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Selected Legal Issues with Tax Analysis - Mini Course (Course Id 831)

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Author : Danny C Santucci, JD
Course Length : Pages: 0 ||| Review Questions: 0 ||| Final Exam Questions: 10
CPE Credits : 2.0
IRS Credits : 2
Price : $17.95
Passing Score : 70%
Course Type: NASBA QAS - Text - NASBA Registry - IRS Enrolled Agents
Technical Designation: Technical
Primary Subject-Field Of Study:

Taxes - Taxes for Course Id 831

Description :

How can you help your clients protect their assets? What is the best way for your client to “go bankrupt”? How can you help your client avoid the tax trap when going through a divorce? This course addresses all of these and many other, critical legal issues for the tax practitioner in a quick and effective potpourri of legal topics and their tax impact. The emphasis is on the tax consequences of common legal issues in today's litigious society. From the Americans with Disabilities Act to Social Security taxes, a generous sampling of key areas is examined and explored. Tax practitioners will be quickly surprised to find how often the "tax tail" can wag the legal dog.

Usage Rank : 18000
Release : 2023
Version : 0
Prerequisites : General understanding of federal income taxation.
Experience Level : Overview
Additional Contents : Complete, no additional material needed.
Additional Links :
Advance Preparation : None.
Delivery Method : QAS Self Study
Intended Participants : Anyone needing Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
Revision Date : 22-Jun-2023
NASBA Course Declaration : Participants must complete the final examination within one year of purchase and with a minimum passing grade of 70% or better to receive CPE credit unless otherwise noted on the Course History page (i.e. California Ethics must score 90% or better). After logging in click on the Course History links on your My Courses page for the Begin date and Expire date for the Final Exam.
Approved Audience :

NASBA QAS - Text - NASBA Registry - IRS Enrolled Agents - 831

Keywords : Taxes, Selected, Legal, Issues, Tax, Analysis, Mini, Course, cpe, cpa, online course
Learning Objectives :

As a result of studying the assigned materials, you should be able to meet the objectives listed below.

    At the start of the materials, participants should identify the following topics for study:
      * Asset protection
      * COBRA coverage
      * Bankruptcy
      * Divorce settlements & divisions
      * Employment & Social Security
      * Americans with Disabilities Act
      * Entities and title
      * Insurance & foreclosure
      * Involuntary conversions
      * Torts and personal injuries
Learning Objectives:
    After reading the materials, participants will be able to:
      1. Recognize the business law concepts of asset protection, bankruptcy, condemnation, and damages specifying their tax, economic, and legal impact on small business planning.
      2. Determine the business relationships of principal, employee and independent contractor including the legal and tax consequences of their relationship to a business, specified business and legal risks posed by these parties, including co-ownership, employment, Worker's Compensation, COBRA and Disability Act provisions and identify proactive techniques such as buy-sell agreements and regulatory compliance procedures.
      3. Recognize the variety of personal tax and legal issues such as divorce, foreclosure, legal title, and income needs that can directly impact a clients business and determine how investment, insurance, and government benefit planning can address these issues.
Course Contents :

Chapter 1 - Selected Legal Issues with Tax Analysis

Asset Protection

Why Asset Protection?

Types of Liability

Basic Protection Concepts

Types of Creditors

Evading Creditors

Fraudulent Transfers

Statute of Limitations

Permissible Asset Transfers


Buy-Sell Agreements



Premarital Agreements

Post-Nuptial Agreements

 COBRA Coverage

Coverage Termination



Choice of Coverage



American Recovery & Reinvestment Act


Federal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Types

Chapter 7 - Liquidation

Chapter 11- Reorganization

Chapter 13 - Wage-Earner Plan

Automatic Stay



Super Priority Claims

Secured Claims

Priority Claims

 Divorce Settlements & Divisions

Divorce Settlements - The Tax Trap

Section 1041

Property vs. Income

Incident to Divorce

Related To Termination

Property Basis

Purchases between Spouses



The Employment Relationship

Employee v. Independent Contractor

Common Law Rules Used by IRS


Statutory Employees

Real Estate Agents

Reporting Requirements


Section 530 Relief

Unemployment Compensation

Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax - 3301 & 3306

Unemployment Compensation

Workers Compensation

Tax Exemption

Unreasonable Compensation

Overall Limitation


Employees Qualifications

Size of the Business

Employees Compensation History

Unreasonably Low Salaries

Services Performed by the Employee

Past Service

Reasonable Dividends

Bonuses as Constituting Dividends

Payback Agreements

Miscellaneous Factors

 Social Security

How Social Security Works

Social Security Participants

Social Security Benefits

Retirement Benefits



Personalized Benefit Estimate

Social Securitys Payroll Tax or FICA - 3111 & 3121


Tax after Retirement

 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Disabled Access Credit - 44

Eligible Small Business

Eligible Access Expenditures

Credit Amount

Architectural Barrier Removal - 190

 Entities & Title

Ownership Vehicles & Entities

Individual & Sole Proprietorship


Categories of C Corporations


Title Holding

Business Trusts



Family Partnerships

Limited Liability Company

Retirement Plan




Life Insurance


Tax Overview

Income Tax

Transfer for Value Rule

Estate Taxes

Gift Taxes


Deferred Annuity

Private Annuity


Discharged Debt

Nonrecourse Indebtedness

Recourse Indebtedness


Form 1099A

 Involuntary Conversions


Threat of Condemnation

Reports of Condemnation

Property Voluntarily Sold


Condemnation Award

Amounts Withheld From Award

Net Condemnation Award

Interest on Award

Payments to Relocate

Severance Damages

Treatment of Severance Damages

Expenses of Obtaining an Award

Special Assessment Withheld from Award

Severance Damages Included in Award

Gain or Loss from Condemnations

How to Figure Gain or Loss

Part Business or Part Rental

Postponement of Gain

Choosing to Postpone Gain

Cost Test

Replacement Period


Replacement Property Acquired Before the Condemnation


Time for Assessing a Deficiency

Related Party Rule

 Torts & Personal Injuries

Types of Torts

Intentional Torts

Unintentional Torts

Business Torts


Personal Injury Awards - 104

Personal Injury

Back Pay

Installment Payments

Nonphysical Personal Injury

Punitive Damages

Wrongful Death

Interest & Legal Fees



CPE Taxes Course: https://www.cpethink.com/tax-cpa-courses
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