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No matter which state you’re licensed in as a CPA, you’re required to pursue CPE. If you take a look at the list of NASBA Fields of Study, you’ll see that the learning activities are divided into two categories: technical and non-technical.

The first two fields of study in the technical category are accounting and accounting (governmental). As a leading sponsor of accounting CPA courses, we frequently receive important questions regarding them from many CPAs.

Rather than answering each of them individually, we decided to create this page that’ll give answers to all the vital questions regarding these courses. Here, we’ll discuss what accounting CPA courses are, what you can expect to learn when taking in-person or online accounting courses for CPA credit, what are the benefits of taking online accounting courses CPA credit, how to select the right accounting courses for CPA online, and more.

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What Are Accounting CPA Courses?

Simply put, these refer to the courses that you need to take to get CPE credits in the accounting field of study. It’s vital to note that not only can you meet your overall CPE requirements by taking these courses, but depending on your state, it may be mandatory for you to complete them and obtain a certain number of credits.

While you can take accounting courses online for CPA or in-person programs to meet your requirements, choosing the former option will let you enjoy several benefits. We’ll discuss them in a later section, so just continue reading this page.

What Can You Expect To Learn When Taking In-Person or Online Accounting Courses For CPA Credit?

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, you can take two types of accounting CPA courses. One type of course covers general accounting subjects while the other one focuses on governmental accounting topics. Let’s see what you can learn by completing each of these types of CPA accounting courses online or offline.

  • Accounting

Subjects that come under this field of study cover different procedures and principles associated with accounting and financial reporting. By mastering these subjects, you’ll be able to prepare, maintain, analyze, or verify financial records. Just note that there are also subjects that can be covered by accounting courses for CPA.

  • Accounting (governmental)

The main difference between general accounting CPA courses and governmental accounting courses required for CPA is that the latter will help you master the procedures and principles that apply to government agencies. This means that these courses will enable you to prepare, maintain, analyze, or verify the financial records of government entities. Similar to general accounting, governmental accounting courses for CPA requirement also cover other subjects.

Before you start browsing in-person or online accounting courses for CPA credit, you should note that CPA accounting courses requirements can significantly vary based on the professional responsibilities you carry out. Therefore, be sure to double-check your state’s accounting course requirements for CPA before enrolling in a program.

Why Should You Take Online Accounting Courses CPA Credit?

In this section, we’ll see the top benefits of taking accounting courses for CPA online over in-person programs.

  • They offer unequaled flexibility

When you take accounting CPA courses online, you get to enjoy unparalleled flexibility and convenience. This becomes especially beneficial when you’re working full-time. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you can complete these courses anytime, anywhere. You can study as per your own schedule and get the credits on time.

  • They let you enjoy substantial savings

Taking accounting courses online for CPA means that you won’t have to pay for gas for traveling to and from another location. Additionally, the costs of these courses are generally lower than those of in-person programs. These things can help you enjoy significant savings.

  • They help you enhance your professional competence as per your routine

Online accounting courses for CPA are ideal for any CPA with a hectic schedule. Whether you work for an organization, run your own company, or offer services as an independent consultant, with online courses, you won’t need to cut your hours at work or give up family time.

  • You get access to a broad range of courses

When you choose a reputable sponsor for accounting CPA courses, you’ll be able to access a broad range of high-quality programs. There’ll be no need to contact multiple providers that offer in-person accounting courses required for CPA to get their details and select the right ones. Instead, you’ll be able to browse the whole course catalog of your sponsor and take your pick.

Vital Things to Consider Before Choosing Accounting Courses for CPA Online

Despite all the benefits offered by CPA accounting courses online, there are some potential considerations to them. Knowing the challenges beforehand will help you make an informed decision and prepare yourself to deal with them.

  • Higher need for self-discipline

With self-paced accounting CPA courses, there comes a higher need for self-discipline. You’ve to ensure that you finish the study materials and clear the final exams on time to get your credits. However, following a strict yet realistic study schedule should help you overcome this challenge easily and efficiently.

  • More difficult technical requirements

Since online accounting courses for CPA credit come with good reliance on the online platforms of CPE sponsors, you should have a certain level of technical know-how to navigate them easily. But again, this shouldn’t be a problem at all because almost all the leading sponsors have dedicated help desk services to help the learners handle any challenges they may face when using the platforms.

  • Possibilities of distractions

In case your home environment is full of distractions, it may become difficult for you to focus on your study. To deal with this, you may want to have a designated study area where nobody will distract you during your study hours.

