in an affordable manner

Usually, CPAs need to earn 40 CPE credits every year. And depending on the guidelines of your state board, you need to distribute these credits in technical and non-technical subjects. Taking different types of offline CPE programs and traveling to and from different locations can easily shoot up your CPE cost to a good extent.

With CPE for CPAs online courses, it’s highly possible to pursue CPE within a reasonable budget. In almost all instances, online CPA CPE courses tend to be significantly cheaper than their offline counterparts. Just try to avoid attending online conferences or seminars as they’re generally the most expensive method of pursuing CPA CPE online.

And one of the notable things about online CPE for CPA is that you can lower your CPE cost by choosing the right provider and an appropriate subscription package.

Which Type of Program Should You Choose When Pursuing Online CPE for CPA?

Basically, you can choose from three types of CPE for CPAs online programs: self-study courses, webinars (also known as webcasts), and seminars/conferences.

Here’re the things you need to know about each of these to make an informed decision.

·        Self-study courses

This is the number one choice of accountants who pursue CPA CPE online. Taking self-study courses means being able to complete the course materials at your own pace from anywhere. All self-study courses remain valid for one year from the date of purchase, so you get plenty of time to internalize the concepts.

You only need to clear the final exam at the end of each course successfully to earn your credits. Depending on your CPE sponsor, you may also be able to download the materials in PDF versions so that you don’t need an Internet connection when going through them later.

The absence of a live instructor is perhaps the only drawback of self-study programs. There’ll be no one whom you can approach to clear a doubt instantly. However, depending on your CPE provider, you may be able to contact the program author within a reasonable timeframe.

·        Webinars

This is perhaps the best CPA CPE online method for CPAs who learn better in a classroom-like setting. You get to interact with the instructor and fellow attendees in real time and earn credits by following the guidelines of webinars. Requirements to earn credits from webinars include being present for at least 50 minutes in a one-hour session and answering a predetermined number of polling questions.

There are two things you should remember when choosing this method of online CPE for CPAs. First, webinars are generally costlier than self-study courses. And second, since the entire session is presented online, technological issues may hamper your learning experience.

However, It’s possible to lower the probability of those issues by choosing a reputable sponsor and strengthening technological aspects at your end.

·        Seminars/conferences

If you have the budget and want to earn a significant number of CPE credits in one go, attending seminars/conferences may turn out to be the best online CPE for CPAs. You should also be able to expand your professional network quickly by interacting with the instructor and fellow attendees.

However, as mentioned above, attending seminars/conferences requires a large budget. Therefore, you may need to spend thousands of dollars on pursuing your CPE if you target this method.

How to Choose the Best CPE for CPAs Online Programs?

Now that you know about different types of programs to earn online CPA CPE credits, here’re some tips to choose the best CPA CPE online programs.

·        Do proper research

All CPE sponsors claim their online CPE CPA programs to be the best in the industry. But it’s essential to do your research instead of going by the marketing statements. You need to make sure that your chosen program is actually worth your investment and time.

Every CPA CPE online program comes with a list of topics covered by it together with learning objectives. You need to see that the course covers the topics that you want to learn and that its learning objectives are aligned with yours.

·        Check program reviews

Reading reviews written by past customers is another highly effective method to assess the quality of a program when pursuing online CPE for CPAs. If the sponsor’s site doesn’t have a reviews page/section, you may want to check legitimate third-party review sites like TrustPilot.

Since these sites only accept reviews from verified customers, you can stay assured of reading genuine views. If a CPE CPA online program has received lots of positive reviews and good ratings, you can enroll in it confidently. But if the past takers rate a program as average and give it several negative reviews, you should look for another sponsor.

·        Ensure the program fits your interests

There are always some fields of study that you need to cover when pursuing CPA CPE online or offline. Depending on your state board, taking courses in these fields of study may be mandatory to meet your CPE requirements.

However, there are also many other fields of study that you can choose from as per your personal interests. Remember that when you’re passionate about learning a topic, it becomes easier to stay motivated.

If you aren’t sure of the topics that you should learn, talking to a mentor or senior in your industry may be of good help. When you relate a subject to your job or another professional aspect of your life, you’ll be more likely to retain the information and pay attention to the program.

·        Find the right learning method

As discussed in the last block, you can choose from self-study courses, webinars, and seminars/conferences to earn CPA CPE credits online. And all subjects that are eligible for CPE are generally offered in the first two methods.

Therefore, if you think that attending a webinar on a particular topic may not be the best method for you to learn it, you can take the self-study route. Since there are several methods to master the same subject, do your best to find the right one for you.

·        Choose Programs that challenge you

There are two ways to meet your CPE requirements. First, you can choose courses on less complex subjects, and second, you can create a mix of easy and highly complex subjects. The first way will meet your CPE requirements but the second one will also help speed up your professional growth.

Try to enroll in CPA CPE online programs that cover difficult topics or subjects that you aren’t familiar with. Not only can this type of learning help you think critically but this also makes you more well-rounded.

·        Buy a subscription package

Although online CPE for CPA is significantly cheaper than meeting your requirements using offline methods, your total CPE cost can still be high, especially if you purchase all your CPA CPE online courses separately.

In this situation, online CPE CPA subscription packages come to your rescue. By purchasing the right package, you may be able to access the entire course library of your sponsor for a pre-defined period of time. And if you choose an unlimited subscription package, you can earn a virtually unlimited number of online CPA CPE credits within the validity of the package.

Since you can access a large number of courses by paying a one-time fee, their individual costs become much lower than their actual prices.

How to Overcome Common Obstacles When Pursuing Online CPE for CPAs?

For many CPAs, pursuing CPA CPE online and staying on track often becomes quite challenging. From lack of time to the absence of support, you may face several obstacles during your CPE journey.

Here’re some useful tips from our experts to overcome these obstacles.

·        Overcoming time constraints

Most CPAs have full-time jobs or other professional commitments that make finding enough time to study challenging. However, it’s possible to overcome this by acquiring time management skills and proper goal setting.

When you set goals, ensure that they’re time-based, specific, and attainable. Chalk out a weekly CPE study plan, like your other appointments and meetings. Then, use a planner to plan all your activities and stick to your study plan.

·        Overcoming lack of support

Lack of support is another obstacle commonly faced by many CPAs. To overcome this, you can join an online community or group of CPAs pursuing CPE. Members in these groups or communities can help you stay on track and motivated while you pursue online CPE for CPAs.

·        Overcoming lack of money

Many CPAs sometimes choose poor-quality CPA CPE online programs that are available at very low costs. While these programs can help fulfill your CPE requirements, they don’t help much in improving your knowledge and skills.

Instead of taking low-quality programs, you can always search for financial aid opportunities to cover their costs. Many CPA CPE online courses are eligible for financial aid and scholarships. You may also talk to the management of your organization to see whether they’ll be interested in reimbursing the costs of your programs.

In addition to these, discouragement is another factor that becomes an obstacle for some CPAs. Even if it feels like you aren’t making progress, you should try to stay motivated and positive. Breaking down your study plan into small segments can help you stay on track and fulfill your CPE requirements on time.

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, pursuing CPA CPE online is undoubtedly the best method to accelerate your professional development. By taking the time to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from this guide, you should be able to experience a smooth CPE journey.

If you want to learn more about online CPE for CPA, feel free to reach us. And if you’re confident about taking the online route to pursue your CPE, check out our course library to see our large collection of the best online CPE courses for CPA.



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