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Reviewing the Key Importance of Oregon CPA Ethics

Undeniably, the CPA certification is one of the most difficult yet sought-after professional certifications available in the field of accountancy.

While Oregon offers a highly lucrative and rewarding career for CPAs, it also comes with a unique approach to obtaining the CPA license. We’ve created this page to help all aspiring and licensed CPAs who want to have a clear idea of Oregon CPA ethics requirements and learn why it’s crucial for obtaining CPA licensure and renewing the license.

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CPA Licensure and Oregon CPA Ethics

Once you’ve fulfilled the minimum education requirements of 150 semester hours of college work or greater, passed the Uniform CPA exam, and obtained the experience required for your CPA licensure, you must take and clear an ethics exam.

After you’ve successfully passed this exam, all you need to do is filling the CPA Initial License Application out and submitting all the required documents to the state board.

Oregon’s CPE Requirements and Online Oregon CPA Ethics Courses

After you’ve obtained your CPA license in Oregon, next comes the fulfillment of continuing professional education requirements. Starting from July 1, 2020, it has become mandatory for all CPA licensees to complete an Oregon-specific ethics course to fulfill their CPE requirements.

Oregon has a biennial renewal period meaning you need to complete a total of 80 CPE credit hours every two years to maintain your CPA license. Among these, 4 hours of CPE must be completed on professional conduct and ethics, which you can earn by taking Oregon CPA ethics online courses.

Be sure to take this course from a sponsor registered with the state board so that your hours get counted toward your CPE requirement.

Oregon CPA CPE Ethics Courses: Key Objective

Oregon CPA ethics courses are designed to help learners understand the fundamental principles of ethical behavior in the accounting field, why they’re crucial to CPAs and the profession as a whole along with offering an understanding of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.



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