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Your Ultimate Guide to CPE Credits for CPAs

Whether you obtained your CPA license recently or years ago, you’ve to stay abreast of the latest rules and regulations in the industry.

Doing this will help you maintain your designation and stand out from your competitors at the same time.

Obtaining your required CPE credits for CPAs in a timely fashion will help you provide your clients with better professional service.


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Comprehending CPE Credits for CPAs

When you pursue Continuing Professional Education, you obtain CPE credits for CPA for completing every approved program successfully. Before we delve deeper into more details about CPE credits for CPAs, it’s important to mention that you should always try to obtain every CPE credit for CPA by completing a recognized program.

Whether you try to get free CPE credits for CPAs or paid ones, if the program isn’t an approved one, your state board of accountancy may not accept them. In that case, all your time, effort, and money may be a complete waste.

Let’s see the important details about CPE credits.

  • In general, you’re required to earn at least 40 CPE credits each year. However, your CPE reporting period depends on the guidelines established by your state board.
  • You’re free to obtain both free CPE credits for CPA and paid ones.
  • If you choose to get CPE credits for CPA free, it’s best to join a sponsor that’s listed on NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors.
  • If you attend live seminars, conferences, and webinars, you’ll get one CPE credit for CPA for completing a 50-minute session of approved learning.
  • Regardless of the method you choose to earn your required CPE credits for CPAs, you should maintain proof of completion for a minimum of five years. In case your state board needs you to submit the sources of your credits, you’ll need to send your certificates of completion to it. If you don’t, it may not accept your credits.

If you’re thinking something like “how many CPE credits do I need for maintaining CPA license,” you must thoroughly check your state board’s website. You may also check NASBA’s website to see how many CPE credits for CPA license by searching it with your state’s name.

This is because your state board may have additional requirements related to CPE credits for CPAs and you must fulfill them to maintain your license’s active status. If you fail to meet your CPE credit requirements for CPA as per the guidelines established by your state board, it may consider you non-compliant with them. And non-compliance with the guidelines may cause some irreversible damage to your professional career.

Top Methods to Obtain CPE Credits for CPA

Once you know the number of CPE credits required for CPA in your state, you should focus on choosing the best method to obtain them. Here, it’s vital to mention that your learning method should align with your learning style.

Some state boards have limitations regarding the maximum number of CPE credits for CPAs that you can obtain using a particular learning method. Therefore, you must read your state’s guidelines before enrolling in different programs.

Let’s see the best ways to get CPE credits for CPA.

  • Self-study programs

For countless accountants, self-study is the answer to the question “how to get CPE credits for CPA.” A large number of reputable sponsors offer self-study courses. You only need to complete the study materials at your own pace and clear the final exams to obtain your CPE credits for CPA.

Some leading sponsors, including CPEThink.com, offer self-study courses in text and video formats that are available at reasonable prices. So, you should be able to obtain your CPE credits needed for CPA easily and affordably.

  • Webinars

Attending webinars has emerged as another popular method to get CPE credits for CPA. You can attend them on a particular time and date and earn online CPE credits for CPAs. One key advantage of choosing webinars is that you don’t need to pass a final exam to obtain your credits.

Some CPE providers offer webinars that let you earn free CPE credits for CPAs. If you want to attend them, try to make sure that they’re offered by a reputable sponsor. You may not be able to attend a poor-quality webinar properly. Since you’ll have to prove active participation, such a webinar may not help you get any free CPE credits for CPA.

  • Conferences

Attending conferences can be the best way to get CPE credits for CPA if you have a substantial CPE budget or your employer bears their costs. Some reputable organizations, including the AICPA, host conferences throughout the year.

These conferences tend to cover a diverse range of trending topics and hence, they’re ideal for enhancing your professional competence. Another notable thing about them is that you can obtain a several CPE credits for CPAs only by completing one event.

Additionally, you’ll get superb networking opportunities. Since conferences are attended by eminent CPAs from different industries, interacting with them will help you expand your knowledge of the industry.

  • In-person programs

If you want to learn in person instead of obtaining online CPE credits for CPA, you should attend these programs. Although these programs are offered in many locations by different providers, they’re mostly available in prominent places. Therefore, you should do good research before finalizing this method to obtain CPE credits for CPAs.

Here, it’s also important to mention that the prices of these programs tend to be significantly higher than self-study courses. And if you need to travel to and from another city to attend them, it’ll make your CPE cost go up quickly.

Documenting and Reporting CPE Credit for CPA

Now that you know how to earn CPE credits for CPA efficiently, let’s see how you should document and report them. As mentioned above, you need to keep the records of all your CPE credits for CPA for at least five years.

Here’re the documents you need to maintain.

