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Are you looking for the most cost-effective method to meet your CPE requirements? And something that’ll let you access a wide variety of courses to improve your knowledge and skills? If your answer is a resounding “Yes” to any of these, you should go with a CPA CPE subscription.

Now, you may think, why should you pay a good amount of money to access a large number of courses when you can purchase them individually? This is a very common question that comes into the minds of many CPAs.

The fact is that online CPA CPE subscriptions exist for a number of reasons that we’re going to discuss in detail in this guide. Here, we’ll also share some valuable tips to choose the best CPA CPE subscription packages and on how to plan your CPE efficiently.



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Reviewing the Key Benefits of Opting For a CPA CPE Subscription

Let’s start with the reasons why a countless number of CPAs choose a CPA CPE subscription online package.

  • Cost savings

Undeniably, the ability to save a significant amount of money is one of the biggest reasons for choosing an online CPA CPE subscription. The total cost of meeting CPE requirements often goes up to thousands of dollars, and that too in just one renewal cycle.

The cost of pursuing CPE typically involves three areas – the cost of earning CPE credits, the fees you need to pay to your state accountancy board, and membership fees of regulatory bodies such as the AICPA.

While the last two areas are beyond your control, the one where you can reduce the cost is which method you choose to earn your CPE credits. Probably you’re already aware that online methods of earning credits (apart from virtual seminars and conferences) usually cost less than offline methods.

When you choose a CPA CPE subscription online package, you’ll be able to access your sponsor’s self-study courses or live webinars, or both depending on your package. It means you get to access the most cost-effective options at even reduced costs.

  • Ultimate flexibility

All CPAs don’t essentially pursue CPE only to fulfill the requirements of their state boards to keep their licenses active. Instead, many of them view it as a wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills required to expedite their professional growth.

NASBA’s fields of study that qualify for CPE cover a large number of fields on a huge number of topics. When it comes to CPE sponsors, a few of them literally offer a large course catalog covering many different important and trending topics.

Therefore, by choosing a CPA CPE subscription from such a reputable sponsor, you can ensure that you’ll be able to meet all your learning needs in one place. There’s no need to join multiple sponsors to take multiple courses.

This essentially offers two major benefits. First, you don’t have to review multiple sponsors’ credentials, the quality of their courses and instructors, their customer support, etc., to make the right decision. And second, tracking and managing your CPE credits will be much easier than doing so with multiple sponsors.

  • Availability of multiple ways to learn

As mentioned above, you may be able to access both self-study courses and webinars depending on your online CPA CPE subscription. The key benefit of having this option available is that you can choose the method that matches your learning style.

If you want to navigate the study materials at your own pace, you can take self-study courses. And in case you prefer to learn in a classroom setting, you can go with webinars.

Understanding Different Types of Online CPA CPE Subscriptions

Most CPE sponsors offer two types of CPA CPE subscriptions – unlimited CPA CPE subscriptions and subscriptions that let you earn a certain number of CPE credits. Let’s see the differences between these two options.

  • Unlimited CPA CPE subscriptions

As the name implies, by choosing one of these CPA CPE subscriptions, you can earn a virtually unlimited number of CPE credits. Most providers offer these subscriptions in 1-year or 2-year durations.

The first advantage of choosing these subscriptions is that you can earn all your required CPE credits from one sponsor without having to worry about the cost. Secondly, the cost of a 2-year unlimited CPA CPE subscription is typically less than that of two 1-year unlimited subscriptions. It means you can plan your CPE according to your requirements and preferences.

  • CPA CPE subscriptions with limited credits

These subscriptions will let you earn a limited number of CPE credits within a specified period of time. The number of credits varies depending on the sponsor and your chosen subscription package.

In addition to these two options, some sponsors offer subscriptions that appear with a limitation on the number of self-study courses and webinars you can access using them.

Choosing the Best CPA CPE Subscription

Now that you know the different types of CPA CPE subscriptions, let’s see a couple of strategies to pick the right one.

  • Figure out your exact requirements

Do you still need to earn a significant number of credits to meet your CPE requirements? Or do you only need to earn a few credits to make up the shortfall?

In the case of the former, it’ll be a smart idea to opt for an unlimited CPA CPE subscription. It’ll help to plan your study in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

And if you only need a few credits, it may be wise to choose a CPA CPE subscription that lets you earn a limited number of credits. You’ll still be able to plan the remaining credits efficiently by accessing a large course catalog at a low cost.

  • Ensure the availability of different courses

It’s important to ensure that your chosen CPA CPE subscription will let you access courses in different fields of study – from accounting & audit and tax to ethics and non-technical fields. This is because when it comes to CPE subscriptions, the offerings vary widely.

For instance, some subscriptions may let you access all the available self-study courses and free webinars but not the ethics courses. It means you’ll have to purchase ethics courses separately, either from the same sponsor or another one, both of which will add up the cost.

