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Essential Things You Need To Know About CPE for CPAs

For a large number of accountants, meeting CPE requirements seems like a major hassle. But viewing CPE with that perspective essentially makes you stay deprived of many benefits that continuing education offers.

According to a projection made by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), accounting jobs will grow by 6% between 2021 and 2031. And on average, around 136,400 job openings are projected every year.

Therefore, diligently pursuing CPA continuing professional education can help you achieve tremendous professional growth. However, while obtaining CPE credits for CPAs is such an important part of your professional career, there are lots of rules that you need to follow. And since CPE requirements differ from one state to another, you need to adhere to the guidelines strictly while earning CPE credit for CPA.

It’s easily understandable that every active CPA has to take CPE courses for CPAs to maintain their license and increase professional competence. But actually understanding CPE for CPAs and meeting CPE for CPA requirements on time is slightly more complex.

With that in mind, we’ve created this page where you’ll find every piece of important information related to CPE for CPAs. From understanding CPE requirement for CPA and obtaining CPE credits for CPA to meeting CPE requirements for CPA, choosing the right CPE courses for CPA, and more, you’ll get to know everything after reading this page.

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the basics.

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What Is CPE for CPAs?

In simple words, CPE for CPAs is almost synonymous with the concept of lifelong learning. Like many other industries, rules, regulations, and concepts change over time in accounting as well. It’s vital for CPAs to stay on top of the changes so that they can provide their professional services in the most efficient manner.

Conceptually, methods of obtaining CPE credits for CPAs represent different activities that either reinforce or enhance the professional capabilities of a CPA.

Let’s see the different methods of pursuing CPE for CPAs. To make it easier to comprehend, we’ve divided the methods into two categories: online and in-person methods.

What Are Online Methods to Obtain CPE Credits for CPAs?

Mainly, there are three online methods to pursue CPE for CPAs online.

·        Self-study courses

This is perhaps the most popular form of pursuing online CPE for CPA. As the name suggests, self-study courses and completely self-paced. Usually, they focus on particular subject areas and come with assessment sections to check understanding. Just remember that for every self-study course, you’ve to clear the final exam with the required passing grade to obtain CPE credit for CPA.

There are lots of CPE providers that you can choose from to pursue online CPE for CPAs. The best thing about taking self-study courses is that you can find them in every subject area. Whether you want to enhance your competence in auditing, keep up with the latest changes in accounting, pursue ethics CPE for CPAs, or want to get CPE credit for CPA in non-technical fields of study, you can do almost anything at your own pace.

·        Webinars

This is another sought-after method of pursuing CPE for CPAs online. These are typically recorded or live events that you need to watch to earn CPE credits for CPAs. When watching a live webinar, you must answer some questions to demonstrate comprehension and be present for a certain period of time to exhibit active participation.

It’s important to understand that, unlike self-study CPE for CPAs, webinars aren’t self-paced. You must attend them during a certain time period. However, one notable advantage of attending webinars is that you aren’t required to clear an exam to earn your credits, which is a must with CPE for CPA self-study courses.

·        Virtual seminars/conferences

Somewhat similar to webinars, virtual seminars and conferences are organized online. And you may be able to earn a large portion of your required CPE credits for CPA by attending just one or two of these events.

However, it’s important to note that usually, attending a virtual seminar or conference requires a significant amount of participation fee. And if you plan to attend a virtual seminar/conference conducted by a reputable organization, you may have to pay well over five hundred dollars in the participation fee. So, be sure to consider the cost aspect before finalizing this method of pursuing online CPE for CPA.

What Are In-Person Methods to Obtain CPE Credit for CPA?

Here’re the common in-person methods to pursue CPE for CPAs.

·        In-person programs

In the domain of in-person methods to meet CPE for CPA requirements, in-person CPE courses for CPA have gained quite popularity. You attend them on specified times and dates, complete the course materials along with your fellow attendees, and earn CPE credits for CPAs.

One primary benefit of attending in-person programs is that you get to meet your CPE requirement for CPA conveniently without having to follow a regular study schedule yourself. Another benefit is that you get the opportunity to build networks and interact with CPAs in similar fields. However, these programs are generally more expensive than self-study courses and webinars.

·        Formal presentations

In many states, CPAs can earn CPE credits for CPA by preparing and presenting on certain accounting-related topics. Here, you can give presentations to groups of any size. As long as the information provided by you (the presenter) enhances the professional competencies of the attendees, it usually counts as continuing education.

·        In-person conferences

Similar to virtual conferences, you can earn a large amount of CPE credits for CPAs necessary for renewing your license by attending in-person conferences. These events usually last for multiple days and feature panel discussions, workshops, and individual speakers. Similar to in-person courses, you get to build your professional network and converse with other CPAs face-to-face.

However, in-person conferences are generally significantly expensive, especially, when you add in the costs of travel, food, and lodging. So, before choosing this method, remember to consider the definite time and financial constraints.

·        Authorship

In many jurisdictions, you can create educational materials on accounting subjects and claim CPE credit for CPA following their publication. Generally, you need to submit a copy of your material to your state board for review.

