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CPE (Continuing Professional Education) helps Certified Public Accountants or CPAs to maintain their professional expertise and offer quality services. A specific amount of CPE credits need to be earned by CPAs to maintain their license.

Once you’ve become a CPA, CPE for CPAs would help you adhere to all applicable CPE rules, regulations, and requirements of not only your specific state board but those of membership associations and other professional organizations as well.

But with so many options available for completing CPE courses for CPAs, you might find it difficult to decide which path is the best for you. Below the courses list, we’ve jotted down three key factors you should consider to make an informed decision.

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CPE for CPAs: 3 Key Factors to Keep In Mind

3 Essential Things to Consider Before Starting CPE for CPAs

Review Each Mode
While there are different ways to pursue CPE for CPAs, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. For instance, attending in-person classes or live online CPE for CPAs may not be the ideal mode if you have got a hectic schedule. Or, taking the self-study route utilizing CPE for CPAs online resources may not suit you due to lack of self-motivation. So, you need to assess your convenience with respect to each mode before joining CPE courses for CPAs.

Check Your CPE Provider
It’s absolutely important to thoroughly research the company from where you’re planning to pursue the CPE for CPAs. It must be acknowledged by your respective state board of accountancy. Additionally, it should offer adequate infrastructure to help you meet your goals.

Review the Cost
When it comes to CPA CPE courses, the cost is another critical factor that needs to be considered. Ideally, you should go with a provider that offers a perfect combination of affordable rates and quality materials and instructors.

These days, you’ve got a plethora of options to pursue CPE for CPAs. Just keep the above considerations in mind when joining CPE courses for CPAs and your journey will become easier than ever.



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