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Are you?

  • A leader in your field?
  • A University professor or lecturer?
  • Possess knowledge others would benefit from or increase their professional competence?
  • Do you want to make a steady stream of income for potentially years with a little more than the same effort it would take to disseminate your knowledge to a single individual?

If your answers to one or more of these questions is "Yes" then we may have something for you! Join Cpethink.com as a course author, course reviewer, or pilot tester and realize extra income (authoring), FREE CPE courses (reviewing and piloting), and personal and professional satisfaction.  Open Live Chat, Send Us An Email or call (888) CPE-0CPE which is (888) 273-0273 to get in touch with Cpethink.com now!

With our revenue sharing model you will receive a royalty every time someone pays to take one of your courses.  After the course is published for sale on our site all you have to do is cash the checks!  Or we will even deposit your royalties automatically if you wish!

For a complete list of development specifications please read the following items or Open Live Chat, Send Us An Email or call (888) CPE-0CPE which is (888) 273-0273 for someone to contact you.

  1. Authors must be qualified in the subject matter of the course material (course, review questions, and final exam) they are developing.
  2. The course material should maintain or improve the professional competence of the CPA, or other professional, taking the course.
  3. Categories (Fields of Study) that course material can be developed for are Accounting and Auditing, Consulting Services, Ethics, Management, Personal Development, Specialized Knowledge and Applications, Taxation, and Other Subjects.  Other Subjects, including personal development, may also be acceptable if they maintain or improve the CPAís professional competence. 
  4. The course material must be reviewed by qualified persons other than those who developed or assisted in developing the material to assure that the program is technically accurate and current and addresses the stated learning objectives.  These reviews must occur before the first presentations of the course material and again after each significant revision of the CPE programs.
  5. The course must have at least 5 multiple-choice review questions per CPE credit hour. Each chapter or section of a course must have at least 3 multiple-choice review questions and they must have a minimum of 4 possible answers.  Answers may not include “All of the above”, “None of the above” or "A and B", etc.  If a chapter is very short, considered an overview, or an introduction the number of review questions may be reduced or eliminated.  Please include at least 25% more review questions than you feel will be necessary as the course may pilot test longer than you estimated.
  6. The course must have at least 5 multiple-choice final exam questions per CPE credit hour.  Final exam questions must have a minimum of 4 possible answers each and answers may not include “All of the above”, “None of the above” or "A and B", etc.  Please include at least 25% more final exam questions than you feel will be necessary as the course may pilot test longer than you estimated.
  7. Review and final exam question distracters should be in proper case, use appropriate punctuation within the distracter, and end in appropriate punctuation unless the distracter is numeric. Examples of preferred distracters:   True.   A flower is pretty.   2,345.00   $100,000.00     Examples of distracters to avoid:   true       a flower is pretty    2345.00. (notice the missing comma and inclusion of an ending period)    100,000.00. (notice the missing Dollar sign and inclusion of an ending period)
  8. Each course and final exam must be accompanied by the following:
    Course Title: A specific description that identifies the course.
    Learning Objectives: What participants should accomplish by completing the course.
    Prerequisites: Education, Experience, or both.
    Program Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Basic, Update, or Overview.
    Program Content: Abstract of the course material.
    Advance Preparation: Specific description of advance preparation, if necessary.
    Recommended CPE Credit: Average hours from pilot tests.
  9. Authors must provide an up to date resume and bio when requested and allow itís posting on the web site to allow potential participants to determine the qualifications of the author in the subject matter being presented.
  10. Cpethink.com requests authors to develop course material, review questions, and final exam questions in a MS Word format.  If graphics (charts, graphs, pictures, etc.) are used as part of the course material they should be in a .jpg or similar standard graphics file.  Please remember, most computer monitors only need 70 pixels per square inch to be easily visible, this minimizes the file size which makes for much faster response times for the participant.
  11. Courses are measured by program length, which is the average time required to complete all of the course material (course, review questions, and final exam).  Each CPE credit is equal to one 50-minute period; one-half CPE credit increments are permitted after the first credit has been earned in a given learning activity.  It is Cpethink.comís preference for courses 6 credit hours and over to be in even increments (6, 8, 10, 12, etc.) and course under 6 credit hours to be in whole increments (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  We will not reject a course just because it is 15.5 credit hours.
  12. If the author determines the number of CPE credits for a course the credits must be based on a pilot test of the average completion time from a sample of intended professional participants in an environment and manner similar to that in which the program is to be presented.  The sample group, of at least 3 individuals, must be independent of the program (course) development, possess the appropriate level of knowledge before taking the program (course), and have no knowledge of the length of the program (course).  If substantive changes are made to the course materials further pilot test are required to affirm the average completion time.  Cpethink.com will assist authors in piloting their course material in most instances at their discretion.  If the author determines the number of CPE credits Cpethink.com will require the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the individuals who performed the pilot tests.
  13. Authors and participants in the pilot of a course may and should receive the average CPE credit hours for the courses they pilot if it maintains or improves their professional competence.  This may be state specific, should be checked with the authors state board, and may be valid only upon publication.
  14. Cpethink.com will make a reasonable attempt to inform all authors of any change in our requirements, NASBA requirements, requirements of the AICPA, and in some instances state regulatory board requirements regarding course development and maintenance.  However, it is the responsibility of the author to check this page and the NASBA Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs PDF file before developing course material.