Hey everybody Tad Stephens to do a quick video on our new Louisiana CPE Ethics course. This CPE course is approved by the Louisiana Board of Accountancy.

If you are on our homepage or from any page on our site by going to the Courses menu and you’ll get a drop-down menu.  From there to the right in the Ethics column to “Louisiana”.  Then click that and you will be taken to this page which is the detail for our professional ethics for Louisiana CPAs.

You can also get there by clicking: https://www.cpethink.com/course/louisiana-professional-ethics-for-louisiana-cpas-la-boa-approved

Louisiana Online CPE Ethics – description and learning objectives which are:

  • To identify the characteristics of ethics
  • To identify principles and rules of the AICPA code of Professional Conduct
  • To identify Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct
  • To identify independence and objective issues
  • To recognize ethical standards and violations

For the table of contents:

  • Professional ethics for Louisiana CPAs
  • Ethics and ethical reasoning
  • Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct
  • The AICPA code of Professional Conduct
  • The appendix and FAQ (or frequently asked questions)

If you have any questions, go down here to the maroon icon with a little smiley face and just click that and a chat window will pop up.  You can start a new conversation and ask a question there.

You can also call us at 888-273-0273 or send us an Email to service@cpethink.com

That’s our Louisiana CPE Ethics course, board approved by the Board of Accountancy in Louisiana.  It’s a three-hour (3 hour) Ethics CPE course this year for 2018.  For more from the Louisiana Board please click http://cpaboard.state.la.us/cpe-continuing-professional-education/ 

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for watching this video.