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CPA CPE Subscription: The Best Method to Pursue Your CPE

CPE credits are a must for strengthening your position in the industry and keeping your CPA license active. Although different states have different license renewal periods, in general, you’re required to earn 120 CPE credits every three years.

Whether your state board has an annual, biennial, or triennial renewal period, you’ve to cover different fields of study to meet its CPE requirements. But with high price tags, it often becomes difficult for many CPAs to stay within their CPE budget.

And that’s where the value of a CPA CPE subscription comes into the picture. If you’re wondering how to choose the best CPE subscription for CPA, why you should choose a CPE subscription, or how to manage the credits earned from a CPA subscription, this page is for you.

Here, we’ll discuss all the important things we mentioned above and more to help you understand why numerous CPAs opt for CPE subscriptions for CPA.



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Why Should You Choose a CPA CPE Subscription?

Here’re the top benefits of choosing one of the best CPA CPE subscription packages.

·        Pursing CPE within a realistic budget

As pursuing CPE is mandatory for keeping the CPA license active, many CPE sponsors offer CPE courses with high price tags. Even if you take courses from a sponsor that offers courses at affordable rates, purchasing every course separately will eventually lead to a significant amount of money.

For instance, at CPEThink.com, our minimum course price stands at $12.95 and you’ll get one CPE credit for that. Assuming you’re required to earn 40 CPE credits every year, your annual CPE cost comes to $518.

Now, if you choose our 1-year CPE subscription package that comes at $199.95, you’ll be able to earn unlimited credits during this period of time. If your goal is to earn 40 credits within one year, you can buy our one-year CPA subscription package that’ll let you earn up to 40 credits. And this package is available at just $129.95.

So, by choosing one of our CPA CPE subscription packages, you get to earn 40 credits at almost one-fourth the cost of the amount that you’ll need to pay if you buy the courses separately.

CPE subscriptions for CPA are the only option through which you can enjoy such cost-savings. However, it’s important to choose your CPE sponsor wisely to experience this benefit. We’ll help you choose the best CPA CPE subscription from various available options in the following section.

·        Being able to access the entire course library

Depending on your CPE sponsor and your chosen CPE subscription, you may be able to access a large course library. Pursuing CPE has two key objectives: maintaining the active status of your CPA license by fulfilling your state board’s CPE requirements and expanding your knowledge and skills.

Staying up-to-date with the rules and regulations of the ever-evolving accounting field sometimes becomes even more important than just meeting your CPE requirements. The total number of actively licensed CPAs stands at 665,612 as of August 24, 2022.

To stand out from this large number of CPAs, you must prioritize expanding your knowledge and skills. And to do this, taking different courses during your CPE journey is the only option.

But taking different courses, apart from the mandatory ones, not only requires a large amount of money but may also need you to join multiple CPE sponsors.

However, it’s possible to take many different courses within a realistic budget by choosing the right CPA CPE subscription package. For example, if you purchase the 2-year or 1-year unlimited CPA subscription from CPEThink.com, you’ll be able to access all our self-study courses (including ethics ones) and free webinars.

This’ll essentially help you take as many courses as you want as per your professional requirements and personal preferences. And that too without paying anything extra apart from the CPE online subscription cost.

·        Choosing the right format as per your learning style

Choosing the right learning format is one of the most important things to make the most out of your CPE courses. Learning styles vary from one learner to another. Some learners prefer to complete the courses at their own pace while others prefer to attend classroom-like settings.

CPE subscriptions for CPA come in different learning formats. Depending on your CPA CPE subscription, you should be able to access self-study courses or webinars, or both. Here, it’s important to mention that CPE subscription packages, which let you access self-study courses only, tend to be the least expensive ones.

On the contrary, CPA subscription packages, which give you access to both self-study courses and webinars, tend to be the most expensive ones. But if you choose CPEThink.com, which offers the best CPE subscription for CPA, you’ll be able to access both self-study courses and free webinars at a highly affordable cost.

Whether you prefer to take self-study courses or attend webinars, we let you pursue CPE in the learning format that works for you the best.

How to Choose the Best CPE Subscription for CPA?

To help you choose the best CPE subscription for CPA, we’ve shortlisted CPE subscription packages from the top seven CPE sponsors. Factors we’ve considered include the price of CPA subscription packages, their validity periods, and their refund policies.

·        Becker

Becker offers three CPE subscriptions for CPA. The least expensive comes at $299.00 and has a validity period of 90 days. Although you’ll be able to access both self-study courses and webcasts and earn unlimited credits, you won’t get access to state-specific ethics courses and premium courses that cover critical updates, trending topics, and current events.

The CPE subscription, which is available at $449.00, will let you access a certain number of premium and on-demand courses and webcasts. If you want to access the entire course library of Becker, you’ll need to purchase its “PRIME” CPA subscription package (1-year validity) which comes at a whopping $699.00.

To get a refund from Becker, you must raise the request within ten business days of completing your purchase. Note that the “per course” cost of completed courses or webcasts will be deducted from the refund amount.

