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Individuals and businesses commonly face complex accountancy problems when trying to achieve their financial milestones. They often turn to CPAs to get help in solving those problems. As reliable financial advisors, CPAs are expected to stay on top of the latest accounting rules and regulations in order to deliver quality professional services.

Here, the question is, how will you maintain the standard of your expertise? And how will you continue upgrading yourself to stay relevant and resourceful? You already know that the answer is “by pursuing CPE.”


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Now, if you do online research using the search term ”CPE login,” you’ll be presented with lots of results that directly lead you to CPE sponsors’ websites. On those sites, you can see their CPE offerings in detail alongside a button that says something like, “login to get CPE credits” or “login to get CPE hours.”

If you’re a new user, you’ll need to register with the sponsor to get your CPE login credentials that you’ll use to purchase the courses, download course materials, and perform any other activity using your account.

But with thousands of CPE providers operating in the market and all claiming to be the best, how can you ensure that the sponsor you’re targeting is the one right for you? Needless to say, that’s a cumbersome and super time-consuming process.

But you don’t need to spend days finding the right CPE sponsor. In this article, we’ve covered the essential characteristics of top-tier CPE providers together with pieces of expert advice on how to get the most of your CPE login.

Key Advantages of Choosing the Right CPE Login

By choosing the right sponsor to receive and use your CPE login online, you’ll get access to its CPE courses. These essentially include both technical and non-technical courses, giving you a perfect opportunity for all-round professional improvement.

However, how much you’ll be able to improve will depend on your chosen sponsor. If you choose a wrong or inefficient provider, you may end up wasting your time, effort, and money. On the contrary, a reputable, leading sponsor will help improve your knowledge and skills to a great extent.

Here’re two major benefits of getting your CPE login credentials from such a provider.

·        Improving your professional expertise

With a top-tier CPE sponsor by your side, you’ll most likely be able to choose CPE courses from many different accounting topics. As the accounting industry is continually evolving, it’s a must to stay updated on the latest rules and regulations. And you can easily do that when you’ve got a large collection of courses on trending and latest topics.

Whether you work for an organization or run your own accounting firm, the CPE credits you’ll earn by completing these courses will act as proof of your expertise and willingness to learn and stay relevant.

·        Refreshing your dormant skills

You certainly mastered a lot of skills in your effort to become a CPA. But it’s also true that many of these skills start to fade over time. This is especially true when you carry out a specific set of tasks year after year.

When you log in online to get your CPE credits from a leading sponsor, you can specifically choose the courses that’ll help brush up on your dormant skills. By reviving and polishing these unused skills, you can determine ways to apply them in your present-day situations.

Using CPE Login Online To Choose the Right Learning Format

When you use your CPE login credential to enter a sponsor’s website, you get the option of choosing from different types of CPE programs. Each of these types appears with some unique characteristics.

As learning styles differ from one person to another, it’s best to first decide on the method you want to opt for. Here, we’ve outlined brief overviews of the most popular methods.

·        Webinars

One major advantage of choosing webinars is that you don’t need to clear a final exam to earn CPE credits. You just need to prove active participation in the session by being present for a certain period of time and answering a specific number of polling questions, and you’re good to go.

In terms of cost, webinars might be slightly higher than self-study courses. But if you want to avoid the exam, learn in a classroom setting, and have your questions answered immediately by a live instructor, webinars should be the right fit for you.

·        Online seminars and conferences

If you want to actively engage with fellow participants and the speakers, you may choose virtual seminars and conferences. Many CPAs prefer to use these modes because of two key reasons.

First, CPE sponsors that host these events often partner with nationally-recognized instructors and speakers. Therefore, you can stay assured of being able to learn directly from the industry leaders or eminent personalities in the field of accounting.

Second, you can earn a large portion of the total CPE hours required to meet your requirements just by attending one event.

One downside of virtual seminars and conferences is that they tend to be very costly. So, if your company doesn’t want to foot the bill for these events, attending them may bring a significant financial burden on you.

·        Self-study courses

Perhaps the most sought-after option among CPAs to earn CPE credits, self-study CPE courses give you unmatched flexibility. Decide on your study time whenever you want, from anywhere. You don’t have to be present on a pre-fixed schedule to attend a live webinar or pay a hefty participation fee for a virtual seminar/conference.

Self-study courses are typically the most cost-efficient option to earn CPE credits, meaning you can easily stay within your budget while expanding your skills and knowledge. But to make the most of these courses, self-discipline is a must as there’ll be no live instructor or pressure to keep pace with fellow attendees. And there’ll always be a final exam that you must clear with the passing score to earn the credits.