Ensuring the availability of a large course catalog will also help you take different courses to meet your present and future professional goals. For example, if you’re right on track to meet the CPE requirements for the current renewal cycle, you can focus on mastering topics that’ll help achieve your long-term professional goals.

  • Low cost of a la carte courses

This is especially important if you don’t opt for an unlimited CPA CPE subscription. As CPA CPE subscriptions other than the unlimited ones come with a maximum limit of CPE credits that can be earned, it’ll be prudent to join a sponsor that offers a la carte courses at discounted rates.

Even if you need to earn additional credits apart from the ones available with your subscription, your cost won’t go up drastically.

Making the Most of Your CPA CPE Subscription Online

There’re several reasons for which many CPAs fail to meet their CPE requirements even after opting for an unlimited CPA CPE subscription. Quite understandably, they often need to juggle between personal life, professional work, and completing the CPE on time.

That’s why many CPAs consider CPE an obligation that needs to be done to maintain an active license. But this mindset regarding CPE doesn’t help much in leveraging the full potential of your chosen CPA CPE subscription.

Here, we’ve outlined a few reasons why you must consider CPE as an investment instead of an obligation.

  • Strengthening your position in the industry

When you improve your expertise and develop new skills, it increases your value to your present employer that may lead to faster promotional opportunities. Even if you want to join a new organization, completing CPE courses diligently can help you grab the position you’re targeting faster than those who pursue CPE only for the sake of keeping their licenses active.

Lastly, if you’re planning to start your own accounting firm, by taking the right CPE courses, you can improve your skills in various fields other than core accounting. Skills in technology-related subjects and management-related fields will help you facilitate the smooth and efficient functioning of your firm.

  • Making better career-related decisions

Accounting as a field is evolving continuously. With new trends, rules, and regulations appearing regularly, climbing the corporate ladder isn’t as much difficult as it may seem, provided you choose the right subjects to pursue.

You can easily get an idea about the direction the accounting industry is heading toward by following talks and discussions of industry leaders. If you can align your CPE with future trends, you’ll be able to position yourself as an authority in the upcoming years.

  • Discovering the type of work that best matches your personality

These days, CPAs perform a large number of different roles. As a CPA CPE subscription lets you access a broad number of courses, you can master topics according to your personal interests and preferences. In doing so, you may be able to discover a new direction in your career, which can be more fulfilling and rewarding than your present role.

When you choose the right online CPA CPE subscription from the right sponsor and plan your CPE thoughtfully, it can prove to be one of those investments where the return is almost assured.

Planning Your Unlimited CPA CPE Subscription the Right Way

As you’ve probably understood from the above blocks, proper planning of your CPA CPE subscription plays a crucial role in determining how successful you’ll be able to leverage its benefits. This is particularly important when you choose an unlimited CPA CPE subscription because you get a wide range of options.

Here’re some strategies that you can implement to plan your CPE subscription the most efficient way.

  • Know your exact requirements

First of all, figure out the exact number of CPE credits that you’d need to earn to meet your CPE requirements. Take a detailed look at all your requirements – from technical and non-technical requirements to ethics.

To facilitate better tracking of your CPE, you can make a copy of your total requirements and put them into a spreadsheet. Once you complete a course and receive the credits, you’d only need to update the spreadsheet with relevant details.

  • Think carefully about the courses that you want to take additionally

Were there courses that you wanted to take earlier but couldn’t make it? Are there any specific topics that you consider important for your present role? You should plan your online CPA CPE subscription based on these answers.

Just ensure that you don’t end up earning more credits in non-technical subjects than the maximum limit established by your state board or fewer credits in technical subjects than its minimum limit.

If you earn more credits than what’s allowed in non-technical fields, you may not be able to use the additional ones toward meeting your CPE requirement. If you earn fewer credits than what’s required in technical fields, your state board may not consider that you fulfilled the requirements successfully.

  • Choose the right format of the courses

Some reputable CPE sponsors let you access both self-study courses and webinars using CPA CPE subscriptions. Before you start taking the courses, it’s advisable to identify which format best fits your learning style and needs.

In the context of self-study courses, some sponsors offer many of them in two formats – text-based courses and video courses. So, you’d need to consider the right format here as well.

No matter if you take self-study courses or webinars, be sure to complete them properly so that you can earn the credits. To earn credits using self-study courses, you’ll have to clear the final exam at the end of each course with the required passing grade. And for webinars, active participation is a must to earn credits.

In Conclusion

When you’re shopping for a CPA CPE subscription, you can see a large number of options are available. While a large number of options may mean that all CPAs can find the right option to fit their needs, it also makes the process a little more complex and time-consuming.

However, with the help of the topics we’ve discussed in this guide, we hope that you’ll be able to find the right online CPA CPE subscription conveniently and plan your CPE in the most efficient manner. If you still have some questions, you can reach out to us today!



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