Why Choosing CPE Subscriptions Is the Best Option to Pursue CPE


Whether you’re a CPA or EA, you need to earn a certain number of CPE credits to remain licensed. You need to earn 120 CPE hours every three years as a CPA. If you’re an EA, it’ll be 72 CPE hours every three years.

The cost of earning CPE credits can easily go up to thousands of dollars for CPAs and hundreds of dollars for EAs. If you’re looking for an option to lower this cost, choosing CPE subscriptions will be your best option.


If you’re still facing a dilemma about whether or not you should opt for self-study CPE subscriptions, this post is for you. Here, we’re going to discuss the key benefits of these online CPE subscriptions, how to choose them wisely along with some other essential factors.

If you’re still facing a dilemma about whether or not you should opt for self-study CPE subscriptions, this post is for you. Here, we’re going to discuss the key benefits of these online CPE subscriptions, how to choose them wisely along with some other essential factors.

Major Benefits of CPE Subscriptions

The two key benefits of choosing these subscriptions are affordability and convenience. Let’s take a detailed look at each of these.

·        Affordability

These days, the three most popular methods to earn CPE credits include online CPE courses, webinars, and virtual conferences or seminars. Among these, conferences/seminars tend to be the costliest option, with online CPE courses being relatively affordable.

If you choose to attend webinars, you’ve got two options: free webinars and paid webinars. Of course, you can earn CPE credits by attending free webinars, but it’s not possible to earn all your required credits.

And secondly, these webinars are usually held during business hours. It means you’ll need to compromise on your valuable work hours, which may not be beneficial for your professional reputation.

If you attend paid webinars, the cost tends to be significantly higher than online CPE courses. While the costs of online courses are significantly lower, the total cost adds up over time if you buy them separately.

CPE subscriptions, on the other hand, lets you manage your budget completely. If you choose unlimited CPE subscriptions, some reputable CPE sponsors let you access their entire course library for a certain period of time (usually 1 or 2 years, depending on your chosen plan). And the individual cost of the courses becomes surprisingly cheap.

·        Convenience

Whether you attend live webinars or virtual conferences, they’re held at certain times. It means if you fail to be present at those times, you won’t be able to earn any credits. And then there’re technical issues that sometimes crop up during these events.

Perhaps you already know that with these live events, you must be present for a certain period of time and answer some polling questions to earn credits. If a lousy webinar or conference obstructs your experience, you may not be able to earn a single credit.

On the contrary, self-study CPE subscriptions give you complete freedom to study at your own pace. You don’t even need to think about having a poor learning experience or managing your busy schedule to attend a live event.

Another notable thing about these self-study courses is they’re usually made available in downloadable PDF formats. It means you may not even need to have an Internet connection after you’ve downloaded them on your laptop, desktop, or any other smart device.

Comparison of Online CPE Subscriptions

A quick online search using the term “CPE subscriptions” will result in a significant number of sponsors offering them. But you don’t need to spend your valuable time because we’ve done it for you. Here, we’ve compared the top six CPE sponsors to help you make a quick decision.

·        AICPA

CPExpress is the name of AICPA’s subscription-type online learning resource. This 1-year subscription has hundreds of courses offering one to two CPE credits.

If you’re an AICPA member, the cost of this subscription is $315. If you’re a nonmember, the cost will be $525.

·        CPEthink.com

At CPEthink.com, we offer six different types of CPE subscriptions. There’re two unlimited CPE subscriptions on offer. The first one is a 2-year CPE subscription priced at $299.95. You’ll get unlimited access to all our self-study courses including ethics, free webinars, and unlimited attempts to clear the final exams for two years.

The second one is a 1-year CPE subscription priced at $199.95. Here, you’ll get the same benefits for one year. The other four CPE subscriptions online come with a varying number of credits. Depending on your requirement, you can choose your subscription plan. The numbers of credits available with these subscriptions are 45, 40, 30, and 20.

You can also purchase additional subscriptions or buy additional credits for a reduced cost. Whether you choose one of our unlimited CPE subscriptions or other CPE subscriptions, we’ve got you covered.

·        Becker

Becker offers three online CPE subscriptions: two 1-year packages and one 90-day package. The number of on-demand courses and webcasts that you’ll be able to access varies depending on your chosen plan.

Its all-access pass subscription costs $699, while the other two subscriptions cost $399 and $299.

·        Surgent

Surgent offers CPE subscriptions based on the learning format. You can choose from live webinars and self-study CPE subscriptions. The first package of both two formats is valid for 2021, while the other two packages of both are valid for 12 months.

It offers two live webinars packages: a 16-credit webinar package priced at $399 and an unlimited webinars package for $599. Similarly, it offers one 16-credit self-study package for $225 and one unlimited self-study package for $499. It also has an unlimited package priced at $799 that will let you access both live webinars and self-study courses.

·        Lambers

Lambers offers a 1-year unlimited CPE subscription package that will let you access all its online CPE courses. While the regular price of this subscription is $699.95, at the time of writing this post, it was available at a discounted price of $499.95.

