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An Introduction to CPE Specials

While in your effort to obtaining the CPA license you’ve completed most of the difficult part of your career, a crucial one still remains. Yes, we’re talking about fulfilling the CPE requirements of your state accounting board to maintain your license and your AICPA membership if you hold one.

As one of the leading CPE sponsors, many licensed CPAs often ask us what could be an affordable way to earn CPE credits. Our simple answer is “opt for CPE specials.” If you’re wondering what CPE specials for CPAs are, continue reading.

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Key Benefits of CPE Specials for CPAs

The biggest benefit of opting for CPE course specials is that you can access many courses by making a one-time payment and at a discounted price. Some CPE sponsors may also let you choose from all the courses it offers.

It essentially helps you earn CPE credit hours while mastering the subjects that’d be particularly useful for your career. Another notable thing about online CPE specials is that based on your CPE provider, you might be able to enjoy unlimited access for a certain period of time.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Sponsor of CPE Course Specials

CPE specials are designed to cater to the needs of every CPA – whether you’re a full-time employee of a large accounting firm, or work in a smaller company, or an independent service provider. However, all your time, effort, and money will be wasted if you fail to choose the right CPE sponsor.

Therefore, it’s crucial to join a provider that offers a wide range of courses covering different areas of study. If possible, try to check whether or not it keeps the course materials up-to-date. Also, do some research on the instructors and see if they’ve any professional certification.

Finally, when it comes to sponsors of CPE course specials, reputation is probably the most crucial factor to consider, and hence, be sure to check reviews of your shortlisted sponsor before finalizing your decision.



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