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Custom Developed Courses and Exams

Cpethink.com will custom develop a course or exam on material you provide or develop the material from specifications you provide.

After completion your course, related quizzes, and exams will be sent to you:

  • As a Microsoft Windows executable.

  • As Web Based Training files that can be installed on your servers.

  • As an Internet based course using our servers to host your course.

Cpethink.com will host your course with payment plans fit to your needs and offer unlimited access for pennies a day with our monthly payment plan. Whoever you wish will be able to access your course from anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access. You will be able to control who has access and will receive reports detailing each students activity.

Open Live Chat, Send Us An Email or call (888) CPE-0CPE which is (888) 273-0273 for a quote, more information, or to talk.