However, if you use your credentials to log in to get CPE hours from a reputable sponsor, you can see the grades almost instantly. And such a sponsor will likely give you unlimited attempts to pass the final exam. So, if you can stick to a regular study schedule and earn the credits on time, self-study courses will be the best fit for you.

Choosing the Right Sponsor to Get Credentials to Log in To Get CPE Credits

Perhaps you’ve already assumed that the CPE sponsor you choose to obtain the credentials to log in online to get your CPE plays a crucial role in determining how successful you’ll be able to meet your requirements.

As pursuing CPE is a mandatory requirement for CPAs to keep their licenses active, there’re truly thousands of sponsors that offer self-study CPE courses and CPE webinars.

Here’re the factors you need to keep in mind when finalizing a sponsor to get your CPE login details.

·        Proper accreditation

No matter if you want to join a reputable sponsor with decades of experience or a new one, you must ensure that it has got proper approvals from accounting governing bodies. One simple way to do this is to check NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Sponsors listed here are authorized to offer CPE programs.

If you choose a sponsor that isn’t listed on the National Registry, ensure that the CPE credits you’ll earn by taking its courses will be counted toward meeting your requirements. This is because if your state board of accountancy doesn’t accept the courses, not only you’ll fail to meet the requirements, but your CPE planning will get jeopardized as well.

·        Instructors with proven credibility

A good instructor comes with the ability to explain complex accounting topics in an easily comprehensible manner. After all, one of your key objectives for pursuing CPE is to gain knowledge and apply it to relevant professional situations. And that’ll only be possible when you truly internalize the topics and master them.

This probably is the reason many CPAs prefer to get their CPE login details from experienced sponsors. For a sponsor that has developed a large customer base over many years, it’s quite unlikely to partner with new or inexperienced instructors. These sponsors typically engage leading personalities to prepare their course materials and present webinars to maintain their reputation and trust among customers.

·        A large course catalog

Imagine you get your credentials to log in online to get your CPE from a sponsor that offers a limited number of courses. Will you be able to meet all your requirements by taking courses from it? Most likely not! This means you’ll have to search for another provider and check the aforementioned factors before joining it.

On the other hand, if you choose a provider that has a robust course catalog covering many different topics, from basic to advanced, you can solely focus on your study, expand your knowledge, and earn credits without having to worry about anything else.

·        A perfect mix of quality and affordability

Pursuing CPE isn’t a cheap affair. You’re generally required to earn 120 CPE credits every three years. Therefore, if you join a sponsor that typically offers courses with higher price tags, the cost of your CPE will quickly add up. But if you choose a sponsor that offers courses at surprisingly low prices, the quality of the programs or study materials may be questionable.

So, it’s best to get your CPE login credentials from a sponsor that maintains a balance between quality and affordability. This simply means the courses are prepared or delivered by reputable instructors but won’t break the bank.

One very effective method to keep the costs down is to opt for CPE subscriptions or CPE bundles. By choosing a CPE subscription, you’ll get access to a certain number of courses in your sponsor’s library for a certain period of time. You can also purchase unlimited subscriptions to earn a virtually unlimited number of credits within a specific timeframe.

It’s important to note that many sponsors don’t give access to their ethics courses even if you buy their most expensive unlimited subscription packages. Therefore, you’ll need to buy those courses separately, either from the same or another sponsor.

Ideally, you should join a sponsor like CPEThink.com that lets you access all the courses, including ethics, available in its library. We only impose a restriction on the maximum number of CPE credits you can earn depending on your chosen subscription.

With CPE bundles, you get a number of courses together at a discounted price. However, unlike CPE subscriptions, you don’t get the flexibility to choose the courses that you want to buy.

In addition to these factors, be sure to go through the customer reviews of your shortlisted sponsor before contacting it to get your CPE login online. See how previous customers have rated it and said about its courses and instructors. If you see a significant number of negative reviews and low ratings, it’s best to avoid the sponsor.

Things to Remember When Doing Login to Get Your CPE Hours

Unauthorized access is one of the major problems when it comes to using CPE login online. The consequences can include the loss of sensitive data and even identity theft. While you may not be able to change your username, you must change your password as soon as you get CPE login details from your chosen sponsor.

Be sure to create long and complex passwords, and use a combination of characters like percent signs, commas, and numbers together with lower-case and upper-case letters. And never write down your passwords, as that’ll make it easier for someone else to steal or use them.

Closing Notes

We hope this post has been useful in helping you get a better understanding of the importance of choosing the right sponsor to get your CPE login and how to get the most out of it. If you have any more questions regarding using CPE login online, feel free to talk to us. 



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