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A Limited CPE Online Course Subscription For One Year

Sometimes, "one-size-fits-all" CPE subscription services just aren’t going to be the smartest choice for you professionally. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more scaled-back, a bit more focused, and a bit more relevant to the CPE that you are most interested in – and that’s where these one year CPE 30 credit hours subscriptions come into play.

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Unlimited in the sense that you’ll be able to pick and choose which courses you take full advantage of, as well as unlimited in the amount of resources that you will be able to leverage when you choose your 30 credit hours of coursework, this subscription much more condensed and will get you the credits to maintain your credentials as a professional.

While we here at CPE Think have found that the overwhelming majority of the CPAs we work with are happy to take full advantage of our fully unlimited CPE subscription, we have a fair share of the CPA professionals that are looking for something a bit more focused and a bit more scaled-back – and that’s where our 30 credit hour solutions come into play.

CPAs that want to focus their CPE like a laser beam, rather than taking a more “shotgun” like approach and kind of scattering their CPE education all over the place, are going to find this particular unlimited subscription to be most useful.

Professionals will be able to choose from any of our ethics courses, and unlimited amount of final examination attempts, and an unlimited amount of certificate prints for up to 12 full months and an extra day after they sign up for their subscription – and will be able to utilize up to 30 credit hours worth of courses instantly after purchasing the subscription.

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to this particular CPE subscription service. You’ll be able to have a look at all of the resources we provide and then later decide which you are going to focus on most. After choosing, you’ll be able to focus your 30 CPE credit hours in that field of study (or spread things around a little bit) – maintaining your professional credentials while expanding your knowledge base at the same time.

Upon the creation of your account, you gain access to all of the resources that we make available to our unlimited subscribers. You will be limited to receiving just 30 credit hours worth of coursework, however, but that’s the only limitation that you are going to find placed upon your new CPE subscription.

For more about NASBA CPE please click: https://nasba.org/blog/2011/05/25/national-registry-of-cpe-sponsors/

Upgrading Your 30 Hour CPE Subscription

You are also going to have every opportunity to upgrade your subscription if you like, with each additional credit hour over the 30 CPE credit hour limit available at nine dollars per credit hour. If you’d like to go up beyond 40 credit hours in a 12 month block of time, it’s not a bad idea to have a look at the unlimited CPE subscriptions – truly unlimited CPE subscriptions – that are made available here at CPE Think as well.

As a professional in this field, you are going to have a number of serious responsibilities that you have to consider going forward, and the choice you make for your CPE is going to be fundamental as far as how your career unfolds moving forward.

Choose the right CPE coursework and educational platforms and your career will have no limits. Choose the wrong CPE platform, and you’ll find out pretty quickly that your time and money would have been better invested at CPE Think the next time around.


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