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Month: July 2015

CPE Requirements for CPAs

With the global economy encountering a series of upheavals, accounting as a whole must keep up. Certified public accountants (CPA) therefore need to keep themselves updated on the latest regulations and programs being implemented. Most professional membership organizations and state boards of accountancy these days thus require their CPA members to take continuing professional education (CPE) courses as a prerequisite for license renewal. In most states, CPAs are required to complete at least 40 hours of CPE coursework every year. The number of hours completed will be converted to credits, which may vary in each state. The sponsoring organization...

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Planning Ahead to Earn CPE Credits

Certified public accountants (CPAs) in the US, whether employed or in private practice, are aware that they have to earn continuing professional education or CPE credits to renew their license. This is a requirement imposed by all State Boards of accountancy and the American Institute of CPAs. Rules and regulations on how to acquire these credits vary from state to state, but no CPA can remain in the profession without the necessary CPE credits  The need to earn CPE credits is something CPAs can’t avoid, which is why it is crucial to plan one’s CPE program with care. It...

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The Value of Continuing Professional Education

The caveat about never resting on your laurels should never be taken lightly, especially if you take your chosen profession seriously. As they say, you should never stop learning even after you’ve left school. Education is a continuing process because what people know today may no longer be relevant within a few years’ time.  Accountants, for instance, cannot afford to be satisfied with what they have learned in school but must aspire to stay up to date with the latest developments in their profession. With the world becoming increasingly globalized in many respects, it pays to keep up with...

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Should You Earn CPE Credits Online?

Certified public accountants (CPAs) who want to renew their licenses are required to undergo continuing professional education (CPE) to maintain and improve their qualifications. CPE credits are usually earned through attending seminars or even through self study. Due to advances in technology, however, CPAs can now earn CPE credits online. There are several advantages of taking an online CPE course. For instance, several websites offer free credits simply for trying out each course as a way to check if you are comfortable with an online learning setup. The modules for these courses are easy to follow and are offered...

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Cream of the Crop: The Advantages of CPEs for CPAs

A career in accounting is already pretty daunting for most, particularly due to the advanced mathematical knowledge required for the job. Accountants and auditors have the esteemed role of documenting business operations and plotting the changes various companies have gone through. Although accountants no doubt fulfill integral roles in pretty much any industry, there’s actually a distinction even higher than a mere accountant. Accountants who have proven their knowledge and abilities are conferred a license for being certified public accountants, or CPA for short. CPAs are generally regarded as elite professionals among the esteemed ranks of accountants. By completing...

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