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IRS CE Courses: Your Ultimate Option to Become a Competent Tax Professional

When an individual or a business chooses a tax professional, they want to ensure that they’re working with a competent person, someone who keeps abreast of the ever-changing tax laws. So, if you’re a tax professional who wants to maintain their professional competence, you’ve to stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and changes in the field.



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Taking the right IRS CE courses is the best and perhaps the easiest way to achieve this goal. Completing appropriate IRS tax certification courses provides you with two benefits. First, you get to maintain your credentials, and second, it serves as a testimony to your expertise in the field and helps prove your dedication to your clients.

The IRS has some strict guidelines when it comes to taking IRS CPE courses and getting credits. For many tax professionals, navigating these guidelines sometimes becomes an uphill task. That’s why we’ve created this page where you’ll get all the relevant information related to IRS CE courses.

Let’s get started.

IRS CE Courses: A Brief Overview

The IRS gives two types of representation rights: unlimited and limited. CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents have unlimited representation rights as long as they remain compliant with their CPE/CE requirements. Annual Filing Season Program participants and PTIN holders get limited representation rights.

Those with unlimited representation rights are required to take some IRS CE courses to get the appropriate credits. CPAs and attorneys need to fulfill ongoing continuing professional education requirements in their own fields that include completing IRS tax certification courses.

While it isn’t mandatory, an individual with a valid PTIN may desire to get an AFSP – Record of Completion. If you want to receive an AFSP – Record of Completion, you need to get a certain number of CE credits by completing appropriate IRS CPE courses. Once you receive your AFSP – Record of Completion, your name will be listed on the IRS’ public database of return preparers.

Therefore, taking IRS enrolled agent CPE courses should be a top priority for EAs looking to enhance their competence in business and individual tax preparation and representation and federal tax planning.

If you’re trying to become an enrolled agent, you must clear a Special Enrollment Examination while fulfilling other mandatory requirements set forth by the IRS. To pass this three-part exam efficiently, you may want to take an IRS tax preparer certification exam course from a reputable sponsor.

IRS Tax Certification Courses: A Detailed View of Credit Requirements and Other Important Aspects

In this section, we’ll discuss all the vital things related to IRS CE credits that you need to keep in mind when taking IRS CE courses. To make things easily comprehensible, we’ve divided this section into two parts.

Things to Remember When Taking IRS Enrolled Agent CPE Courses

  • You must complete 72 hours of IRS CE courses every three-year period.
  • Every year, you must complete a minimum of 16 hours. Two of these hours have to be on ethics.
  • You must take all your IRS enrolled agent CPE courses from IRS-approved CE sponsors.
  • If you complete additional hours in IRS tax certification courses that cover federal tax law updates, they’ll be counted toward meeting your CE requirements.
  • If you complete excess hours in federal tax law and ethics, the IRS won’t count them as part of any other category.
  • You can take data security and/or identity theft courses that fulfill CE program requirements to get your required hours.
  • Each year, you’re allowed to obtain up to six instructor hours.
  • If you instruct part of a program and attend the remaining part as a student, you’ll get both student credits and instructor credits. However, your instructor credits cannot exceed six in a year.
  • You aren’t allowed to take any basic-level refresher course to fulfill your CE requirements.
  • Generally, the IRS doesn’t encourage enrolled agents to get credits by repeating an IRS tax certification course in a particular year. However, if you need to reinforce and update your knowledge of a particular topic, you may be allowed to do so.

Things to Remember When Trying To Obtain an AFSP – Record of Completion

  • You’ve to complete 18 hours of IRS CPE courses.
  • These include two hours of ethics and the completion of the six-hour AFTR course. Note that this course comes with a comprehension test that you must clear.

You should note that even if you receive an AFSP – Record of Completion by completing appropriate IRS CE courses, your representation rights will still be limited. You’ll only be able to represent clients whose tax returns you’ve prepared and signed. Additionally, you’ll be able to represent your clients only before customer service representatives, revenue agents, and IRS employees holding similar designations, which include the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

IRS CPE Courses: Top Benefits Explained

Taking the right IRS tax certification courses can provide you with a plethora of benefits, apart from helping you remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Let’s take a look.

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and laws

With new regulations and laws, the tax landscape is changing continuously. If you want to provide your clients with reliable and correct guidance, you must keep abreast of these changes. Taking quality IRS CPE courses is the most effective method to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the field.

Whether you want to learn about the changes in income tax deductions, rates, regulations impacting the taxation process, or anything relevant to your professional services, you can do that easily by choosing the right IRS CE courses.

  • Fostering client trust

One of the main responsibilities of any tax professional is to give their clients accurate pieces of advice on tax-related matters. When you complete IRS enrolled agent CPE courses or other IRS tax certification courses on time and maintain your credentials, it helps your clients understand that you’re committed to offering quality service and improving your professional competence.

