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Financial Accounting Standards Board CPE Courses

The FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) establishes financial accounting and financial reporting standards for nonprofit organizations and companies in the USA.

Formed in 1973, FASB keeps updating its policies and procedures periodically as required by changing corporate and governmental practices. These updates affect how companies prepare their financial reporting and also, the usefulness of these reports to their potential users.

That’s why CPAs should stay ahead of any updates made to the FASB. In addition to completing FASB requirements, it is important to fulfill your continuing education requirements yearly.

Online FASB CPE courses at Cpethink help you with both at the same time. Take one of our FASB CPE courses today!

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The best Online FASB CPE courses for CPAs

Our courses include all discussions of new FASB standards, financial instruments, and other latest FASB pronouncements. These expertly-crafted FASB CPE courses cater to small and medium-sized CPAs and their staff, in public and private sectors.

With these courses, you will learn everything you should know about FASB. You will not only learn new concepts and practices but will also advance your existing knowledge. You will learn about GAAP changes, how the FASB deals with prevalent accounting issues, review changes to the Auditing Standards Board, and much more.

Our FASB CPE courses emphasize topics like Review of the Industry, FASB SSARS and SAS Update and Review, guide to IFRS and its Comparison with GAAP, accounting changes and error corrections, and accounting for income taxes.

Additionally, there are other courses, including credit losses on financial instruments, events after the reporting period, a guide to IFRS in the U.S.A., and analysis and uses of financial statements.

Why Choose Cpethink.com for FASB CPE courses?

Experienced and knowledgeable industry experts create all courses at Cpethink. Each course is organized chapter-wise to make learning easy, organized, and engaging for you.

With these online self-study courses, you can advance your FASB knowledge while studying at any time and at your own pace. On top of that, all courses are affordably priced without compromising the content quality.

We keep revising our FASB CPE courses to make sure you learn all about the latest and best FASB developments and practices.



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