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What is the TCJA?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was passed on December 22, 2017, and placed huge implications on Accountants everywhere. TCJA wasn’t just one of many small mandates that required CPA’s to use additional documentation practices. This was a law that altered depreciation, expensing, and deduction tax credits, along with other tax items, that affect primarily individual taxpayers and business taxes. For some of you, that’s 100% of your clientele.

We offer all-inclusive and online Tax Cuts and Jobs Act CPE course designed to: Refresh and enhance your understanding of TCJA; Explore all tax scenarios that have been impacted by TCJA; Provide you the confidence to handle the most challenging aspects of TCJA, and so much more.

Become an expert in one fo the largest tax reforms in your career.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act CPE Courses

Though the new tax law has been in effect for just over 2 years, it’s processing and implications are complex. So much so that SEC almost immediately issued a Staff Accounting Bulletin to provide relief to companies accounting for the effects of the TJCA. But we’re not convinced that provided enough guidance for accountants to understand it’s complexities.

To help CPAs adapt and adjust to the most significant tax code overhaul in nearly 30 years, CPEThink is providing intensive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act courses that will aid professional accountants in mastering the following practices.

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Be the CPA Your Clients Can Count On

When taxpayers and corporations learned of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act they had all sorts of questions and concerns and CPAs are often the frontman in answering these questions.

Our TCJA courses prepare you to be able to clearly and confidently explain how to your clients how their finances will be impacted by TCJA, apply and discuss capital gain, dividend, and alternative minimum tax inquires, learn how to diffuse the concerns of your clients by being able to address all of their concerns.

Federal Income Tax Changes

In-depth course reviewing TCJA and other major and minor tax mandates made since. In addition to these customary annual changes affecting various limits, other tax changes effective in 2018 that were brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will be discussed.

Business Tax Reform

This course will provide a summary description of all provisions referenced in the Business Tax Reform section of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It will identify which sections changed and which remained the same. Each provision will reference detailed descriptions including the current law, provide a detailed description of the change and identify the date that the provision will become effective.

Impact of TCJA on GAAP and Financial Reporting

Topics include an analysis of adjustments required to be made to deferred income tax assets and liabilities, including newly issued ASU 2018-02, the change from an S to a C corporation, GAAP accounting for bonus and Section 179 depreciation, new limitations on interest deduction, SEC SAB 118 transition rules, presenting the tax benefit of an NOL carryover, and much more.

These are just 3 of the 15 comprehensive online TCJA CPE courses we offer. When it comes to such a complex new practice for accountants, our courses leave no stone unturned.

Additional topics covered throughout the course work include Tax bracket modifications and changes; Individual and business tax credits, deductions and exclusions; Education incentives; Saving, pensions, and retirement; Corporate and small business taxation; Insurance provisions; Compensation restrictions; International provisions; Exempt organization taxation.



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