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Things You Must Need To Know About Washington CPA Ethics

You’ve worked extremely hard to clear the CPA exam and complete the essential experience required to become a licensed CPA in the state of Washington. Now, can you afford to let all your time, effort, and money go in vain? Certainly not! And that’s where the importance of Washington CPE ethics requirements comes in.

Here, we’ve rounded up the key information you need to know before taking Washington CPA ethics courses.

Select one of our WABoA Approved Washington CPE ethics courses today and complete your WABoA requirements!

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What You Need To Know About CPE for Washington CPAs

To obtain your initial CPA license in Washington, it’s a requirement to enroll in the course namely Washington State Ethics & Regulations for CPA Applicants. It’s important to note that you need to obtain a minimum score of 90 percent. At the time of applying for your Washington license to WBOA (Washington State Board of Accountancy), you’d need to upload the certification of completion of this exam.

Now, when you are working as a CPA in Washington, you’ve to take 4 CPE hours from any of the approved Washington CPA ethics courses every 3 years along with fulfilling other essential requirements to remain licensed as a CPA in this state.

Why You Should Take Online Washington CPA Ethics Courses

Whether working full-time or part-time, it often becomes an uphill task for CPAs to keep up with their Washington CPE requirements in order to maintain their CPA license with the Washington State Board of Accountancy. Taking online Washington CPA ethics courses means you don’t need to travel to and from to attend classes on the scheduled days. Though the price of Washington CPA ethics varies widely, there are some leading CPE providers from where you can take these courses at very pocket-friendly rates.

At Cpethink.com, we offer 2 comprehensive Washington CPA ethics courses at only $39.95 each. Both of these are WBOA approved and include the 4 CPE credits required. Check out the courses today and start earning your valuable CPE credits from the comfort of your home.



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