Hey everyone, Tad Stephens here want to make a quick video on a new CPE Subscription offering that we have on Cpethink.com.

From any page go to the Courses menu and it will have the drop down. You go down here to Unlimited CPE.  Click on that link and you will be taken to our subscriptions and gift cards page.

Here you will see a list of our subscriptions.  At the top we have three now where we used to have just two.

We have the new CPE Subscription and the two-year unlimited and the one-year unlimited.  These are what we had before.  Now we have a subscription that is one year but with 60 credits maximum.

You still have unlimited ethics courses unlimited final exams unlimited all other courses on our Site.  It’s 60 CPE credits max and the big news is the price has gone down to $147.95.

This is one of the lowest prices, if not the lowest price, in the industry for a NASBA QAS Self-Study provider that has over 500 courses.

You will find lower prices out there for Non-NASBA sponsors and for sponsors they have a lot fewer courses.  Or that are not truly unlimited that may not allow unlimited exams or certificate Prints.

Our CPE Subscription – the limits

The only limit with our subscription here is the number of credits which is 60.  That should be more than enough to get you through a year unless you need 80 or something like that.

In that case then you’re more than welcome to use our unlimited 1-Year or an even better deal would be our unlimited 2-Year subscription.

Check out our new video on this.  Our new CPE Subscription one year all ethics included unlimited final exams.  60 credits max.

Come check it out and if you have any questions let us know.