The demonstration of this commitment plays an extremely crucial role in building trust with your clients. This gives them an assurance that they’re working with a true professional who strives to enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • Enhancing comprehension of tax concepts

For any tax professional, competence serves as a testimony to their expertise in the field. Fortunately, when taking IRS CE courses, you can master a wide of topics and strengthen your comprehension of tax concepts.

Not only does this help you become more proficient in your practice but also provides you with several professional opportunities. Whether it’s honing your tax preparation skills or mastering new tax guidelines, you can do it all by taking IRS enrolled agent CPE courses.

At CPEThink.com, we offer a large collection of IRS tax certification courses, ranging from U.S. federal tax and regulatory ethics to AFTR and a lot more. All of our courses have been prepared by industry-leading authors, meaning they’ll help you internalize quality materials and master your desired skills efficiently.

  • Letting you access valuable materials

When taking IRS CE courses, you can get access to high-quality resources such as tax guides, reference materials, etc. These resources typically serve as valuable guides to navigate the complex tax world. Having reliable sources of information plays a crucial role in helping you maintain your proficiency in tax-related matters.

With the help of these resources, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the most accurate pieces of advice on their tax-related issues.

  • Maintaining ethical standards

Tax professionals typically face a lot of ethical dilemmas and challenges when offering their services. By taking quality IRS CPE courses on ethics, you’ll be able to master ethical guidelines efficiently. Not only does ethical conduct help you remain compliant with regulatory bodies but it also helps you enhance credibility and trust with your clients.

  • Speeding up your career growth

All organizations and tax firms want to have competent tax professionals in their teams. When you prioritize taking IRS enrolled agent CPE courses, it shows that you’re invested in your professional development.

Regardless of your professional role and position, this will help you stand out from your peers. The knowledge you gain through your study will play a vital role in accelerating your professional growth.

Top Skills You Should Try To Develop When Taking IRS Enrolled Agent CPE Courses

Any successful tax professional needs to have a perfect blend of different skills that help them navigate the complexities of tax guidelines easily. In this section, our experts have jotted down the crucial skills that you should try to acquire when completing IRS CE courses.

These skills are different from developing a deep comprehension of tax laws and regulations. These will enable you to offer correct tax advice to your clients or employer and prepare appropriate regulatory and legal documentation for them.

  • Attention to detail

If you don’t pay extreme attention to detail, it may result in errors because of which your clients may need to face legal repercussions and financial penalties. Therefore, irrespective of your professional role, you must strive to avoid any kind of errors when preparing tax-related documentation for them.

By enhancing your knowledge of tax topics, you’ll be able to identify discrepancies efficiently that may be indications of major issues.

  • Analytical skills

Since tax professionals constantly need to deal with complex legal texts and financial information, having analytical skills is a must for them. With the help of these skills, you’ll be able to assess tax scenarios correctly, spot potential problems, and come up with strategic and ethical solutions.

  • Proficiency in using advanced tools

If you want to make the most out of automation and other technological advancements, you must develop technological proficiency. Having a robust working knowledge of tax-related accounting platforms, data analytics tools, etc. will enable you to process tax-related data efficiently and give your clients data-backed suggestions.

  • Communication skills

As a proficient tax professional, you must be able to help your clients understand complex tax concepts. This is why you need to have strong communication skills. Therefore, building interpersonal skills should be one of your priorities when taking IRS tax certification courses.

Selecting a Competent Sponsor for IRS CE Courses

If you want to establish yourself as a tax expert, it’s a must to join a reputable sponsor for your IRS CE courses. Here’re some tips that you may use to do this easily.

  • Join one that adds new courses frequently

Since the tax world goes through frequent changes, you must take IRS tax certification courses covering the latest topics. Therefore, be sure to check if your shortlisted sponsor does this whenever there’s a significant change in the field.

  • Join one that has courses at reasonable prices

Your cost of taking IRS CPE courses can be significantly high if you join a sponsor that typically offers programs at steep price points. Ideally, you should look for a sponsor that offers high-quality programs at reasonable prices.

Just remember that the costs of the programs should never be your only criterion when looking for a sponsor. You must ensure that their quality is unmatched at the same time. This is because taking low-quality IRS CE courses won’t help you much in enhancing your professional competence.

If you want to reduce your cost while taking quality courses, look for a sponsor that has CPE subscriptions. We have six subscription packages including two unlimited ones. Any of these packages will let you access all our self-study courses and free webinars. They’ll also help you get unlimited attempts for clearing the final exams along with unlimited prints of certificates of completion.

Wrapping Up

We hope that reading this page has provided you with all the important information about IRS CE courses. CPEThink.com is committed to offering top-quality IRS tax certification courses at reasonable prices.

If you want to buy them right away, you can start browsing our collection. If you need more information about them and the benefits they offer, contact our team of experts and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.



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