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Visual Basic for Applications in Excel 2010 (Course Id 263)

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Author : Jay R Carlson, MCSE, MCDBA, A+ Certified
Status : Production
CPE Credits : 3.0
IRS Credits : 0
Price : $26.95
Passing Score : 70%
Course Type: NASBA QAS - Text - Technical - NASBA Registry
Primary Subject-Field Of Study:

Specialized Knowledge - Specialized Knowledge for Course Id 263

Description :

This training is designed as an introductory course to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Excel 2010. You will learn what VBA is, and how it is used in Excel to create programs that will enhance your daily grind. You will learn how to write the code to create a calculator, how to add new worksheets to a workbook that duplicates an existing worksheet, and you will learn how to create a time logging application (DayLogger) that allows you to start and end time as you work on a client’s job, and then calculates the time spent and logs it to a spreadsheet.

Note: You do not need to have any programming experience for this training. But, it is assumed you do have experience working with Excel columns and rows.

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Release : 2014
Version : 1.0
Prerequisites : None.
Experience Level : Overview
Additional Contents : Complete, no additional material needed
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Advance Preparation : None
Delivery Method : Self-Study
Intended Participants : Anyone needing Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
Revision Date : 02-Mar-2015
NASBA Course Declaration : Participants must complete the final examination within one year of purchase and with a minimum passing grade of 70% or better to receive CPE credit unless otherwise noted on the Course History page (i.e. California Ethics must score 90% or better). After logging in click on the Course History links on your My Courses page for the Begin date and Expire date for the Final Exam.
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NASBA QAS - Text - Technical - NASBA Registry - 263

Keywords : Specialized Knowledge and Applications, Visual, Basic, Applications, Excel, 2010, cpe, cpa, online course
Learning Objectives :

Visual Basic for Applications in Excel CPE Course Learning


Module 1
Introduction to VBA

After completing this module, you will be able to:
    1. Enable VBA within Excel.
    2. Use the Code Window to write code.
    3. Run the program you created.
    4. Stop (reset) the program.
    5. Add a variable to the program code.
    6. Build a form.
    7. Add controls to the form.
    8. Add code to the command buttons.
    9. Save the program.

Module 2
Creating a “NooSheet” App

After completing this module, you will be able to:
    1. Build a form.
    2. Change Properties of a form.
    3. Define what a Collection is.
    4. Associate the txtName text box to the Worksheet Collection.
    5. Format column width using the Column Collection code.
    6. Format and insert text using the Range Collection code.

Module 2
Creating a Time Logger App

After completing this module, you will be able to:
    1. Build a Form.
    2. Add an automated Date Function.
    3. Create a ComboBox list using the initialize event.
    4. Build an Array to populate the ComboBox list.
    5. Use the Range Collection to insert new row in spreadsheet.
    6. Use a Breakpoint to check code.
    7. Add Start and End Time buttons.
    8. Create code on_click to Start and End Time buttons.
    9. Use the DateDiff function to calculate elapsed time.
    10. Add a Clear button control.
    11. Lock down text boxes.
    12. Use the If/Then statement to ensure users enter text where required.
    13. Assign Tab positions.
    14. Enable program to ‘show’ when spreadsheet is open.
Course Contents :

Module 1: Introduction to VBA

How Do I Get VBA?

Writing Your First VBA Program

Build a Calculator

Build the Form

Add the Controls

Run the Program

Make It Work

Review Questions


Module 2: Creating a “NooSheet” App

The “NooSheet” program

Build the Form

Adding the New Worksheet Code

Placing the Text Boxes

Let’s Format

Pulling It All Together

Review Questions


Module 3: Creating a Time Logger App

Building the Form

Adding Date Functions

Adding a Combo Box

How Not to Overwrite Lines

Using a Breakpoint

Adding the Start and End Time Buttons

Adding a Clear Button

Add a Little Polish

Locking Down the Text Boxes

Adding Tab Order

Commenting the Code

Is this thing on?


Review Questions

Excel Course 263 Home: https://www.cpethink.com/excel-cpa-courses
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