  • Fewer networking opportunities

When you take in-person accounting courses for CPA, you get wonderful opportunities to interact with fellow attendees and expand your professional network quickly. However, with online accounting courses CPA credit, you don’t get that level of networking opportunities. In that case, you can join online forums for CPAs and your state society of CPAs where you’ll be able to connect with CPAs from different industries.

Choosing the Right Accounting Courses Online For CPA

When it comes to accounting courses for CPA online, you get to browse the entire course catalog of your chosen sponsor. This provides you with an incredible opportunity to select the right courses at your convenience.

Here are a couple of tips to do this.

  • First, take the courses you need to meet your requirements

Needless to say, your top priority needs to be taking the courses required to fulfill your CPE requirements. As noted above, depending on the state you’re licensed in and your professional role, you may have to complete different accounting CPA courses. So, thoroughly check the CPE requirements of your state and select the courses accordingly.

  • Take the courses as per your personal requirements

Since accounting courses for CPA cover a diverse range of topics, you can easily choose the ones that you want to take to enhance your professional competence. You may also want to take courses that cover topics on which you need some refresher training.

Selecting Between Free and Paid CPA Accounting Courses Online

Since CPAs are required to obtain a substantial number of credits in accounting, they often look for free options to lower their overall CPE cost. While this certainly is a good thing to try to find free online accounting courses for CPA credit, you should keep some important things in mind when doing so.

To make things easily comprehensible, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of free and paid courses separately.

  • Free courses

Undeniably, the biggest benefit of taking free online accounting courses CPA credit is that you can get some credits for free. Moreover, if you’ve shortlisted a couple of CPE sponsors and each of them offers free courses, you can take them to evaluate the quality of their content and make a final decision.

On the downside, you may not be able to find free accounting courses for CPA online covering trending or very important topics. Also, the quality of the courses may not be what you need to expand your knowledge and skills.

  • Paid courses

If you have the budget, you can take paid accounting CPA courses as per your requirements and preferences. There’ll be no need to join multiple sponsors to fulfill your requirements.

However, the costs of accounting courses for CPA can greatly vary depending on the provider you choose. Some providers offer these courses with steep price tags while others strike a balance between cost and quality. Ideally, you should join a provider that belongs to the latter league. This is because spending a significant amount of money on online accounting courses for CPA credit will make your overall CPE cost go up quickly.

You can also use a combination of free and paid courses to manage your budget. In that case also, you should remember the factors we’re discussing in this section.

Some reputable CPE providers, including CPEThink.com, offer subscription packages that’ll help you take accounting courses online for CPA along with other courses required to fulfill all your CPE requirements. Purchasing one of these packages will let you meet your requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Just remember to check the benefits that you’ll get when you purchase such a package.

Should You Use A CPE Tracker When Taking Accounting Courses For CPA

For many CPAs, tracking their CPE credits properly often turns out to be a challenge. Every year, you need to take several accounting CPA courses along with other programs and track them efficiently so that you can report them to your state board correctly. If you don’t desire to use a CPE tracker, here’re three simple yet effective tips to track your credits.

  • Maintain an ongoing list

The first method you can try is to maintain a running list of all your credits, including the ones that you obtain from accounting courses for CPA. Whenever you need to know how many credits you’ve received and how many you still need to get to meet your requirements, you only need to see this list and calculate your credits.

Here’re the pieces of information that your list needs to have.

  • The name of the course
  • The name of the sponsor
  • The duration of the course
  • The total number of credits that you’ve received from it


  • Keep every certificate in one place

One notable thing about online accounting courses CPE credit is that you don’t need to wait for a few days to receive your certificates of completion. As soon as you clear the final exams, you get the certificates almost instantly.

Unless the sponsor has a steady platform and allows you to take several printouts of the certificates, it’ll be prudent to print each of them out and keep them in a physical folder. This will help you have all the information in one place.

  • Use a Google spreadsheet

Keeping all your documents in the cloud is synonymous with eliminating the need for maintaining a physical folder and being able to access them whenever you need. One of the best things about “Google Sheets” is that it’s completely free to use. You only need to log in to a Google product you use to see the information about your CPE.

As you can see, choosing any of these methods will eliminate the need for using a CPE tracker. Instead, you’ll be able to track and manage all the credits from your accounting courses for CPA online and other CPE programs easily.

Taking Accounting CPA Courses from CPEThink.com

We hope that you’ve successfully answered all your questions related to accounting CPA courses. We have a broad collection of high-quality yet affordable online accounting courses for CPA credit that’ll help you meet your requirements and improve your knowledge skills simultaneously.

If you want to start right away, browse our online accounting courses CPA credit. In case you need more information about them, contact us today!



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