Hey everyone!

Tad Stephens here wanted to make a quick video on our Excel CPE courses that we offer on CPE Think.com.

All of these (that you can see on this page) are online at the moment. They’re all self-study (and) many of them are made in video. Several of them are in text as well (as video) and we are working on getting the video ones transcribed. Should have that done shortly if it’s not done by the time you watch this video.

So, a couple ways you can get to the Excel courses on our site. First off you can go up to the Courses menu hover over that and this drop-down will come up and in the middle column. Then you go down to about halfway down you’ll see Excel. Just click on that and the site will give you a list of all of the courses that have Excel or refer to Excel.

And you’ll see we have several videos based online CPE courses here. Different topics like database, interactive spreadsheets, lookup functions, pivot tables. We have a lot on pivot tables, logic functions. Vlookup, table features.

We have about 54 (Excel CPE Courses)

Excel Online CPE Courses on Cpethink.com

Excel Online CPE Courses on Cpethink.com

I’ll show you another way that we can look for these that will tell us exactly how many we have. Just enter “Excel” in the keyword box and leave all the other drop downs at the default. Then click search and you will get a list that is exactly the same courses.  It just looks a little different because we have this sidebar on the left.

You’ll see we’re showing one out of 25 of 54. If you want to see all of them, you go over here to this Records Per Page.  Just pick a number that’s higher than the number of courses. The system will display them all on one page for you.

So, then you can just scroll down to see all the courses on a single page. Courses are listed alphabetically. You can see if you’re looking for a certain number of CPE credits you can sort by the number of hours either ascending or descending.

So, we have one course that references Excel has 39 hours. But if you sort by ascending order you can see most of our Excel courses are fairly short and quick.

This is intentional because we want you to be able to get in get the information that you want and then move on to what you were doing. You see the vast majority of our courses are less than 4 or 5 hours. Most of them are 2 hours long.

Come check us out we have lot of Excel plus a lot of other courses accounting and auditing and tons of tax. Lots and lots of ethics courses including state-specific and board approved ethics.

So, come see us and lastly look down on the lower right of any page and support and chat bubble. If you click on that a chat will come up. You can start a new conversation, just key in your questions or issue to let us know and we’ll get right back to you.

So, anything we can help with please let us know and would love to have you on the site.

To download Microsoft Excel please click here…