A career in accounting is already pretty daunting for most, particularly due to the advanced mathematical knowledge required for the job. Accountants and auditors have the esteemed role of documenting business operations and plotting the changes various companies have gone through. Although accountants no doubt fulfill integral roles in pretty much any industry, there’s actually a distinction even higher than a mere accountant.

Accountants who have proven their knowledge and abilities are conferred a license for being certified public accountants, or CPA for short. CPAs are generally regarded as elite professionals among the esteemed ranks of accountants. By completing and passing a series of continuing professional education (CPE) courses, these accountants would have proven their skill many times over.

Being a CPA has its perks. For one, CPAs are in high demand across various sectors, which accounts for the rather high median salaries. It doesn’t take much to impress employers if you’re a CPA; it’s a widely recognized license that shows to the world how much of an accounting authority you are.

It should also be noted that in most American states, only CPAs can conduct auditing and public attestation on financial statements. The path of a CPA is a tough one, not least because CPAs are required to take continuing education courses to renew their licenses. Ultimately, the prestige and career perks will be worth all the hard work.