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The modern world of accountancy education is built for the professional on the go. Specializing in CPA and CPE online coursework, CPEthink provides online resources for licensing and continuing education requirements for any phase of your CPA career.



Accessibility is our priority which is why we have elevated standards for the CPEthink learning platform. Our flexible self-study format allows you to learn anytime, anywhere with online accounting CPE courses.  With a minimum of 5 years of accessibility to your coursework and tests, you are given unlimited opportunities to achieve your desired exam score at any time. With multiple exam attempts, 100% of CPE online students complete courses with scores they’re proud of.

Receive the best CPE in any or a combination of live learning webinars, pre-recorded lectures, course bundles, or individual CPE online courses. Stream or download the videos and accompanying PDF for best use of the study material.

Upon course completion, students will receive a compilation of certificates, which can be printed multiple times in case of loss or damage after the course has been completed. Explore the multitude of CPE online accounting courses that you need to fulfill your requirements or to further your skills and build a competitive advantage in your field.

Self-Study Online CPE Courses

Dig deep into the finance, accounting, technical, and non-technical self-study online CPE courses at CPEthink. Written, taught, and delivered by industry experts, our curriculum keeps you ahead of the latest laws, regulations, and last minute changes.

Each self-study online CPE course includes a diverse and expansive collection of learning and reference material to drive the success of every CPA and ensuring all information is efficiently taught and understood at your pace and on your time. Access learning, study, and testing material online from any device.

Drawing from industry, government and the accounting profession--our instructors offer an abundance of real-world experience to digital education. By focusing on the practical steps that financial professionals need, you’ll be able to put complex concepts into practice. Our refined CPE online library accomplishes this by providing CPA's with unlimited CPE credit, instant online testing and grading, certificates of completion and CPE tracking at an incredibly low price.

Succeed in your professional educational credits with the support of a program founded, developed, and established in accordance with AICPA and NASBA requirements in all US states. Combining decades of field expertise and modern technology, our qualified instructors walk you through the only online resource you’ll need during the lifetime of your career.

Maintain CPE Career Requirements

Providing educational requirement solutions nationally, we are always up to date on the latest continuing education requirements for certified professional accountants. Maintaining the highest standards, you’re able to fulfill CPE credits and achieve superior results on your professional audits.

From technical to HR and ethics, and every finance skill or trade in between--there’s a course that meets all of your CPE credit needs. Ensure competence with up-to-date curriculum, testing, and certification. We offer online CPE in every required area in finance and accounting. Certified by multiple accreditation organizations, our site is qualified to help you maintain obligatory coursework throughout your accounting career.

Enhance your value, maintain certification, provide competitive edge competence, and maintain authority in your field of practice. Our flexible self-study format allows you to learn anytime, anywhere.

The Best Place to Earn CPE Credits Online

We hold our CPE online graduates to the same degree we hold the curriculum. Consistently providing the highest standards, we go beyond class to prepare you for successful audits, above-standard client experiences and aiding you in excelling as a professional accountant.

When it comes to critical issues for CPA’s nothing is as effective as having an expert on-hand. Master your core online CPE both technical and non-technical. Choose to achieve your requirements or go above and beyond with additional skill improvement learning webinars. Our dedication to excellence is all part of our ongoing commitment to providing financial professionals with the best in online continuing professional education.



Reliability is a pillar of our online CPE platform. Each year thousands of accountants depend on CPEthink to supply the continuing education their career depends on. Enhance your knowledge, expand your skills, and strengthen your career with the best place to earn CPE credits online.

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