There are two important factors you need to remember before choosing this method to pursue CPE for CPAs. First, it often takes a significant amount of time to write educational materials, so you’ve to weigh your priorities carefully. And second, the amounts of CPE credit you can earn vary significantly from one state to another. So, you must check with your state board to understand the regulations.

Understanding CPE for CPA Requirements

When it comes to understanding your CPE requirement for CPA, there are three things that you need to consider with utmost importance.

·        See approved fields of study

As a licensed CPA, you cannot just take any course and expect to earn CPE credits for CPAs. NASBA has limited the fields of study to certain topics pertaining to the professional competencies of CPAs. These fields of study are intended to help you enhance or maintain your skillsets. NASBA provides a very helpful list of approved fields of study which should give you a clear idea of what subjects you can master when meeting your CPE requirements for CPA.

However, it’s vital to note that these fields of study can be further limited by state boards. However, the list will surely give you a broad overview of subjects, based on which you should be able to shortlist some subjects as per your professional requirements and personal preferences.

·        Thoroughly understand your CPE requirements

This is perhaps the most important factor among all the things related to pursuing CPE for CPAs. As you probably know already, the CPE requirement for CPA varies from one state board to another. This means you cannot maintain your license just by earning 120 CPE credits for CPAs every three-year period.

Different state boards have different rules, limitations, and license renewal periods that their CPAs must comply with. So, before anything else, understand your state board’s CPE for CPA requirements thoroughly.

·        Choose your CPE sponsor from NASBA’s Registry of CPE Sponsors

NASBA maintains a database of CPE sponsors that meet strict guidelines with regard to CPE for CPAs. This is called the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. This is a searchable, comprehensive database that lists all approved CPE sponsors.

By searching this database, you can quickly and conveniently determine whether your chosen CPE sponsor is approved and qualified to meet your needs. You’ll also have the assurance of taking quality CPE courses for CPAs from the sponsor.

Choosing Between Paid and Free CPE Courses for CPAs

Obtaining CPE credits for CPAs for one license renewal period typically becomes a large amount of money. Therefore, it’s quite natural for CPAs to seek free options to pursue CPE for CPAs. However, both free and paid CPE courses for CPAs have their own advantages. Ideally, you should try both when meeting your CPE for CPA requirements.

To understand the reason for this better, you need to understand their advantages.

·        Paid CPE courses

Of course, the key benefit of taking paid CPE courses for CPA is that you can choose any topic as per your requirements and preferences. Since CPAs need to obtain a large number of credits in different fields of study, they typically join multiple CPE sponsors and utilize several resources.

Here, it’s important to mention that there are many sponsors that offer really expensive courses while others offer them with reasonable price tags. If your sponsor belongs to the former group, your total cost of pursuing CPE for CPAs in one license renewal period can easily go well over a thousand dollars.

·        Free CPE courses

The biggest benefit of taking free CPE courses for CPAs is that they help you lower your total CPE cost. Furthermore, you can test the quality of the courses of a sponsor before actually joining it. Some reputable CPE sponsors, including CPEThink.com, offer free CPE courses on several interesting topics, which will certainly help you enhance your professional competence and earn some free CPE credits for CPAs simultaneously.

One important thing about free courses is that you cannot meet your entire CPE for CPA requirements by taking them. This is because it’s nearly impossible to find free CPE courses for CPA on advanced or trending topics. You’ll also hardly find courses that let you pursue state-specific ethics CPE for CPAs.

This is the reason you should take some free CPE courses from reputable sponsors and earn your remaining CPE credit for CPA from paid courses.

Why Should You Choose Unlimited CPE When Meeting Your CPE Requirement for CPA?

If you want to lower your CPE cost to a great extent, choosing unlimited CPE for CPAs should be your best option. Here’re the benefits of opting for this option.

·        You can earn a large number of credits at significantly discounted prices

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing unlimited CPE for CPAs is that you can take many different CPE courses for CPAs at prices much lower than their actual ones. Depending on the duration of your subscription, you should be able to earn either all or a large portion of CPE credits for CPAs that you need for license renewal.

·        You don’t essentially need to join multiple CPE sponsors

If you can join a reputable sponsor that has a large collection of quality CPE courses for CPAs, you can learn many different topics as per your requirements and preferences. It’s a well-known fact that finding a good CPE sponsor that offers a perfect mix of quality and affordability takes time and effort. When your chosen sponsor lets you access a large number of courses using your unlimited CPE subscription, you can solely focus on your study and expand your knowledge and skills.

Why CPEThink.com Is Your Best Option to Earn CPE Credits for CPA

At CPEThink.com, we offer a vast collection of quality CPE courses for CPAs at unbeatable prices. We also have two unlimited CPE for CPAs subscriptions that’ll give you access to all our self-study courses including ethics and free webinars. If you want to test the quality of our courses and earn free CPE credits for CPAs, we have five free courses that come with one free credit each. We also offer the industry’s best 100-day, 100% money-back policy.

All these make us your best option for pursuing CPE for CPAs in the most affordable and convenient manner. If you want to start right away, start browsing our course catalog.



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