·        AICPA

CPExpress is the CPA CPE subscription package offered by the AICPA. You’ll be able to access a large number of courses and earn unlimited credits within one year. For AICPA members, the package’s price stands at $340.00 and for nonmembers, this is available at $495.00

It’s important to note that AICPA doesn’t offer any state-specific ethics course, meaning you’ll have to join another CPE sponsor to meet that requirement.

AICPA doesn’t offer any refund for its online CPE subscription products including CPExpress.

·        Illumeo

Illumeo has three CPE subscriptions for CPA. The first one is available for free and lets you access twelve on-demand courses and live CPE webinars within one year. The second CPA subscription comes at $299 with a validity period of one year. This’ll let you access unlimited on-demand courses and live webinars.

The third CPE subscription package from Illumeo is designed for enterprises and is available at $249 per person per year. This also lets the members access all on-demand courses and live webinars within one year.

Note that Illumeo has some “premium courses” that aren’t available with any CPA CPE subscription package. You must purchase them separately.

You must make the refund request within thirty days of completing your purchase to get a refund from Illumeo.

·        Surgent

Surgent offers two types of CPE subscriptions for CPA based on self-study courses and live webinars together with one CPE subscription that lets you access both.

In self-study format, it offers two CPA CPE subscription packages. The first one is available at $359.00 and lets you earn a maximum of 16 credits. Note that, under this package, you cannot carry over credits into the following year. The other one is an unlimited self-study package with a price tag of $499.00. You can earn 1,200+ CPE credits within 12 months using this package.

Similar to the self-study CPE subscription, live webinars are also available in two packages. The first one comes at $499.00 and lets you earn up to 16 credits, while the unlimited package ($649.00) helps you earn up to 5,000 credits. The 16-credit package has to be used within the present calendar year while the unlimited package comes with a validity period of one year.

If you want to access the whole course library of Sergent and earn 8,000+ CPE credits, you’ll have to purchase its most expensive package available at $799.00.

You can get a refund from Surgent by raising your request within 10 business days, provided no credit has been earned.

·        Gleim Exam Prep

Gleim Exam Prep has seven CPA subscription packages. These will let you earn 100 hours ($600.00), 40 hours ($280.00), 20 hours ($160.00), 4 hours ($48.00), 3 hours ($36.00), 2 hours ($24.00), and one hour ($12.00), respectively.

After purchasing a package, you’ll get 12 months to select a course. And after selecting a course, you’ll get 12 months to finish it. Note that, Gleim Exam Prep doesn’t have any state-specific ethics course.

You may get a refund from this sponsor by making your request within 30 days of completing your purchase. However, the return policy comes with several conditions so, be sure to read it carefully before purchasing a CPA CPE subscription package from this provider.

·        Checkpoint Learning

Checkpoint Learning offers three CPE subscription packages. Each of these is available in one-year, two-year, and three-year validity periods. The longer the duration of your subscription package, the more discount you’ll get. Here, we’ll consider the one-year price for each subscription.

The first CPA subscription package is available at $289 and lets you earn 1,700+ credits. This package doesn’t give access to webinars. The second package comes at $359 and you can earn 3,500+ credits using it. You’ll get access to 1-4 hour webinars using it.

The third package comes with a price tag of $519 and will let you earn 4,200+ credits. You’ll get to access all 1-8 hour webinars using this package.

Checkpoint Learning doesn’t have its refund policy clearly mentioned on its website. You’ll have to contact the team to get more information about this.

·        CPEThink.com

We have six CPA CPE subscription packages, including two unlimited ones. The first one is priced at $299.95 and will let you earn unlimited credits within two years. The second unlimited CPE subscription package comes at $199.95 and you can earn unlimited credits within one year.

Our other CPE subscriptions for CPA are ideal for CPAs who want to earn up to a certain number of credits within one year. These include a 45-credit package ($145.95), a 40-credit package ($129.95), a 30-credit package ($99.95), and a 20-credit package ($69.95).

Regardless of the CPE subscription you choose, you’ll be able to access all our self-study courses and free webinars. You’ll also get unlimited attempts to clear the final exams and unlimited certificate prints.

We offer a 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee, which is simply unique in the industry.

How to Efficiently Manage Credits Earned From Your CPE Subscription?

It isn’t uncommon for CPAs to get overwhelmed when it comes to managing their CPE credits earned from their CPA CPE subscription packages. Although you may not have to manage certificates from multiple sponsors, the process can become quite complex over time if you don’t streamline it right from the beginning.

Here’re two effective methods you may follow to manage your credits effectively.

·        Maintain a spreadsheet

Maintaining a spreadsheet right from the beginning of your CPE subscription is an effective method to manage your credits. Just be sure to enter all the relevant details, including the name of the CPE program, its type (self-study or webinar), its duration, and the number of credits you’ve earned, into it.

·        Store the documents in a virtual cloud platform

If you want to ensure safety and greater accessibility, consider storing scanned copies of all your CPE-related documents in a virtual cloud platform. This will help you access them anytime from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve discussed above, a CPA CPE subscription is the only way you can keep your CPE cost within your budget and complete your annual, biennial, or triennial CPE journey in the most convenient manner.

If you want to purchase one of our CPE subscriptions right away, start browsing the options. If you want to get more information about our CPA subscriptions, feel free to contact our team.



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