·        Lorman

Lorman offers a 1-year unlimited CPE subscription priced at $699. You’ll be able to access its huge library that comprises thousands of courses and webinars along with many other useful materials.

It also lets its members switch to a 2-year unlimited CPE package if required. Lorman offers an Enterprise Level Unlimited CPE Package aimed at law firms. However, you’ll need to contact the team to know about their costs.

Tips To Choose the Sponsor of Unlimited CPE Subscriptions

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of the costs of CPE subscriptions offered by reputable sponsors, it’s time to understand how to choose the right one. As this is a considerable investment, you must choose the sponsor very carefully. Here, we’ve jotted down some key pointers that you need to consider when choosing your sponsor.

·        Quality

The quality of the sponsor should be prioritized first. As you’ll be investing hundreds of dollars and committing to a long-term association, you’ve to be sure that your sponsor is a top-quality one.

First of all, ensure that the course materials are prepared by experienced instructors. At Cpethink.com, our instructors come with decades of combined experiences so you can rest assured of being able to learn from qualified instructors. The courses are prepared by current practitioners, which mean you’ll be able to learn the latest information.

·        A wide range of courses

Self-study CPE subscriptions aren’t not only meant for helping you to earn the credits required to maintain your CPA or EA license. They also need to provide you with the knowledge to expedite your professional growth.  And it’ll only be possible when you choose a sponsor that offers a variety of courses.

It’ll also help to ensure that you don’t need to join multiple sponsors to meet CPE requirements or to learn topics that interest you. Joining multiple providers also means that keeping track of your CPE credits will become a more complex task.

We currently offer a large collection of 666 courses to choose from. Therefore, you’ll never have to search for another provider to pursue your CPE.

·        Credibility

Credibility matters a lot when it comes to choosing a sponsor of online CPE subscriptions. Sponsors with good reputations typically get positive reviews from their customers.

Just go through the customer reviews section of your chosen sponsor, and you’ll get a clear idea of its reputation. You can also do a Google search to see how the provider is rated in third-party review websites.

·        Cost

As we’ve already discussed above, cost is a crucial factor in choosing the right sponsor for you. This becomes even more important when the cost of your CPE isn’t reimbursed by your company.

You also must avoid joining a sponsor that offers CPE subscriptions at a surprisingly low cost. Ideally, you should join a sponsor that maintains a balance between cost and quality.

Tips To Get the Most Out Of Self-Study CPE Subscriptions

For any working CPA or EA, managing sufficient time to study often becomes a difficult task. Therefore, you need to create and follow a study plan right from the beginning. Here’re some tips to stay on the right track.

·        Set your goals

You already know that you can use online CPE subscriptions for two purposes: only for meeting your CPE requirements and for both fulfilling the requirements and enhancing your professional competence.

Depending on what you want to achieve, choose your CPE subscriptions. For instance, if you want to improve your professional expertise while meeting your requirements, choosing unlimited CPE subscriptions will be a wise decision. You’ll have complete freedom to choose courses according to your preferences and professional requirements.

If your objective is to only earn the required credits, you may choose subscriptions that let you earn a certain number of credits.

·        Choose course format wisely

Most reputable sponsors offer both webinars and self-study courses. If you prefer to learn in a classroom setting, you should choose webinars. Choosing self-study CPE subscriptions will be ideal if you want to master the topics at your own pace.

If you’re unsure of which format will be ideal for you, you can try one or two of both. Once you’ve decided on the right format, you can stick to it depending on its availability with your provider.

·        Consider pursuing CPE a priority

You need to earn CPE credits annually, biennially, or triennially depending on your state accountancy board. Therefore, many CPAs and EAs tend to neglect to complete the courses on time. It typically leads to having unnecessary stress and pressure at the eleventh hour when you need to report the credits.

Apart from the stress, you also won’t be able to internalize the topics thoroughly, which isn’t a good thing for your profession. So, consider distributing the learning over the entire year and completing the courses on a regular basis.

·        Temporarily delegate your responsibilities

If you run a CPA firm or a business, it becomes quite natural that you cannot manage enough time to study. In that case, you should temporarily delegate some of your responsibilities to your juniors.

You’ll get sufficient time to complete the courses of your chosen CPE subscriptions. Once your study material is complete, you can review their work to make sure it fulfills your standards.

In addition to these, be sure to keep track of your CPE credits properly. As this is a complicated process, you should follow a systematic process right from the beginning. You can track them manually, digitally, or both.

It’ll help you quickly understand how many credits you still need to earn and if you’ve missed some important topics. If you’ve joined multiple sponsors, you’ll be able to quickly recall a particular sponsor whom you want to join again.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this post has been able to provide you with sufficient information about CPE subscriptions. As you can see, the process of choosing online CPE subscriptions shouldn’t be taken lightly because of the time, effort, and money you’ll invest in them.

If you need any other information about these subscriptions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.



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