  • Certificates of completion of all your self-study courses. You’ll get them along with your credits from your CPE providers.
  • If you attend webinars or similar programs, you’ll need to keep all your proof of attendance.
  • In case you complete a college or university course to earn CPE credit for CPA, you’ll have to keep the transcript or record of your grade.
  • If you take a non-credit course from a college or university, you should obtain a certificate of attendance from one of its representatives.
  • In case you write articles, books, etc., and publish them, you’ll need to maintain three records. These include a copy of your publication (it needs to mention your name as the author or contributor), your statement regarding the number of CPE credits for CPAs, and the publisher’s name and contact details.

Let’s see how to submit CPE credits for CPA to your state accountancy board. You’re solely responsible for reporting your credits accurately. This simply means you must always report the exact number of CPE credits that you obtained in a particular reporting period. You must always give your best shot to adhere to the guidelines established by your state board.

Why Should You Try To Obtain Free CPE Credits for CPAs?

As noted above, some CPE providers offer free CPE credits for CPA. While it’s true that you cannot earn all your required CPE credits for CPAs for free, you should try to obtain them whenever possible. If you’re wondering how to get free CPE credits for CPA, just do a quick online search using something like “free CPE credits for CPAs” and you’ll get the names of the sponsors that offer them.

Here’re two benefits of free CPE credits for CPA.

  • They help lower your overall CPE cost

When it comes to renewing your CPA license, you’ve to bear two costs. These include the license renewal fee of your state accountancy board and the cost of CPE credits for CPA. While you cannot lower the fee of your state board, you can certainly lower your overall CPE cost by obtaining free CPE credits for CPA.

  • They help you assess the quality of a sponsor

Needless to say, with thousands of CPE sponsors out there, it has become a really uphill task to find the right one quickly. If your shortlisted providers have programs that let you obtain CPE credits for CPA free, you can complete them to review the quality of their course materials, authors, and instructors.

Even if you ultimately don’t join one of these sponsors, you’ll have one or two credits for investing your time and effort. However, you should note that free courses generally don’t cover trending or ethics-related topics. So, you should remain prepared to take paid courses to fulfill those CPE credit requirements for CPA.

In the context of webinars, paid ones usually have better quality than free ones. As we mentioned above, if you cannot attend a webinar properly, you won’t be able to earn any CPE credits for CPAs. Therefore, you should thoroughly check the quality of the sponsors before attending free webinars hosted by them.

Merge Paid and Free CPE Credits for CPA to Experience Quality and Affordability

If you want to obtain CPE credits for CPA efficiently, you should go for both paid and free CPE credits for CPAs. Here’re a couple of valuable tips that you may want to use.

  • Purchase low-cost CPE courses

If a provider has expensive CPE programs, it doesn’t guarantee that it offers quality programs. Ideally, you should join a sponsor that has been in the industry for many years and has garnered a solid reputation for offering quality courses at affordable rates.

It’s also important to note that if a provider has courses with very low price tags, it’s best to avoid it. This is because the course materials may have questionable quality or can be prepared by inexperienced authors. In any case, you won’t be able to get quality information and internalize the topics correctly.

Therefore, try to join a sponsor that maintains a balance between quality and affordability. This will help ensure that you get to learn from industry-leading authors and instructors without breaking the bank.

  • Buy subscription packages

If you want to obtain quality yet cheap CPE credits for CPA, purchasing a subscription package from a reputable sponsor seems to be your best option. Usually, there are two types of packages that you can choose from: time-based packages and credit-based packages.

Purchasing the former type lets you access the entire course library or a particular number of courses for a certain period of time. And credit-based packages come with a maximum number of CPE credits for CPAs that you can earn within a fixed period of time.

Some leading CPE providers, including CPEThink.com, offer unlimited subscription packages that are ideal for you when you need to earn a large number of CPE credits for CPA. You can buy one of them at the beginning of your CPE reporting period and can obtain unlimited cheap CPE credits for CPA throughout its validity period.

By joining a sponsor with a large collection of quality courses, you’ll be able to meet all your CPE credit requirements for CPA efficiently and affordably. Another top benefit of joining such a provider is that you won’t need to invest a significant amount of time and effort to research multiple sponsors. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on your CPE solely and enhance your professional competence.

Earning CPE Credits for CPAs with CPEThink.com

CPEThink.com has established itself as one of the few CPE providers that offer low-cost CPE credits for CPAs while maintaining the top standards of all the courses. We also have a broad range of subscription packages that come with several unparalleled benefits. If you want to get free CPE credits for CPAs, we have you covered as well.

If you want to get more information about how our adept team can help you obtain your CPE credits for CPA conveniently, give us a call today!



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