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Your Ultimate Guide to Unlimited CPE Subscription 1 Year

Whether you work for a large public accounting firm, a private accounting firm, run your own firm, or work as an independent contractor, you already know that earning CPE credits is a must for you. Now, the question is how do you like to fulfill your CPE requirements?

Do you want to revisit the websites of many different providers to collect your certificates of completion because you purchased CPE courses from them? Do you want to spend a huge amount of money by purchasing courses from different sponsors?

We know your answers will certainly be “No”.

So, “what’s the way out?” you may ask. Just enroll in an unlimited CPE subscription 1 year package. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how unlimited 1-year CPE subscription packages make meeting CPE requirements a breeze.

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Essential Benefits of Choosing Unlimited 1-Year CPE Subscription Package

You already know that it’s a must to focus on both technical and non-technical fields of study to strengthen your position in the field and get a competitive edge. You need to take technical courses to excel in your practice area. And there’re a certain number of credits on ethics that you’ve to earn as part of the CPE requirements.

You also cannot overlook the non-technical fields of study that can help expedite your professional growth. When you need to take care of all these things within your busy schedule, does it make sense to register with different CPE sponsors to purchase courses?

This question becomes even more important when you can get all of these and more simply by opting for unlimited CPE courses for 1 year. Best of all, when you choose such a subscription, the price of individual courses becomes surprisingly low than what you’d need to pay when buying them separately.

An Overview of the Costs of Unlimited CPE Subscription 1 Year Packages

When it comes to the cost of 1 year of unlimited CPE packages, it’s quite surprising to see the availability of different options. And when you decide to go for an unlimited 1-year CPE subscription, choosing the right sponsor is a time-consuming and highly difficult task.

But don’t worry as we’ve done the hard work for you!

Just take a look at the details of unlimited CPE subscription 1 year packages offered by leading CPE providers and make an informed decision.

  • AICPA CPExpress

Lots of CPAs choose the AICPA for pursuing their CPE, thanks to its rich history and outstanding credibility. The platform namely CPExpress has a solid course catalog having hundreds of courses that offer 1-2 CPE credits. However, the steep price of its unlimited 1-year CPE subscription might deter many CPAs. If you’re an AICPA member, you’d need to pay $315 and if you aren’t, the price is $525. It also doesn’t offer any state-specific ethics courses.

  • Sequoia CPE

Sequoia CPE offers a wide variety of CPE courses that you can access by signing up for its unlimited CPE courses for 1 year that costs $149. However, the package doesn’t include ethics courses. So, while it offers both general and state-specific ethics courses, you’ve to purchase them separately.

  • Checkpoint Learning

Checkpoint Learning offers unlimited packages with varying durations of one, two, and three years. If you choose the unlimited CPE subscription 1 year package, you’d need to pay $519. It offers state-specific ethics courses, which are included in the subscription package.

  • CCH CPELink

With more than 800 courses in its catalog, CCH CPELink offers different types of subscription packages. There’re two unlimited subscription packages you can choose from – standard self-study and webinar package and premium self-study and webinar package. If you choose the standard one, the unlimited CPE subscription 1 year would cost $549 while the premium package would cost $875. You’ll get access to its state-specific ethics courses by signing up for any of these unlimited subscriptions.

  • CPE Depot

At CPE Depot, you get the option of choosing from different types of membership packages depending on your requirements and preferences. You can buy a 1-year self-study membership at $149 or a webinar membership at $149. They also offer an all access membership at $446 (at the time of writing this guide, it was $249 due to a limited time offer) that lets you access its entire course catalog.

Note that, the self-study membership and the webinar membership don’t include ethics courses. So, you’d need to purchase them either separately or in an annual ethics membership at $49. Also, in any case, you’ve to purchase the “Ethics for Virginia CPAs” separately.

  • MasterCPE

Perhaps the biggest drawback of MasterCPE is that they only offer text-based courses and no webinars. Their unlimited 1-year CPE subscription costs $149 but it doesn’t include ethics courses. While they offer general and state-specific ethics courses, you’d need to buy them as individual courses.

  • CPE Credit

CPE Credit offers a massive library of more than 1,300 courses. However, to be able to access all of them, you’d need to purchase their highest subscription package that comes at $499. They also offer two more annual subscription packages at $299 and $199 but you’ll get access to fewer courses. Moreover, ethics courses are only included in their highest package. So, if you choose any other package, you’d need to buy them separately.

  • American CPE

With its 1 year of unlimited CPE package (including ethics courses) priced at $169, American CPE is certainly one of the most affordable sponsors available out there. However, there’re two things you’d need to consider before joining them. First, their course catalog is relatively small offering more than 300 courses. And second, the unlimited package doesn’t include live webinars.

  • JN CPE

JN CPE offers two different types of unlimited options. The first one is a subscription package available at $199 annually. If you choose this option, your subscription will get renewed every year automatically until you cancel it. The second one is the same package without any automatic renewal feature and comes at $225. Note that ethics courses aren’t included in these unlimited packages.

  • CPEThink.com

At CPEThink.com, we offer an unlimited CPE subscription 1 year package at $199.95. You’ll get unlimited access to all our self-study courses and self-study ethics courses along with free webinars. The subscription also includes unlimited attempts to final exams and unlimited prints of completion certificates. Regardless of the courses you’re planning to take to meet your CPE requirements, our vast course library will help you accomplish the goals conveniently.

As you can see above, there’s no shortage of unlimited 1-year CPE subscription packages offered by many popular CPE sponsors. When choosing a package, you should consider your budget, requirements, and learning style.

It’d be wise to avoid sponsors offering just a couple of hundred courses. This is because even if you choose their unlimited CPE courses for 1 year, you may need to look for another sponsor to satisfy your requirements.

Your learning style matters as well. There’re some unlimited subscription packages that contain either self-study courses or webinars. And when you want to access both of them, the package price goes up significantly. Ideally, you should choose a package that lets you access both self-study courses and webinars at an affordable price.

Lastly, you must not overlook the cost of ethics courses. Some providers that we’ve reviewed above don’t offer ethics courses as part of their subscription package. Buying those courses separately means shelling out a good amount of additional money. Therefore, try to sign up for a package that includes ethics courses.

Key Tips to Make the Most of Unlimited CPE Courses for 1 Year

Balancing full-time work and pursuing CPE isn’t an easy task. Of course, choosing an unlimited CPE subscription 1 year wisely means you don’t need to worry about costs or searching for other sponsors anymore. But when it comes to studying and completing the courses on time, you’re the sole responsible.

Here, we’ve rounded up some invaluable tips that should help you maintain an organized study schedule.

  • Figure out your objective

The first thing you need to do is to decide your goals of taking CPE courses. Some CPAs take CPE courses only for the sake of earning CPE credits while some others consider it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise. Therefore, it’s a must to consider the right path you want to take at the very beginning and choose courses accordingly.

  • Arrange course topics based on your requirements

You know that when it comes to CPE for CPAs, a huge number of courses are available out there that you can take to meet your requirements. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prioritize the courses that you want to take during the current year. Apart from factoring in your professional requirements, be sure to consider your areas of interest as well.

  • Choose courses according to your learning style

When it comes to unlimited 1-year CPE subscription packages, you typically get two options – self-study courses and webinars. Some CPAs prefer to attend webinars while some others consider self-study courses as their best option. If the package you’ve purchased gives you access to both learning models, you can mix and match them. If you’re unsure of what would work for you the best, take one or two courses from both learning models and see which one matches your learning style properly.

  • Delegate responsibilities, if possible

We’ve already mentioned that managing the time to study is one of the biggest difficulties faced by CPAs. However, if you run your own firm or work in a senior position, it may be possible to carve time out to study. Try to delegate some of your responsibilities temporarily to junior accountants or interns.

To ensure they complete the assigned work exactly the way you want it to be done, give detailed guidelines. Once they’re done, review their work to make sure it fulfills the standards.

  • Consider it as a priority task

We understand it’s quite difficult to prioritize CPE courses, especially when you’ve got a full year of reporting time. But if you don’t study regularly and complete the courses consistently, it’ll cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress when your deadline will be approaching. Moreover, you won’t have the time to absorb the study materials thoroughly to deepen your knowledge of the topics. So, try to make completing CPE courses as important as running your firm or fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

Key Tips to Track the Credits You’ve Earned from 1 Year of Unlimited CPE

Tracking and reporting your CPE credits may not seem like a daunting task initially. But when you need to do it year after year, it turns out to be a lot of overwhelming activity. This is the reason some CPE sponsors offer some kind of a tool to track CPE credits.

But having a tracker isn’t at all necessary if you can properly follow these two things.

  • Keep everything in an organized manner

The first thing you need to ensure is that all of your certificates, including those “proof of attendance” that you receive by attending webinars, are kept in one place. It’ll help you access all of them easily at the time of reporting your CPE.

  • Maintain a running list

It’s always advisable to maintain a list of the CPE credits that you’ve already earned. Whenever required, you can take a look at this list and understand how many credits are remaining to meet your CPE requirements.

Remember to enter crucial information about your already completed courses. These should include the course name, name of the sponsor, date of completion, and the number of credits you earned from it.

You can also maintain the list using the free cloud-based “Google Sheets” application. By doing this, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to access the list even if something happens to the physical list or the one saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Final Takeaway

While earning CPE credits is quite a difficult task, unlimited CPE subscription 1 year packages heavily reduce your financial burden and make the entire process a hassle-free one. If you want to learn more about our package, contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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